Snickers rippled in the room as she rummaged through the huge shoulder bag she carried for a purse. He did the same with the boiled eggs. You don’t have to always give in to the options you’re presented with. A well-respected speaker began a seminar by showing an audience of 150 people a crisp $20 bill. A group of frogs was hopping through the forest when two of them accidentally hopped into a deep pit. You don’t need the advice from books to buy shoes. Challenge the status quo. Everyone craned their neck to see where it was. Instead, take action to make a change. She looked at the owner and said, “I don’t want to have him for free. The other frogs stood around the pit, and, seeing how deep it was, they told the two frogs that they couldn’t help them–there was no hope. The judge then asked if the farmer uses the scale to measure the butter. In order to overcome challenges, you have to think in ways that you’ve never thought before. Furthermore, think about what you say to people before speaking so you can make sure what you’re saying is supportive. Relate to someone else? After trying over and over, one of the frogs listened to the others and gave up, accepting his fate and falling to his death. But the other frog continued to jump with all of his might. The wise man said, ‘What were you fighting for when you were under water?” The boy replied, “Air!” The man said, “There you have the secret to success. This means that if the pebbles and the sand were lost, the jar would still be full and your life would still have meaning. Turn to people that you know the best as well as professionals in any given market so you can start thinking about what may be better for you. In order to protect the rights of the copyright holder, no portion of this publication may be reproduced without prior written consent. “Anyone travel beyond five hundred miles?” One hand went up as the snickering diminished. A great tool to do this is to join over 1 million others and start your day with the … The pastor escorted Miss Betty Ray in to meet the pseudo-angelic-looking group.

No matter what type of learner you are, you can benefit from an inspirational story that comes with a moral. As butterflies emerge from tight cocoons, it forces fluid from their body into their wings to prepare them to be able to fly. If you don’t give 100% in your relationships, you will always assume your partner isn’t giving 100% either. Asking your child for a prediction helps boost imagination. He began wondering why he was jinxed in such a manner. She asked the owner, “How much do the puppies cost?” The owner replied, “They are all around $50.”. The girl then decided to help get the butterfly out. However, after it was left to boil, the inside of the egg became firm and strong.

Soon bets were being taken as to how long Miss Betty would last with them. Children are hands down very impressionable and sensitive, and there are times when you, as a parent, might not want to accept that a line needs to be drawn, as children need to become independent. The boy proposed that the two of them switch–he would give her all of his marbles if she handed over all of her candy. The professor then poured sand into the jar to fill up all the remaining empty space. He felt he was being cheated and he decided to take the farmer to court. The next morning, they came up with a plan to get out of having to take their test. And while many of us would rather not face adversity, it doesn’t have to always be a negative thing. He finally tried to jump out of the pot, but with water temperature continuing to increase, he didn’t have it in him to make the leap. Week after week, he saw the same elderly woman sitting at the edge of the water with a small metal cage next to her. It was a poor way to finish such a dedicated career that he once had. What are your values and priorities? His father came up with a strategy to try to deter the boy from getting angry so easily. Was she using psychology on them, or was she just plain clueless? Let go of things that are out of your control. Helping others makes us happy because it gives us a sense of purpose. One such lioness was once skirting the jungle when a thorn pricked her paw. In the morning, the wise man and the boy began walking toward the river. If your motivation is weak, your results will follow suit. You can’t blame anyone else if you’re not living up to your potential. The daughter would then need to reach into the bag and blindly choose a stone. “Cool!” Rick leaned back in his chair duly impressed. “And I lived here until I was about your age.”. After doing so, she noticed they were soft. The participants were then asked to go into the other room and were given 2 minutes to find their balloon. Once you say something that you want to take back, it’s impossible and it only creates a mess. The students grew to love her, bleached blonde hair and all. The other neighbour did what was required, but left the leaves of the plants alone to grow as they pleased. The Inspirational Stories placed here have not been presented as 'True' stories. “My parents were missionaries there, and that is where my mother was when I came into the world.”. Squinting her eyes, she smiled at the man in the photo, still seeing the teenage boy in him. He asked his students, “How heavy is this glass of water?”. The students started to shout out guesses–ranging anywhere from 4 ounces to one pound. The banker said he would put two small stones into a bag–one of which was white, and the other black. Submit your stories to for publication. Inspiring and Motivational Short Stories for Children, So, these are some of the best stories that both, you and your child will appreciate. Increasing wrinkles about her mouth and eyes added character to her cherub face. One day, a fisherman came across the pond and was delighted to see the fish. Top 20 Short Moral Stories For Kids All the joy beaten out of him, he was almost in tears.

The hare is not only a beautiful little creature but is known for its speed and cleverness. Being proud, the lioness decided not to ask for help. The plant of the relaxed neighbour had learnt to do things on its own. Make sure you’re able to take responsibility for whatever you’re about to say. Rounding off the list is this beautiful story about three fish. His dad noticed, and told the boy to remove a nail from the fence every day that he was able to keep his temper under control.

She waited and watched the butterfly struggle for hours to release itself from the tiny hole. All rights reserved.

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