Tijuana has had a bad reputation for years and was once considered among the most violent cities, not only in Mexico but in the World. But even though it has a bad reputation still, you don’t see attacks on innocent civilians and the vast majority of people go about their daily business without any problem. Tijuana isn’t just the dangerous border town that it’s made out to be in the news. Heed these Tijuana warnings and dangers to stay safe … In general, yes, Tijuana is a safe place for tourists to visit. Tijuana has a thriving nightlife and fantastic restaurant. Is Tijuana Safe to Travel Alone. Tijuana is perfectly safe to travel alone. Final Thoughts: Is Tijuana Safe? It is the 6 th largest city in Mexico after all. This little covered alley is mostly famous for it’s street art but you’ll … Indulge in amazing street art. But it’s also known for its notorious red light district and high crime rate. How Safe Is Tijuana Really? If you stay indoors during the late hours and trust your instincts, you’ll have a wonderful holiday. Don’t miss out on this exciting city just because of its poor reputation.

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