She is not eligible for Statutory Holiday Pay in BC. Christmas/New Year’s), Employee must have been hired within the prior 30 days, AND must have earned wages in at least 15 of those 30 prior to the stat holiday, Base the calculation on days worked during the 30 calendar days before the stat holiday, including vacation days you had, Statutory Holiday Pay = Total earnings (excluding overtime pay) ÷ the number of days worked, Earnings includes wages, salary, commission, prior stat holiday pay, and vacation pay.
Employees who receive paid vacation are generally more productive and in better mental health than those who don't, so this is a benefit that's worth including for your workers. Since salaried employees are paid annually, and hourly employees are paid by the hour, their pay calculations are very different. All earnings are subject to the usual statutory deductions (tax, EI, CPP). For both EPSL and EFML, an employee’s rate of pay for each hour of FFCRA leave taken is the higher of any applicable minimum wage (whether federal, state, or local) or the employee’s average regular rate as defined by the FFCRA. All rights reserved Click on the binoculars to the left of Pay types and select Stat Pay. As a small business owner, it's important to outline your strategy for handling paid vacation for your hourly workers. If your employees are paid hourly, type in the average hours on the stat pay line. First, these are the rules for the two provinces (click the province names to see their descriptions): NOTE: The result is a gross amount that’s added to other earnings during the pay period.

You must determine how many hours the employee is expected to work in a year to determine how much vacation employees will earn for each hour worked. It DOES NOT cover what to pay s/he when working a stat holiday. Get the latest news, advice and business success stories to grow and empower your small business. Make sure you work the cost of vacation time in with your other financial policies, so you're not offering more than you can afford. In Ontario, the rules are similar when employees take a day off with pay, as a day in lieu of a statutory holiday.

She was laid off for the summer, returning in mid-August. While the total number of hours of EPSL an employee is entitled to will be different for full- (defined by the FFCRA as employees who are normally scheduled to work at least 40 hours each workweek) or part-time employees, the manner for calculating the amount of EPSL remains the same.

During the 6-month period (183 calendar days) before Adam took his EPSL, he worked a total of 1,150 hours over 130 workdays, and he took a total of 50 hours of personal and medical leave. There are local variances province to province. To pay your employees stat pay, go to the Payroll menu and Create Paycheques. 5 Ways to Prevent Your Business from Going Under, First Time Business Owner Loans: 6 Best Loans For First Time Owners, Ways Your Small Business Can Support Other Small Businesses, 5 (workweek days) x 52 (weeks per year) = 260 workdays, 260 – 10 (days of paid vacation) = 250 workdays, 250 – 5 (holidays) = 245 paid workdays each year, 80 (vacation hours)/245 (workdays) = 0.33 hours per day, 80 (vacation hours)/1,960 (annual work hours) = 0.04 vacation hours per hour worked. This post provides only an overview of the methods involved in this calculation and is not comprehensive or meant to provide legal advice for all possible circumstances. Are there any limitations or caps to the amounts that need to be paid to employees for FFCRA leave? Daily allocation requires a bit more math. If the fixed salary is understood to compensate the employee regardless of the number of hours he/she works in a workweek, the average regular rate would be calculated by adding the salary over all full workweeks in the 6-month period prior to the employee’s FFCRA leave (or, if less, the entire term of the employee’s employment) and dividing by the total number of hours worked in those workweeks. Yes, if vacation pay was received by the employee in the four work weeks prior to the public holiday, it is used to calculate public holiday pay. How many hours per workweek does an employee receive for EFML? Although the first 2 workweeks of EFML may be unpaid (unless the employee uses a leave entitlement under the EPSLA or accrued paid time off), the subsequent 10 weeks must be partially paid. Read on to learn how you can calculate vacation pay for your hourly employees. Below are two examples, adapted from examples provided by the DOL in Answer No. Under the FFCRA, for each hour of EPSL or EFML taken, an employee must be paid an amount that is equal to some or all of his/her “average regular rate.”  Calculating what constitutes an employee’s average regular rate is a multi-step process that can be quite complex depending on an employee’s pay structure.
© 2019 The Bookkeeping Department | Calgary, Alberta, on How to Calculate Statutory Holiday Pay in Alberta and British Columbia, Correctly Claiming Personally-Owned Vehicle Expenses, Canadian GST and Invoicing Installment Payments, How to Calculate Statutory Holiday Pay in Alberta and British Columbia, What Business Owners Need to Know About GST, Employee must have worked 30 days during the previous 12 months, The stat holiday must be a regular workday for the employee, Employees are paid their average daily wage over the past 28 days, Average daily hours x regular hourly wage PLUS, Vacation pay for the pay period (typically 4%, but varies by employee) PLUS, Stat holiday pay received in the previous four weeks (e.g.

81 of its. Only Amanda’s hours worked during the week prior to Labour Day count towards the calculation of General Holiday Pay. Exempt vs. non-Exempt Employees in Holiday Pay. Total earnings = 21 hours x $22.00/hour + 4% vacation pay, General Holiday Pay = 5% x $480.48 = $24.04. During the 6-month period (183 calendar days) before Barb takes EFML, she worked a total of 550 hours over 100 workdays, and she took a total of 100 hours of personal and medical leave. Regular wages earned in the last 4 weeks = $14 x 30 hours = $420 + $16.80 (vacation pay, paid out per cheque) $436.80 / 20 = $21.84 in regular stat pay; In total, Peter will be paid $21.84 in regular statutory pay, even if he does not work the holiday. This post is not a substitute for legal advice and should be used as a guide only. By Meghan C. Cooper, Daniel R. Williams on May 5, 2020. The two-week average is computed by multiplying the number of hours per calendar day (3.55) by 14, which results in 49.7 hours. Your human resources department will then subtract from this vacation bank as it's drawn on throughout the course of the year. In the 30 days prior to Labour Day he actually worked 21 of them. How To Calculate Vacation Pay For Hourly Employees. If, for example, an employer customarily tracks hours worked in tenth-of-an-hour increments and rounds up to the nearest tenth-of-an-hour, then it must also round up to the nearest tenth-of-an-hour when calculating FFCRA leave. This exceeds the threshold of 15. Therefore, because Adam works more than the statutory maximum of 80 hours, the amount of EPSL he can take is capped at 80 hours. If you provide 80 hours of paid vacation time each year, the calculations look like this: If your employees work the same number of hours every day, you may set your vacation accrual to happen daily. Federal law view holidays as just another business day, but both federal (e.g., the FLSA) and state laws require most employers, but not all, to pay overtime to non-exempt employees. How do I calculate an employee’s average regular rate under the FFCRA? Finally, you must decide how and when to calculate vacation accrual throughout the year. How much paid vacation do employees receive in a year?

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