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See All Pest, Disease and Weed Identification, See All Beer, Hard Cider, and Distilled Spirits, See All Community Planning and Engagement. Males and females are a uniform tan or light brown color. The size of a white grub varies with the species and its age.

0000021915 00000 n The grubs feed in fall and spring.

For many years, turf managers assumed that most grub problems throughout interior New England were caused by Japanese beetles. Thus, you should not apply an insecticide treatment before or after applying milky disease.

Japanese beetles and northern masked chafer grubs are the predominant damaging white grub species associated with home lawns. 0000016509 00000 n

You need to apply a curative application during the summer when the grubs are small and actively feeding near the surface. 11 76 An excellent way to determine if you have an infestation before your lawn gets ripped apart is to peel back a square foot of sod and examine the soil underneath. Insect parasitic nematodes do not have a long shelf life. That slit may be "transverse" (curved following the contour of the body), or it may have a Y-shaped branch in it.

0000024500 00000 n Figure 5. Japanese beetle grub raster.

The adult European chafers can be found above ground in late June and early July.

Late in the period, the adult carc…

<<4D60848888D9764AAC048050BE3797AF>]>> 0000024164 00000 n Live grubs are not always cooperative, but with practice you can find the features. 0000022847 00000 n

The eggs usually hatch in July to early August, and the larvae begin to feed on the roots of grass. Skunk damage from raccoons feeding on European chafer grubs in Okemos, Michigan. 0000025580 00000 n Here in Surrey, the Chafer Beetle has become an increasingly serious pest and many homeowners are frustrated by brown, torn apart lawns.

European chafer is most damaging when it first becomes established in an area. Connect with UMass Extension Turf Program: UMass Research and Education Center Farms, Conservation Assessment Prioritization System (CAPS), Extension Risk Management/Crop Insurance Education, North American Aquatic Connectivity Collaborative, Civil Rights and Non-Discrimination Information. Later emergence can occur and is dependent on local weather conditions. Based on adult trap catches of northern masked chafer in 2005 from central Pennsylvania, preventive applications could have been applied from mid-June through mid-July since northern masked chafer egg hatch occurs approximately 14 to 21 days after egg lay.

Most researchers report that Heterorhabditis spp. Two major species available for suppressing grubs are Steinernema spp. 0000006346 00000 n

The female beetles prefer shorter, dryer lawns to lay their eggs in. 0000023356 00000 n

Adult northern masked chafers can be monitored by using a black light trap, while Japanese beetle adult flight activity can be observed by using a sex pheromone floral lure trap. The European chafer looks like a small June beetle (all light brown). After this period, the immune system of the larvae is strong enough to repel any action taken against them. 0000021748 00000 n 0000016845 00000 n The European Chafer grubs are distinguished from other white grubs by the "Y"-shaped anal slit and by the parallel rows of spines on their raster. Beetles may return to the trees to re-mate several times over the mating period. These include the Ten-lined June beetle (Polyphylla decemlineata) and other June beetles, Phyllophaga species in the Scarabaeidae family.

Why do we need this?

With the exception of the common May or June beetle, which has a three-year life cycle, the life history of the beetles mentioned above is completed in 12 months (Fig. 0000003342 00000 n In terms of physical characteristics, adult European chafer beetles are about a half-inch long and a light brown, or tan, color. View our privacy policy. Properly timing an application of a registered preventive grub control formulation is very critical. 0000017019 00000 n 6) from May through early-June. They emerge from the ground starting in late June…

�� �80l` `ePc�`�a�a�t �e�(�.|�Ƀ!�!́��)�i��������&� ���Lo�(�+�f�M �ge� 0000018175 00000 n They specifically target grubs by eating the larvae from the inside. 0000006523 00000 n Handle carefully and store in original labeled containers out of the reach of children, pets, and livestock. 0000022901 00000 n Another species, the May or June beetle, can be devastating where it occurs, but fortunately its distribution appears to be somewhat restricted.

0000020332 00000 n When the examination is complete, lay the sod back in place and pack it in firmly.

