The Augmented Crystarium Gear Sets are the second best in the game so far and are an augmented version of the Crystarium Gear Sets in third place, boosting their stats and giving them an item level of 500. Purchased from Aymark in Eulmore (x10.2,y11.8) for Allagan Tomestone of Allegory. Jump to: navigation, search. How to get the gear sets: With the release of 5.3 I finally managed to upgrade to 490 myself with augmented neo-ishgardian while working towards the augmented Crystarium and Edenchoir (still practicing Savage stuff). Question being, which 490 gears are arguably better to wear ? From Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Wiki. Roulettes Expert Roulette comprises the two to three newest dungeons released and … See also: Level 80 Gear Guide. Item Type Number of Tomestones Item Type Number of Tomestones A player showing off their Augemented Crystarium gear. I'm guessing the Crystarium gear is better than Augmented Neo since it's blue color yes ? 2) Augmented Crystarium Gear Set. Tomestones of Allegory can be exchanged for i490 Crystarium Gear, which can be upgraded to i500 Augmented Crystarium Gear with upgrade items from Eden’s Verse (Savage). Crystarium Armor. Crystarium Gear Set Details.

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