Taking his training as a chef just as seriously, Gerhard assisted celebrated master pastry chef Jacquy Pfeiffer, founder of the French Pastry School in Chicago, and held pastry chef positions with Charlie Trotter’s restaurant, Waldorf Astoria and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. She is a Texan through and through- born and raised in Brazoria, TX. The # ALSIceBucketChallenge has been accepted for D Bar San Diego | Restaurant (with a $500 donation) and come this monday the water portion will be dominated at D Bar Restaurant Denver! The day he fired his pastry chef and took over, he discovered his true passion. Renew or cancel at any time.
The day he fired his pastry chef and took over, he discovered his true passion. Chef Alex Seidel cooks live for you! Keegan Gerhard (born December 2, 1969) is an American pastry chef and the former host of the Food Network series Food Network Challenge. Chef Keegan Gerhard of D Bar Denver is a familiar face and household name amongst food lovers and food TV lovers. Subsequent to his new found expertise, positions as Pastry Chef with Charlie Trotter’s Restaurant, the Waldorf Astoria and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company ensued. During school Lisa had the opportunity to work in the pristine kitchens of the Houston Country Club and Four Seasons Hotel Houston where her love of pastry was ignited. She stumbled upon D Bar for dinner one night in late July, shortly after the original location opened. After New Orleans, Lisa once again joined the team at the Four Seasons Las Vegas before becoming the opening pastry chef for “Corsa” restaurant at the Wynn Las Vegas. There is excellence all around you. Her most recent venture is “Füdmill”, a commissary bakery collaboration with her husband Keegan and Chef Alex Seidel. Thierry Lefeuvre & Froggy’s – Highwood, IL. In September of 2014, D Bar will move a block down the street and reopen as D Bar Restaurant. “We need to change the way we think as cooks, and have an ingredient focus,” Keegan says. “My college experience was much different than the typical college student. Also chef Keegan and chef Alex Seidel are in business together doing something really unique, tune in to find out what! This is a dinner you don’t want to miss. He trained as a cyclist, but pursued a career in the culinary arts simply to have a mobile source of income that would allow him to train for the Olympics anywhere. Immerse yourself in the culinary sanctuary we call D Bar. But Chef Keegan and his team are hyper-focused on their ingredient’s quality. The d in D Bar stands for drinks, dining, and dessert. “The Modern Eater is blowing the horn for local food, and they’ve been doing it for years. Great Chefs caught up with him in 2001 at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida, where they were producing the Great Chefs of America television series. Great Chefs TV is now offering unlimited access to all of our recipe content via a content subscription service. It’s one of those things in life you can’t help but smile about and being able to make people smile every day is such a simple but wonderful gift.”. In 2003 she continued her career as pastry chef for John Harris at “Lilette Restaurant” in New Orleans . After spending some years learning and growing under Chef Keegan and Chef Lisa, Lauren was elevated to D Bar's Pastry Chef. He has six courses to fill, and fortunately for all of us, two of those are going to be dessert courses!

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