0000006857 00000 n Native scarab beetles can be plant pests but don’t tend to cause the extreme and rapid damage to turf

It is difficult to establish a set number of grubs per square foot that can be used to determine whether a curative control measure is needed. Adult chafers mate on warm evenings in June and July, and then the females lay 40-50 eggs below the soil.

The beetle spends its childhood and teen years as a grub in the soil, feeding on the roots of grasses, particularly in lawn areas. Japanese beetle eggs usually hatch approximately 14 days after being laid. ��1ߠ0y�

As soon as the grubs hatch, they start feeding on the roots until cold weather drives them two to eight inches deeper into the soil where they overwinter. Do not contaminate forage, streams, or ponds. Call Art's Nursery at 604.882.1201 to order/reserve Nematodes or use our online Plant/Product Request Form and we will call you when we have them in stock. Likewise, the adults have dark chocolate brown heads that shade to a light brown (masked appearance). The raster is a grouping of definitely arranged hairs, spines, and bare spaces on the underside of the last abdominal segment in front of the anus.

European Chafer: The European chafer adult is a small golden tan to light brown beetle, oval in shape, about 1/2" long. Application on dry lawn or in full sun conditions will kill them, and they won't be able to combat your chafer beetle problem.

Grubs are dirty white, soft bodied, and robust with a brown head and six well-developed legs, with exception of green June beetle grubs, which do not have well-developed legs.

European Chafer Beetle is a coppery tan coloured little beetle just a little over 1 cm long. Please note that all products should be irrigated in after treatment according to specific label directions. Prior to purchasing a product be sure to read the label regarding optimum time to treat for grubs. The European Chafer Beetle originated in continental Europe but can now be found in temperate climates across North America. These characteristics combined are called the "raster pattern". We also have found European chafer grubs in samples collected around the Berkshires with reports of this species in southern New Hampshire.

They were first observed in the United States in 1916 in southern New Jersey.

0000008089 00000 n The adult Japanese … If crows, raccoons and skunks have begun to rip apart your lawn, let them finish feeding before you begin alternative methods of control. This thick-bodied beetle is about ½-inch in length, larger than a Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica), but smaller than a green June beetle (Cotinis nitida).This beetle has a light-brown or tan colored head, thorax, abdomen and wing covers (Image 1). 0000005191 00000 n

0000021390 00000 n

usually perform better against white grubs than Steinernema spp. However, in most cases, five to ten grubs per square foot often is used as the threshold for curative treatment depending on which grub species is present. Some individuals also make a spring application, which is usually not as effective as the summer application. 0000004679 00000 n In addition the mandibles ("jaws") have an enlarged growth on the side. Recommended Control However, remember that moles also feed on earthworms or insects living on shallow tree roots.

����uH���s�;���v!�t�{�5�X$������4w` `����� �"O(f`fb�d0���3� ��X�0�c�>���)�a"C�c�9L{�P~�����0�A%�����Xo0LaPm,�z�hˠv���&�.�FK�� b� The grubs feed in fall and spring.

beetle species present in British Columbia, which can be confused with European Chafer larvae or adults. This is the common time for animals to pull back turf in search of a meal, destroying lawns in their path. A wide array of variables can influence the severity of damage from white grubs.

The oriental beetle (Exomala orientalis) is primarily a problem in coastal regions, including much of Connecticut and Rhode Island, southeastern Massachusetts (especially Cape Cod), and the North Shore of Massachusetts. Hence their nickname, the June Bug.

Thus, timing a preventive application for control of Japanese beetle grubs would be very similar to the northern masked chafers' application timing. Curative grub controls usually have short active residual periods. %%EOF 3). 0000023533 00000 n

and Heterorhabditis spp. The imago, or adult beetle, stage is quite short, lasting 1–2 weeks. 0000022508 00000 n Your next step is to apply Nematodes in July. The combination of the shape of the slit and the pattern of spines is different for each species. June beetle grubs are whitish with brown heads and range from 1/2 to 1 inch in length. 0000002845 00000 n Watering in the areas previously sampled is advantageous to preventing the area from drying out and dying.

The adult beetle lays its eggs in the ground during the summer. Depending on where you are located in Pennsylvania, this could be from August through mid-September.

European Chafer Beetle is a coppery tan coloured little beetle just a little over 1 cm long. 0000002671 00000 n

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