Dont know where the third 5gz band is? Yes, this is an IPv4 only not IPv6 but in my tests, Verizon FiOS currently doesn’t support IPv6 addresses. I have also posted a guide on how to set a Static IP address on the Verizon G3100 here. a) G3100 LAN IP with the subnet mask of, b) Asus LAN IP with the subnet mask of Thanks. If I do this I will not be able to access the router at all in case I need to make changes or reset this router to default to activate/setup new boxes. Looks impressive physically and signal strength seems good. Good point on the dhcp range and might be worth the try; however with the ip set to 0.1, i set the dhcp range to, so not sure, but will try. #3 Once you make those changes, now you can connect both of those routers ( Asus+third )together but this time LAN to LAN. ** Option 9 (with access to both and online) **. Serious issue, with my security cameras. Disclaimer. I gave up on this router, I had a somewhat complex setup for a residential customer. the default username is “admin” (no quotes). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. All LAN/WiFi devices on ASUS router have internet, Can no longer use remotes (voice searches) or VOD. Also I heard/read (REF = Another thread at DSLR Re: Access to modem combo while in bridge mode ) that instead of two NAT routers, a Dual WAN port router will work.Q: Is that true you ask what I was told?A: Unless I convert a computer into acting as a a NAT router, I can not tell you because all of my RJ-45 WAN port NAT routers only have one WAN port. This warning is completely normal. While the G3100 is not a modem, I suspect what I know how to get into a modem while it is in bridge mode applies also to this G3100. ** Option 7 (with access to both and online) **. b) Set it's LAN IP Address with the same Subnet as the Asus but outside of the DHCP Range of the Asus's DHCP Range. This includes the ESSID and network encryption key that you created. and you must know how to setup a manual Static IP on your computer. So please don’t do this just for fun, it can make your internet stop working, mess up the cable box, etc. He was right and when I set it to 0.1 it works. I at least have on demand and Voice control working now. Changing back to, internet starts working. It will be OK, just be patient (1-2minutes). ** Option 8 (with access to both and online) **. Planning to delete and re-add one of the cameras to see if that works. **. ‎01-16-2020 Thanks. If you’re not technical, the quickest way is to turn them on and off. It keeps this page ad-free. While I have no idea of why you would switch from FIOS to Cable, you may find this interesting if you were to do that. But struggling with some issues: Verizon advertises this as … The loss of access is extremely brief and most programs recover fine. I heard that may cause problems. The answer to the OP's question without adding more hardware (ex a hub/switch between modem combo and router - because the Westell 6100G only has one LAN port. #7 Again, You can now talk to I am assuming you know why you want to do this and know how to reset your Verizon G3100 if you make a mistake. weird behavior when changing the router's Lan (local) IP address (not the WAN ip which is DHCP from verizon) . These instructions will also work with other DNS services. If you’re after a list of Public Name Servers or want to benchmark a Public Name Server, I have an article about that here. 4. G3100 Router setup and some issues/questions.

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