Luckily, this is widely available nowadays and shouldn’t be too difficult to find a cleaning shop that provides it. All our products are proudly designed and tested in the USA. The use of good quality Merino wool can be seen in many of their products, and the camp blankets aren’t missing this property. Our premium quality wool blankets are exceptionally warm & heavy - perfect for camping, survival & emergency prepardness. Moreover, the poor smell that it gives out will make it a bit uncomfortable for you as well. The Pendleton also features cotton warp yarns used as vertical anchors in the blanket’s structure. This added density works to keep you warm even in the coldest weather. I never put wool blankets in the drier - did that once and it shrunk. The JMR military woolen blanket holds a downside to it as well. In fact, it left your hands greased up, so I washed it with normal detergent, normal wash - no problems. We're glad this blanket is machine washable at home because it gets dirty easily and quickly. It was also quite stiff feeling. But why wool blankets when there are so many cheap synthetic alternatives? This will allow you to have to best insulation and, ultimately, the utmost warmth in combination with comfort throughout the usage period. However, it only offers one color option which is navy blue. but not rough to the touch. However, if you wash your wool properly, this should not be an issue. Due to this problem, you will have to do a lot of cleaning of your bed, clothes, and the surroundings as well. Due to the pure and refined material, you will get unmatchable softness with this product. The vertical cotton warp yarns in the design aid in shape retention and produce heat pockets throughout.

Plus, it can be machine washed. This blanket is 100% wool, which ensures that you stay warm and toasty in cold weather. GUIDESMAG.COM, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Their Yakima blanket is our top choice for the best wool blanket. But why the confusion? Other than this, you will also not be able to find different sizes in this item. 12 watching. I opened mine, put it on my bed immediately without washing it, and it’s still there. Other than this, the poor odor of this blanket will also irritate you. Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep, 7. First of all, this blanket does not support wash through the machine. If we take a look at the downside of this wool blanket by Arcturus, there is not much to mention. Are wool blankets the warmest? Ektos 100% Wool Blanket Olive Green Warm Heavy Large Washable Free Shipping. Hence, it brings us to the awesome capability of their fleece to keep them from the cold, whether they are dry or not. If you suffer through respiratory problems or allergies, you will have to be far more careful with this blanket as it has a problem of excessive shedding. There is something about it that I don’t like, and for that price, it doesn’t make sense. Now, I know these words sound high-tech, but it’s not really that much of a deal. This can be inconvenient for some of you. There is one problem with this blanket, and I am sure the chemicals used in treatments are to blame: the smell. GearLab is reader-supported. Pennsylvania can be very cold in winter but I don’t want to turn up the thermostat on those very cold days. A good buy for $50, but get the Pendleton if you can spend the money, Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2018. When we think of a wool blanket, we might think of the word scratchy. It isn't our first choice as a picnic blanket, as it brings home dirt, grass, twigs, sand, and other ground debris. Customer Care. Not only that, but these chemicals may also pose health risks. The Pendleton Yakima soft wool blanket is available in four different earth-toned colors and stripe patterns. To further strengthen its wool blanket, Poyet Mottes finishes all four sides with a double stitched satin binding, preventing fray or fuzziness from developing prematurely. Emily Melynn Alexander was born on the east coast of the USA but has called Colorado home since 2000. The Ever Ready First Aid blanket is made of 80% wool which, they claim, is more than the typical military-style wool blanket. About Pendleton Yakima, there are a couple of drawbacks that we are going to highlight in this section. We are too, and we've... With seemingly endless options of camping blankets, it may... the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews.

Material wise, no big deal; 80% wool and some unknown synthetic fabrics. There is a massive shedding problem with this blanket. The wool content is around 80 percent, and the rest, are synthetic materials like nylon and polyester. Due to the self-cleaning nature of wool, they encourage spot cleaning when necessary. Washing it in the machine can lessen its lifespan. Hot and cold weather doesn’t have much impact on their strength.

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