Ghoulish and very amusing. 14. By Mat Elfring on August 22, 2018 at 3:37PM PDT. Years before Val Kilmer became Batman, he starred in Top Secret. The endlessly lovable Walter Matthau stars in an underrated spy comedy that has gotten lost in the shuffle of spy movies over the years. Winner at the Cannes Festival in 1986, the film opens in the aftermath of Nancy's death in their room at the Hotel Chelsea in New York. Just a fun list of movies from the 1980's that you might not remember....until now! Hidden gems from the 1980s that you really need to see.

If you had a dollar for all the forgotten '80s movies, you could comfortably retire. Alison is on her way to meet her boyfriend. Now, it's time to say "yeah".

Forgotten it? It's also one of Carpenter's most underrated movies. Schrader’s style is also unmistakable: Jesus is shown as a doubtful, passionate and suffering individual who has a hard time accepting his ‘supernatural’ destiny, and who would rather just be human. However, one of the most overlooked films in his career is Summer Rental. knockoff is fantastically, mesmerizingly terrible. It was the directorial debut of the recently late and far too great Stuart Gordon, and centres on a medical student who discovers a compound that can reanimate dead body parts. One must also highlight Willem Dafoe’s strong portrayal of Christ; another highlight is Peter Gabriel’s score, which gives the film a ‘modernist’ touch. Top Secret follows Nick Rivers (Kilmer) a '50s rock and roll singer who becomes a part of the French Resistance while in Germany. If you've ever watched an Elvis movie and thought, "This is kinda cheesy," then Top Secret will be right up your alley. Far from dull or superficial, “Mississippi Burning” is a powerful portrayal of a community in the American South that is haunted by racist violence. Additionally, because of this, if you didn't see a movie in the theater, there was a better chance you'd forget about it. A gloomy trip into the shallows of the human soul, this frightening occult thriller stars a phenomenal Mickey Rourke in its lead, who plays troubled private detective Harry Angel. Directed by Bruce Robinson and starring Richard E Grant, there's a definite Withnail & I aesthetic but to a very different subject matter.

All demos, no albums ;), 10 Overlooked Horror Slasher Movies That Deserve Your Attention, Thor: Love And Thunder Set To Have An "Avengers 5" Feel, 10 More Times The Movie Killer Was Hiding In Plain Sight, 10 Best Movies Starring The Parks And Recreation Cast, 10 Superhero Movies That Broke All The Rules, 10 Underrated Star Wars Legends Characters That Deserve A Second Chance, 10 Actors Who Could Play Black Panther In The Sequel, 10 Horror Movies Where The Villain Survives, 10 Incredible Movies You'll Never Watch Again (And Why), Every DC Extended Universe Film Ranked From Worst To Best (According To Rotten Tomatoes) The movie was directed by the team of Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker--ZAZ for short--the minds behind Naked Gun, Airplane, and Hot Shots. 6. Good.

However, many folks forget about, The third Halloween movie gets a lot of flack because it doesn't have Michael Myers in it. The story circles around two brothers, played by Costner (Marcus) and David Marshall Grant (David), who both try to participate in a cycling race in the Rocky Mountains.

The 80s marked a significant shift in the Hollywood film industry. “The Last Temptation of Christ” is definitely an unusual Scorsese effort at first sight, but in the meantime, everyone knows about his liking of ‘religious topics’ and questions of faith and belief.

It also features The Touch by Stan Bush as the lead track. 25 Mostly Forgotten Number 1 Movies from the 2000s. The trailer above is a bit on the nose, so it's best avoided if you don't want any spoilers. Maybe the best romantic comedy ever made, The Tall Guy is pure British charm in a way that British charm really is. Although it can be confronted with criticism about “thin plotting” and preferring “style over story,” it still is an enjoyable film whose aesthetics and cinematography prove to be highly impressive. “Working Girl” is an intelligent romantic comedy with good acting, entertaining plot twists – and a great soundtrack. Somehow this kooky summer adventure romance starring John Cusack as an aspiring cartoonist and Demi Moore as a rock singer has drifted from memory, but it's a very good time.

Haim was but a boy of 14 at the time in this heartwarming underdog story. The movie follows a video game expert named Alex Rogan who finds out that a game he mastered is actually an alien recruitment tool. For every Weird Science, there was a The Manhattan Project: stranger, more serious, more interesting, and definitely more obscure. Especially in the 80s, the British-born filmmaker crafted some very fine and strong films. The '80s had no shortage of "teen genius" films, but some were better than others and some were definitely more well-known than others. It was first part of a proposed trilogy following the same Australian boy and it features two of Australia's best Hollywood exports – Noah Taylor and Ben Mendelsohn. This is the Martin Scorcese film you never knew existed. The release of this film caused veritable controversy in 1988: director Martin Scorsese and his screenwriter Paul Schrader had taken “too much creative freedom” in portraying Christ as a messiah with “human weaknesses” – that was considered a no-go. Beyond that, it has some really interesting sci-fi ideas and some big storylines for the Transformer characters themselves. One wonders why those kind of films are not made anymore.

All rights reserved. There was a problem. I love a good movie. Why is this not in the Criterion Collection?

Both were award-winning films but, for some reason, the third part of the trilogy was never made. Don't watch the trailer or look at any of the marketing material if possible. We have thousands of movies available with just one click. It's entertaining and a statement on the the world that is as true today as it was 32 years ago. It's arguably the Coen's lightest-ever comedy, and has got to be the funniest baby-napping film out there. This isn't quite The Jerk, but it is still vintage Steve Martin. This film is Werner Herzog at his peak. 9 Forgotten '80s Movies That You've Probably Never Heard Of.

Good. There are one or two duff moment, of course, but there's some absolute genius here such as the wake that turns into a stand-up comedy night and the spoof of Ripley's Believe It or Not!. Three silent movie actors, who are known for their playing the "lone gunman" roles in movies, are invited to a Mexican village to do a performance. Frankly, we could have filled this list with John Carpenter movies.


Another coming of age drama, again loosely based on the experiences of the writer who this time grew up in rural New South Wales. Overall, this film must be called a highlight of American historical cinema, and a key movie of political cinema; it’s a documentary on how racism develops and sustains. Have you ever heard of this actor named Tom Hanks? Pump Up the Volume (1990) "Do you ever get the feeling that everything in America is completely fucked up?"

It's a black comedy – not exactly your classic Scorcese genre – which follows Paul (Griffin Dunne) on a single night in New York. His counter-culture parents, played by Judd Hirsch and Christine Lahti, have been running from the FBI ever since an act of demonstration against the Vietnam War went wrong, and their family has been paying for it ever since.

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