Every actor brings his A game and augments the story in leaps and bounds. Who is the murderer? Kim Kyu Chul as Park Young Chul Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (KBS2) I Remember You (also known as Hello, Monster) tells the story of a criminal profiler (Seo In Guk) and a cop (Jang Na Ra) who investigate crimes while trying to solve a mystery from their past that changed the course of their lives. I didnt see this interesting. I cannot forget to say that I just simply loved the OST, especially the one they play in their romantic moments. I think our writer is alluding more to the “emotional let down” because the drama made it seem like its building towards a resolution, only to find out that there is none when you get to the end. Lee El as Kang Sung Eun i will be watching this! The script writer paid lot of attention about it, and kind of like the conversation in the drama, using lot of Pun, very tactful in using language. Of course, Do Kyungsoo deserves much praises after playing his character spectacularly, yet again. Its cliff hanging… i want to know what will happen to min. Use the HTML below. Shin Dong Mi as Yang Eun Jung It was obviously an independent Film Festival entry. Honestly, I began to develop a liking to Joon-ho so much that at the end, I wished they won’t be able to catch him (which they didn’t, btw). give us more :'(. The drama, all in all is awesome. Park Bo Geum played his character so well making me a fan. So..Whts wrong with jang nara’s past dramas….reasons. We get a little less of Hyun and Ji-an playing house, … Continue reading "I Remember You… It’s so thrilling, not boring, jinjja. I like Jang Nara and Seo In Guk! A man who gave up on love. Hush (jTBC) Looking forward for next season.. if have… i hope so.. Seo In Guk! Based on the novel by best selling author, Jodi Ellen Malpas. Two things I particularly enjoy in this drama are the frequent references to quotes or stories, and the games of verbal chess played between our main characters. Esp on ep 10, when he get kidnapped. Title: They want to film about the billionaires and how they made their fortunes.. Summer ... See full summary », Basson has five days to make it to his father's funeral in Cape Town, but needs to complete certain tasks on this trip before he can call the family company his own. 13 & 14 are WOW!. More matured roles for him. Not only was I getting entertained, I was also learning some stuff in  the process. While yesterday’s episode was a chance for us to get a peep into Ji-an’s psyche, today gives us a similar glimpse into Hyun’s sexy mind. OMG Ireally love this drama I’m sobsad cuz i finish it -_- Cant get over for 3 days. There is no comparison. It made me found the gem that is Park Bogum. I just cant bear to see those bromance moments because its too heartbreaking watching park bo gum trying so hard to make his brother remember him. before, i dont like seo inguk for no reason. Flower of Evil (tvN) He leads you to the story and excite the audience with his expression, reaction, spontaneous reaction. September 12, 2018. thank you… PEACE (^_^). I love psychological stuff, and there is plenty of it in this drama! It’s worth watching! But overall, I give it 8.9/10. Sign up to enjoy Asian TV shows and movies, and continue where you left off. At first you’ll think those crimes the police where investigating about where random small cases, but we see as we reach the end that those were all connected and leading us to the bigger picture involving these three characters! I Remember You) is a South Korean television series starring Seo In-guk, Jang Na-ra, Choi Won-young and Park Bo-gum. I could just feel it in my fangirl nerves. Good work to the director, writer, actors and staffs. The story about how a child become pshycophat make me impressed. Omg I am so happy to see them both. Seo Young Joo as Lee Jung Ha Never expected that it will tore me a lot, the brothers story is so damn heartbreaking *tear*, I already knew that Jang Nara and Seo Inguk are great actors, but thanks to this drama I found a new gem, : Park Bogum. Why his foster mother lied to him abt looking for his brother. I think, if the director only focused a bit more on the romance between Ji-an and Hyeon, many would have liked this drama more. ep 1 was nicely done…. I will not change main lead actors. !Saranghae Yo! Wish it’s Monday can’t wait for Episode 5!!!!! @noni Thank you. but i will watch because i am waiting for the truth to be reveled (although it’s obvious) that Jung Sun Ho is David’s brother and Lee Joon Ho is actually Lee Joon Young (D.O.’s character), I really love this drama. Previously known as: 헬로 몬스터 / Hello Monster Hellooo.. no.21..hv u seen most JN dramas b4? 