How many rolls of worsted 4 yarn would it take to make the thickness of this one? Just bought “cappuccino” to try this arm knitting blanket! […], […] here Arm Knit a Blanket in 45 Minutes Tutorial simplymaggie Categories Knitting Pattern Post navigation Easy Converse Baby Booties Free Crochet […]. Hi Maggie how many yard of yarn did it take to make this? She has an awesome tutorial about arm knitting blankets that told me everything I needed to know. But CJ is so much bigger than L&T. I too am from the UK and I can’t find anything of the like at a decent price. ), soda or juice, and a cozy blanket for everyone to snuggle up under.

If anyone finds a similar brand, please share! Does anyone know where else I can get it cheaper? Knit a chunky blanket with jumbo weight yarn and garter stitch. I’m new to crafting and want to make this blanket. maggie…if you have to buy several balls of yarn to complete a blanket…how do you transition between each ball during the knitting process? Well my piddly disability check will never cover that cost, so it’s angers me that I will never be able to make one. if anyone can answer thatd be really helpful it’s sort of time senseitive ! I ordered super chunky Stylecraft yarn and it’s just normal size!! I am an arm knitting, needle knitting and home DIY enthusiast! Do you think you could do this with t shirt yarn? Thanks for sharing and keep on sharing. I did not really need to follow the tutorial but I did follow how many stitches she used. Love this project! hmm….

I am posting my blankets, as I make them, on my twitter @JackholeDiary.

Do you think this pattern would work with strips of old blanket cut into lengths? Could never get the hang of it before. Thanks! of blogging. What other minds of yarn do you recommend for this project?

First time arm knitting! I tried it … works like a dream! (Sometimes an extra pair of eyes help!) “We should be eternally vigilant against attempts to check the expression of opinions that we loathe.” by Oliver Wendell Holmes. I’d love to see more patterns! […] took to Pinterest and found THESE instructions, went to the store and grabbed some yarn and started arm […], […] DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters  +  Homemade Beeswax Candles  +  French Knot Constellation Embroidery  +  Color Block Infinity Scarf  +  Homemade Vanilla Extract  +  Tube Bead Necklace  +  Wood & Leather Magazine Holder  +  Arm Knit Throw […], Maggie- PS I used Mondial Express (50/50 Merino wool and Acrylic. In plaats daarvan gebruik je je […]. I gave it a go and, even watching the video over and over at every step, I went from don’t know to done in about 2 hours. So I’m attempting this blanket and cannot figure out why mine is so difficult. This is an easy blanket to start with to learn how to handle that much yarn at one time.

Michael’s doesn’t sell the yarn you used. She has one of the first, and still best arm knitting videos out there. Everyone is obsessed with chunky knit blankets, and it's easy to see why. I am a textile waste collector from Vietnam. I’m late to the game here and just ordered my yarn. […] and nestle into your favorite “spot” (everyone has one).

I’ve looked at a few difficult tutorials and yours is definitely most proficient. i have tried a few times and i keep ending up with a really long loop of yarn at the end of the row. […] Or knit a blanket in just 45 minutes with a great video tutorial from Follow the exact moves I do and it should work.

The artist should be credited at the end and or in the description below my video. I finished my first blanket tonight. Thank you, Hi, hi Maggie, this is a beautiful blanket. But I am going to come up with a better, cheaper Idea, since I have been yarning since I was %, so about 55 years, & the pattern or blanket itself will only be available to low income people. Hi Maggie. If I want to make a blanket for someone who is 5’8″ how much yarn should i buy and how many stitches should i make? Can you help? I want to make sure I have enough. Real excellent information can be found on blog . thank you. First off, I want to say I adore what you do! Definitely double or even triple your yarn if you are making a blanket. 3 – Thanks so much! Maggie,

Hi I am using lions brand quickie and was wandering if I am suppose to remove the black string ? Did you end up trying it? I’m waiting for the yarn to arrive and then giving it a try! (Note: I’m totally NOT suggesting you make that blanket yourself, but if you’re feeling adventurous there’s always arm-knitting?) so I then thought well what if I just knit up one side so I folded it over knitted the two sides together on the edge opened it up and the curve at the bottom was making a perfect foot pouch and it was hugging my legs so it basically was like a sleeping bag without a back.

Hi Maggie, It’s not anywhere near as thick so the blanket won’t be quite the same. […] some time out on the sofa. Maggie, thank you so much for the wonderful video on arm knitting the blanket.

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