Both carnivores and vegetarians will enjoy this meal. The tart is versatile; a quick lunch with a salad, a dinner entree, pop it in a picnic basket or a lunch box. My husband really liked it." Cook tomatoes, sweet red chillies, green bell peppers, onions and garlic down in a pan to create a thick, chunky sauce.

Or are there any dishes that aren’t on the list?

The kids like to help stuff the noodles too! For Paula Wolfert, this rustic Lyonnais dish is comfort food. Are you able to find food to order when you go out?

Serve on a bun with lettuce, tomato, and aioli sauce. Learn how your comment data is processed.

All Rights Reserved. Delectable vegetarian main dish recipes for every occasion - from quick and easy everyday dinners the entire family will enjoy to recipes to impress the most discerning diner. Worlds apart! 97,877 suggested recipes. Trying out this combination of quiche recipes.

An abundance of fruit and vegetables makes finding delectable French vegetarian recipes easy. Marcia Kiesel added pearl onions and grapes to her tender pork dish because "they're both sweet and juicy.". Melissa Clark's favorite part of the chicken is the drumstick, because it's juicy and easy to brown.

"I love the way the vinegar froths up when you add it to the pan," says Bloomfield, who finishes the chicken in the sauce to infuse it with extra flavor. French Vegan Recipes. The basic recipe involves cooking the lentils, then mixing them with a vinaigrette of wine vinegar, oil, shallots, mustard and parsley. This version includes duck confit and the French garlic sausages that are a specialty of Toulouse.

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French Vegan Recipes. It has a mild ginger flavor that can be enhanced according to taste, and is filling yet light on the tummy! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Serve with a salad for a great meatless dinner. Fresh spinach and plenty of ricotta, Romano and mozzarella make this a cheesy and hearty dish.

potatoes, salt, Crisco Pure Peanut Oil.

The classic recipe involves layering buttery mashed potatoes on top of a base of ground beef, herbs, tomatoes and onions, before baking until golden in the oven. So, back home, she adds a hefty amount of Banyuls wine vinegar to the sauce. If there is one dish on this list that you’re unlikely to have heard of, I’m betting it’s this speciality of Lyon.

Melissa Clark spreads a garlicky French rouille on toasts for dipping in the stew.



When Cathal Armstrong was growing up in Ireland, his father (a travel agent and avid cook) made all kinds of Spanish and French dishes, including a great bouillabaisse. She begs me to make it when I come to visit.

In this recipe, the 'noodles' are tossed with vegetables and feta cheese. They absolutely do.

When chef April Bloomfield tried a classic version of vinegar chicken in Lyon, she wished it was tangier. I made this recipe to celebrate Earth Day.

Subscribe to delicious. It's really easy -- even I can make it -- and tastes great. Here, she mixes the cheese with apple, sausage and greens, then stuffs it inside a bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin. Your email address will not be published.

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