C & R = Communal/rural, black letters on a white background. There will be a small sign with a letter number colour combination at the top of the direction sign or signs. The pelican is the symbol of charity.PENTAGON: Rarely found in heraldry, an emblem of health.PHEON: A broad arrow head, symbolizes readiness to do battle.PHOENIX: Known to all as the symbol of resurrection.PILLOW: Emblematic of authority.PLATE: A piece of silver, said to denote involvement in the Crusades.POMEGRANATE: This seedy fruit is an ancient symbol of plenty.PORTCULLIS: The armored gate with the chains and spikes is a symbol of protection.PROBOSCIS: The elephant trunk is an emblem of nobility.QUATREFOIL:  The primrose, and early spring flower in Europe. Also used as a pun, as in the arms of Carter.CASTLE: The emblem of safety. (ii) The Bundle of Rods or Fasces: One rod can be easily broken, but not an … On the positive side the fact that you are taking the trouble to read this puts you a few steps ahead of most people. **je_suis@mon-adresse.fr > je underscore suis arobas mon trait d'union adresse point fr, ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Which is a corny link into explaining what it means if you see the word Rappel under, for example, a speed indicator sign. 719-641-5452 Rarely found.KNOT: A symbol of love and faith in its many forms.LAMB: Normally painted with the staff and flag is the emblem of Christianity.LANCE: Denotes one in active service as a knight.LARK: An ancient symbol of eloquence.LAUREL: Sometimes shown in a wreath, is the emblem of triumph.LEGS IN ARMOR: The emblem of The Isle Of Man, seen also on the arms of MacLeod.LEOPARD: Emblematic of a valiant warrior.LILY: The regular kind, is the symbol of purity.LION: Regarded as the noblest of all the wild beasts, making it the symbol of strength and valor. It honours people from different part of the world as its guests and treat each of them equally. Official Symbols of France The first three of these symbols are included in the French Constitution: 1) the phrase or motto 'Liberté, égalité, fraternité', which is a modified version of various phrases used around the time of the French Revolution. The cockerel appears on stamps, coins, the French Official Seal etc, despite Napoleon announcing that it was inappropriate to use the cockerel, saying "the rooster has no strength, in no way can it stand as the image of an empire such as France". Denotes service as a knight. France is one of the friendliest countries in the world. As in the arms of Gonzalez.CAT: Not to be confused with the household kitty. A goal it achieved, although its widespread use for executing thousands of prisoners during the 'Reign of Terror' after the revolution gave rise to its subsequent reputation. see french bread. Around the web: 50 Watts twitter.com/50wattsdotcom facebook/50wattsdotcom 50 Watts tumblr Writers No One Reads tumblr. From only £10.95including Free UK Delivery! French name . (One good thing about the EU is we can drive there legally) Jeff still takes many a road trip as he hasn't lost the car culture of his native Los Angeles! French flag, personification of France, national holiday... here's everything you need to know about 8 French symbols and motifs. It still forms part of several of the regional and departmental flags of France.

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