2015 KBS Drama Awards: Popular Actor – Nam Joo Hyuk (School 2015: Who Are You?) know them from the other dramas, from last time~!!!!! I think I understand Lee Min.. why he do that.. 20 years it long time.. On a different note, I especially love the level of team spirit and the feeling of family among our special investigation team; they are all so concerned about each other. The chemistry between our main leads is as hilarious as it is endearing. I really didnt care much for the relationship between seo in guk and jang nara. counting the days until June 22… just miss Seo In Guk and Jang Nara who are both superb performers…, Remember You On youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qtH04NF-iM Add to List. Nice drama. After he returns to south Korea, he’s in charge of a special criminal investigation team. Do You Like Brahms? Although they don’t come as a shock, they do make things a bit more exciting as our hero tries to find out exactly who his brother and the resident psycho Joon Young are. daebak, […] Fuente:  koreandrama. In these episodes of I Remember You, the emotional roller coaster ride becomes very intense. I Remember You kicks things up a notch here by delivering the not-as-big big reveal of who our hero’s brother is and the biggest reveal of who the villain truly is. Directed by Claudia Sparrow. This is certainly a drama worth watching!!! Hello Monster (Korean: 너를 기억해; RR: Neoreul Gieokhae; lit. I’m someone who believes an evil person is evil for a reason. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. She is aware that his father was murdered and his brother disappeared under mysterious circumstances involving a criminal named Lee Joon Young (Do Kyungsoo) -- whom they both want found and incarcerated. And that one would be a fool, to disregard the unknown. The team already looks quite promising with the tough as nails female cop Cha Ji An (Jang Nara), and genius profiler Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk), who recently returned to Korea to seek his lost childhood memories and his missing brother. and Min ah his younger brother? (Source: KoreanDramaOrg) The Uncanny Counter (OCN) You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Amidst the underlying plot of constant vigilance, it’s comforting to see that the drama keeps the murder theme alive by bringing in other cases for the police to solve; it made for a good story with no monotony. I Remember You) is a South Korean television series starring Seo In-guk, Jang Na-ra, Choi Won-young and Park Bo-gum. If you can forgive the disappointing conclusion, I Remember You has an awesome story that is thrilling to watch for the most part. With Stefanie Butler, Joe Egender, Jordan Monaghan, Billy Evans. And imagine, this bunch of pop idol police detectives is assigned the serious task of catching a very dangerous serial killer ! I just recognized one of the actors from Tomorrow Cantabile, a great actor, Park Bo Gum. Ahahaha. Change ), My Korean Language Learning Journey + Tips & Download Links. I so love this drama, a lot of killings, well it’s a serial murderer type of story, but the characters and performance of both lead actors Jang Na Radio and Seo In Guk is just awesome and enchanting!! Could it be Lee Hyun’s younger brother, who’s identity is still sort of a mystery? While other actors did a really good job portraying their characters, he is simply the best out of the bunch in portraying a broken and lonely psychopath — his expressions were very subtle but effective at the same time. The science aspect shows that there is more unknowns than knowns out there, waiting for us to discover. Applause to your good work, I’ve just marathoned this drama for three days. I just finished this drama and I regret not watching it earlier. king face and remember you . just watch and enjoy … dont say bad words to the lead stars … please …. First time am swooning over boy-boy relationship. but after watching this. I’m expecting to see the same character from School 2013 and Mr. Back/Beak. Otherwise, I'd give it a 10, instead of a 9. The 0.1% is only because I’ll have to consider if people would go for a criminal-related story and not focusing on the romance between the lead actress and actor. Details. Im Ji Eun as Hyun Ji Soo Brilliant! No sub but can understand their actions. Although I wasn’t very happy of the ending because it is open-ended, at least neither Joon-Ho nor Min died. Is 1 of the detectives really a part of the murder club? If this not a serious crime, what kind of crime is considered serious then? Why did her boss back up her lie? There is a scene in the third episode where he literally transforms from a smiling, bumbling klutz to a raging killing machine in a matter of minutes. The conclusion of the story is not as emotionally rewarding as I had hoped for. Hollywood arrives en force to Quincy, the small town where the secret Crown Cola billionaires live. My heart broke in the scene when I guess they realized they’re brothers. I am sad to hear that it isn’t doing well ratings-wise because to me this is one of the, if not the best drama of the season. Definitely watching this , Does anyone know what song played at the last scene of these episodes? yet they are so lucky to be classified by Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) as has having average observation skills. We need to see more out of this Producer and Writer. I especially enjoyed how the new cases are used as tools to give us glimpses into our characters’ true natures and intentions.

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