Sloppy numbers sap value like a poorly tuned engine saps horsepower. B    In addition to taking an ownership interest in your company, equity investors may also participate as a member of the company’s board of directors and take an active role in managing your company. You will be asked for information about your company, your corporate structure, your stockholders, your employees, your customers and your legal affairs. Don't be your company's best salesperson. to plan your exit will eliminate confusion during the business sale process.

Join thousands of subscribers who receive actionable insights from Divestopedia. It can take years to get a company 'investment ready', but if you get it right, it will be worth the effort.Many business owners make the mistake of believing that their companies are 'investment ready' just because they need a financial boost, then are surprised when investors don't bite. C    Private equity can be an excellent exit alternative for many mid-market business. If your company has a sales department that can close deals and increase revenue while you are busy with other things (or on vacation, for that matter) investors will have much more confidence in your plan.

N    If you are then invited to make a formal presentation to a venture capitalists or group of angel investors, these presentations generally last between 5-10 minutes. A    Raising money through angel investors, private equity, or venture capital can put you on a path to great expansion and market share. How to Attract Investors for a Startup. Ed Minton tells us a little about AJM Healthcare, Pete Barkley tells us a little about APEM, Private equity – so much more than just money, WestBridge prepares for surge of deal activity triggered by COVID-19 and tax changes, WestBridge appoints investor relations director, WestBridge shortlisted in the Unquote British Private Equity Awards 2020, WestBridge invests £9.6m in Bespoke Health & Social Care. How Targeted Should Your Sale Process Be? - Renew or change your cookie consent, /2/4865/sale-process/buyer-types/10-ways-to-attract-private-equity, The Value of Investment Bankers: Business Owners’ Perspective, Measure of a Company’s True Intrinsic Value, Business Valuation Excel Template: 10 Simple Steps to Success, Letter of Intent: Examining 3 Different Drafting Styles. Without question, the more potential an investor believes your company has, the higher the valuation you will receive when you raise capital. In general, investors are looking to exit an investment within 3-7 years. Read more.Dan Lubeck is the founder and managing partner of Solis Capital Partners, a Newport Beach, California private equity firm. Sign up to receive our occasional newsletters. Certainly, executives are often highly coached when they talk about their strategy and objectives, and have extensive information about potential investors and their style and approach to investing. Is doing an exit plan worth my time and money?

If, during the sale process your company does not hit the numbers you said it would, they begin to doubt and second guess the entire transaction. Â, Private Equity and Venture Capital Sourcing. Equity capital generally is composed of funds that are raised by a business in exchange for an ownership interest in the company.
Then, you will attract the right crowdfunding investors and kick-start your company. Takeaway: These are valuable assets and you want to make sure you get fairly paid for them. Read more. Q    However, in comparison to debt financing, or loans, which must be repaid over time, equity financing does not have to be repaid.

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