So where does a thoughtful traveler go from there? Travel brands are shifting to find more meaning and authenticity. I have been working for a lot of years in the bar industry and I have to say that Diplomatico is one of the drinks every man needs to try in his life. Rules for Drinking Rum How to drink rum — just like whiskey with a splash of water or ice, and a slice of lime. What I learned while island hopping on this Rum Tour was that Molasses was considered an inconvenient, messy waste by-product of sugar cane production back in the 1700’s and the colonists were just dumping it to get rid of it. Saint James Rhum Agricole from Martinique. It’s funny how something as simple as a drink can evoke a feeling or emotion. There are many accounts and theories about where the name came from and none are officially documented. It is primarily used for the famous cocktail Capirinha, although sometimes also Vodka is used, changing the name to Caipiroshka.
Unlike Scotch, Brandy or wine, a top notch bottle of deliciously aged, 20 year old rum starting at $40! Usually, 9 times out of ten, if given the choice, someone will choose the fun trip. This “trend”, which I like to think is just us all remembering our humanity, will change the face and experience of travel, and ultimately create a better world. Typically these are used in tropical or desert cocktails, although some do enjoy drinking them neat or on ice. Just because drinking rum instead of beverages like beer, wine, and sweetened cocktails might be a better choice for your waistline, that doesn't mean drinking rum every night will make you lose weight. Rum production quickly took over many of the Caribbean Islands and made some plantation owners richer than royalty back at home. The name of the drink is named after Admiral Vernon’s grogram cloak he famously wore during inclement weather. Candidates began to bribe voters with rum in an effort to influence the election results. Since a primary job of the Royal Navy was capturing pirates, whenever a fleet lost or was commandeered by a pirate vessel, rum was seized. Regardless of the many theories, it is my belief that rum was born somewhere in the Caribbean. This rum update is great. For those who believe that, I regret to be the one to inform you, but you are wrong. Travel is not a luxury anymore for an elite few on this planet. Happy Easter to all. It has a nice peppery spice to it and a smooth oak finish. We live in global times where you can have fun, giveback, change the world, travel, and not break the bank.

Because strict protocols and definitions of what Rum is or should be, Rums from different islands have a different flavor profile and style. Rather than just visiting far-flung locations, vacationers were looking for ways to tap into native cultures, meaningfully interact with locals, and feel like far more than a tourist. The ones I keep stocked in my bar are Havana Club and they’re primarily for guests. What does rum taste like? Is Brazil’s national cocktail and can be found in numerous variations. For more details, ½ lime, cut into 4 wedges (Lemons won’t work), 2 teaspoons brown of brown or white sugar.

Top with the dark rum and garnish with the cherry. A good note to keep in mind is that the less expensive bottles are usually just light rums with added color whereas the more expensive ones can often be dark rum based. Today, rum is well regarded as a ladies spirit.
Many countries require a minimum resting period of at least one year and the vast majority of rum makers use American oak bourbon casks for their aging process. This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. In case you shop at amazon and we refer you, prices are the same as normal, as an amazon associate we earn a commission from qualifying purchases. While the Royal Navy and other military organizations certainly consumed their fair share of rum, the pirates made it famous and some say, kept the industry afloat. If you’ve ever been to New Orleans chances are you’ve heard a story or two about Pat O’Briens infamous Hurricane. In fact, at George Washington’s inauguration, he was insistent on a barrel of Barbados rum as it had helped him not only win, but gain friends in the process. To see how you can help out Tourism Cares and disaster relief in the Caribbean and book a Rum Tour for good, check out Undoubtedly the best books about Rum were written by the leading rum authority Edward Hamilton who wrote. Ingredients: Preparation: Pour the light rum, lime juice and sugar syrup into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. With rum becoming so prolific in government, it ended up being rather important in the game of politics. Also known as a Skull Puncher the drink does exactly that – it knocks you out. Going back to Necker Island getting destroyed, its charismatic and outspoken owner, Sir Richard Branson, is the biggest advocate of traveling and doing business for good. This is the original recipe: Preparation: Squeeze the lime juice into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. As a general guideline, Caribbean rums tend to have more fruity notes while others can be a bit more down to earth. Transformational travel is travel motivated, but defined by a shift in perspective, self-reflection and development. Enjoy. Diplomatico, El Dorado & English Harbor Rums. As did the Royal Navy provide rum as rations, so did the pirates and for most ships, whatever rum was seized was split evenly amongst the crew. They smell like Band-Aids and the taste is chemical. It has a touch of orange zest and is full bodied with a beautiful rich mouth feel. It is similar to experiential travel, but taken a step further. Rum is made from molasses, a by-product of sugar cane juice, while cachaça is made from fresh sugar cane. To clarify this point further, the average “angels share” of Scotch or Cognac is around 2% per year, whereas the average evaporation rate for rum is closer to 10%. I recently was supposed to do a photo shoot on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands on the day it got destroyed by Hurricane Irma. It is quite smooth with a nose of honey and vanilla. However, in an effort to appease all readers, I am compelled to mention flavored rums. Have you ever wondered how you can help get supplies or donations to the right people in need, but have not found a way to be able to give back? I’m a big fan of Appleton Estate. Since rum was so strong, an admiral by the name of Edward Vernon ordered that it be watered down into a cocktail to prevent his sailors from being too intoxicated to work. It is all stemming from the same place. The only difference being that the pot still tends to produce stronger, darker rums. Don’t be fooled by thinking that one year can’t age a spirit properly. The 151 is flammable. I have to admit, that when we’re on a patio and the restaurant has a terrible selection of spirits, I tend to keep the mojito at the top of my list as well. Produced on the banks of Guyana's Demerara River, known for its eponymous light-brown cane sugar, this rum has a complex taste that combines fermented molasses with a smooth, oaky spice mix that's a bit similar to bourbon. Ingredients: Preparation: Pour all the ingredients except the dark rum into a shaker with ice cubes and shake well. People started changing their travel plans and taking the Caribbean off their bucket lists. It certainly converted me. Bacardi Rum was established in Cuba in 1862 and has been a favorite spirit amongst partygoers, night-clubbers, and dinner guests ever since. That is why, I have chosen to forgo mixed drink recipes and focus primarily on a few of the more popular cocktails that are enjoyed globally. I then heard that Cheap Caribbean was donating proceeds from their trips back to Tourism Cares, a charity that is the non-profit, philanthropic arm of the travel and tourism industry. As legend has it in 1939 the famous bar invented this cocktail as a way to rid itself of a stockpile of rum that wasn’t being used. Still, many believe British etymologist Samuel Morewood’s 1824 theory that it stems from the British slang term for “the best” which is “having a rum time”.

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