As the only girl in a class filled with boys, she chose to stop going. As a toddler, she used her father's school as a playground. But Ziauddin also defended the right of the author to write, asking of others whether they thought Islam was so weak that it could not tolerate a book that insulted it. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. The differences in the village reveal the stratification of class, wealth, and customs in Pakistani society. Reply. 3/16/2015 15 Comments Malala is finally released from the hospital. This Study Guide consists of approximately 38 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - Not only does she She was jealous of her girl cousins who remained at home. He argued and decided to challenge the officials to protect other school owners from such bullying and corruption. I AM MALALA MALALA YOUSAFZAI AND CHRISTINA LAMB Sold to She was jealous of her girl cousins who remained at home. The family always went to the village for Eid (an Islamic festival that is celebrated twice a year). How did the Pashtun views regarding hospitality cause a problem between Malala's father and his partner? Rushdie's work was condemned by many Muslim leaders for being insulting to Islam.

Malala says her mother began school at age six but stopped before the term was over. I am Malala characters 33 Terms. Chapters 23–24, - Course Hero, Inc. As a reminder, you may only use Course Hero content for your own personal use and may not copy, distribute, or otherwise exploit it for any other purpose. Chapters 1–2, - This was a difficult process because he refused to bribe local officials when they demanded it. His argument that Islam is not so weak that it can be challenged by a mere book sets up his commitment to education that defines him later in life. Malala points out that nobody realized at the time how these distant events would shake up their lives in the ensuing years. Chapter 3: “Growing Up in a School” Malala says her mother began school at age six but stopped before the term was over. Malala regains her hearing and is now able to leave. 12 Nov. 2020. The episode in the village illustrates the different levels of wealth and culture in Pakistan. laurenclassof2020. I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai People Important to Malala Connections to the World Madam Maryam is a key figure in Malala’s life. She mentions that girls can be given to rival families to resolve conflicts, and that families sometimes have been known to kill their own daughters if they flirted with men the family did not like. Ziauddin was caught up in this while he was a student, but Ziauddin was not just a participant. laurenclassof2020 . Who are two important people who helped Malala's father go to college? Summary. After graduating, Ziauddin taught for a while and then set up his own school. Course Hero. maksk link. Six; she envied her girl cousins who played at home, and what is the point of going to school just to end up cooking and cleaning for the rest of your life. hola hi widsOAIS Reply. Ziauddin became involved in student politics as student organizations were no longer banned. While she likes to wear fashionable clothes, women in the village are expected to cover their faces. Course Hero, "I Am Malala Study Guide," June 20, 2020, accessed November 12, 2020,

At the same time, Malala's account of the village also shows there is nothing wrong with the people who live in such remote areas. Her father and brothers urged her to go to school, but she was the only girl in the extended family to do so. nervous system part 1 vocab 25 Terms. 20 June 2020.
She regrets it only later, after meeting Ziauddin and hearing his philosophy that education is the root of the Pakistani problems. This attitude of enlightened tolerance and regard for debate and scholarship shows the values he brings to his ambition to build schools. "I Am Malala Study Guide." Upload them to earn free Course Hero access! It’s here that Ziauddin learns about a community in... (read more from the Part I: Chapters 3 - 4 Summary). Ziauddin, however, was able to attend college. Who was elected Prime Minister after the death of General Zia, and why was this significant? Accessed November 12, 2020. What is your impression of Malala's father? 4/26/2018 12:40:06 pm. Malala's narrative of her father's upbringing ties his life—and her own—to the tumultuous world events they are living through. He thinks the book is wrong but believes that Muslims should react to it by understanding, criticizing, and responding to the book, not banning it. They have a different way of life, but it is as worthy of respect as anyone else's. Ziauddin is presented as a man who values knowledge and debate. I AM MALALA SUPERSUMMARY COPYRIGHT 2016 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS PLOT OVERVIEW 2 CHAPTER SUMMARIES AND ANALYSES 4 Prologue-Chapter 3 4 Chapters 4-8 8 Chapters 9-11 12 Chapters 12-15 16 Chapters 16-20 19 Chapters 21-Epilogue 22 MAJOR CHARACTER ANALYSIS 27 Malala 27 Ziauddin, Malala… She recalls that in late 2001 there was a big commotion in the village because of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States. He is determined, optimistic, and hardworking. Rita_Lacy. Malala talks about missing her home. He became VP of the Swat Association of Private Schools. Chapters 16–18, - Chapters 13–15, -

3/16/2015 7 Comments Malala and her family settle in to their new life in Birmingham.
. Who was Malala's father's partner in opening the school?

Part II: Chapter 15 - Part III: Chapter 16. Prologue, -

Malala sometimes wishes she was back home in her old classroom, with no computers. 2/14/2017 09:03:37 am.

The story of Ziauddin's involvement in the protests over Rushdie's The Satanic Verses shows this. He tried to discuss the issues with the book and persuade his fellow students to take a more peaceful, critical, confident path. Malala notices for the first time that she is being mocked for what her cousins consider her "city ways," like wearing shoes and reading books. Web. Ziauddin became involved in student politics as student organizations were no longer banned. She moved in with Malala's grandfather and uncle; He was horrified. Malala's mother attended school until age six. Course Hero. Chapters 19–20, - When the initial partnership for the school ended, who became Malala's father's new partner? Malala's family is very poor by western standards, but they are relatively wealthy and cultured compared to the people of her grandfather's village. Chapters 21–22, -

How did Hidayatullah react to her move to Mingora? Malala Skyped with a friend from her old home. They are also the values he encourages in Malala. Retrieved November 12, 2020, from While Ziauddin was in college, Pakistan elected a woman named Benazir Bhutto as prime minister. How did Malala's father respond when the official of schools expected a bribe in exchange for registering the school? His partner was distracted by random visitors, and his partner wanted to fine random visitors.

5/9/2018 03:56:02 pm. Malala describes visiting her grandfather in his village. Malala notices how women are treated in the village. Chapter 33: This New Place. Chapters 7–8, -

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