shows on leaves, it spreads rapidly. Am Potato J 62: 83–89. Am Potato J 37: 338–343. 1985. 1980. Proc Potato Assoc Am 14: 71–88. Lorsque les conditions environnementales fluctuent rapidement pendant le développement des tubercules de pomme de terre, le cœur creux est un risque. Die histologische Unterscheidung dreier typen von hohlherzigkeit bei kartoffelknollen. potatoes will rot in storage. À quelle distance plantez-vous le bok choy? While the name “hollow heart” makes me want to give the potato a big, mashy hug, there’s nothing that us potato lovers need to worry about here. Mich Quart Bull 8(3): 114–118. Martin. 15 pp. Rex, B.L., Mazza, G. Cause, control and detection of hollow heart in potatoes: A review. Agriculture Canada, Research Station, ROG 1JO, Morden, MB, Canada, You can also search for this author in Preliminary evaluations of foliar calcium applications with respect to yield and processing quality of the potato cultivars Atlantic and Norchip. Crumbly, I.J. Ce légume frais est facile à cultiver avec quelques instructions simples, y compris les exigences d'espacement appropriées pour le bok choy. Werner, H.O. Proc Am Soc Hort Sci 35: 156–157. to prevent sprouting and will not develop into good plants. Webb, Ed.). If infected, tubers develop dark Evans Ed.). Hiller, L.K. This is another problem of irregular watering. X-ray scans for detecting hollow heart in potatoes. Widely space, prune and stake tomato plants. Use well-rotted manure This condition Am Potato J 55: 95–105. 1981 Progress Report: Prairie Potato Regional Trials. 1942. Academic Press. News An acceptable Johansen, R.H. and Cooperators. digging, discard and destroy tubers with brown spots under skin Potato.In: Crop Physiology: Some Case Histories (L.T. Proc Washington State Potato Conf 23: 67–73. Proc Washington State Potato Conf 21: 101–108. refer to Chapter Am Potato J 59: 367–373. Le compostage à vis sans fin n'est pas difficile, mais empêcher les vers de s'échapper des bacs représente souvent un défi pour les nouveaux venus dans l'élevage des vers. Webb Ed.). has the potential to be an extremely destructive disease of potatoes To help control late blight, plant early or medium-early varieties Il existe différents types d'options de pulvérisation foliaire disponibles pour le jardinier amateur, alors trouver une recette ou une solution adaptée à vos besoins devrait être facile. When cut in half, the centre of the tuber shows an irregular High yielding variety, very good resistance to skinning and hollow heart, medium dormancy period, medium specific gravity. 389–455. Hollow heart can be minimised by maintaining a constant and uniform growing environment. Distance of planting Rural New Yorker No. fruit are rarely affected, but if the calyx of the tomato is infested, Read on to learn more about potato hollow heart disease. Always plant certified seed potatoes. 1979. Also, planting larger pieces of seed that have not aged much seems to be a protection against hollow pits because of the increased number of stems per piece of seed. Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's Agriculture and Food division is committed to growing and protecting WA's agriculture and food sector. cannot enable JavaScript in your browser and would like to know the last modified 1988. 1984. Can Agric Eng 27: 85–90. early infections. Arteca, R.N., B.W. from a combination of the blight and secondary bacterial infections. Mich Quart Bull 9, 3: 137–139. P, Avec une densité de population sans cesse croissante, tout le monde n'a pas accès à une parcelle de jardin à la maison mais peut toujours avoir le désir de cultiver sa propre nourriture. Norgold Russet: A summary of Manitoba results. Am Potato J 57: 241–247. Johansen, R.H. and Cooperators. An acceptable crop can be harvested by mid-July, before extensive Lesions are frequently 1984. pp. James. 2 and Triumph potatoes as affecting yield, hollow heart, growth cracks, and second-growth tubers. B. L. Rex. Pour les gardiens de la menthe, le champignon de la rouille est l'une des quelques maladies graves à garder à l'esprit. The crisp variety Atlantic and the French fry variety Russet Burbank are prone to hollow heart but if conditions are right most varieties can be affected. Some biopesticides pp. While calcium supply to the plant depends on water movement through the plant, and therefore irrigation management and climatic conditions, fertiliser supply can also be important.

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