Native to Europe, the fan palm is quite hardy and you won’t have to worry about cold temperatures like you normally would for other plants. however, just keep it away from a shaded spot. You go to Home Depot, menards, or Sam’s club right now. 3. FAST & FREE . From shop FreshGardenLiving.

Do you use ferlitizers? Your imagination can go wild and eccentric when it comes to air plant display ideas; these plants are highly versatile and easy to keep!

Learn about the best shade tolerant succulents here. We spoke to the RHS chief of horticulture, Guy Barter. It is particularly delicious when paired with chicken, and can also be used to flavour vinegars and oils, as well as make a béarnaise sauce.

Botanical Name: Ficus lyrata Size: 5-6 feet Fiddle Leaf Fig is a great indoor plant for rooms and offices alike. Once you know how much room to allot to each variety, you can place them in any shape or design you like!

With beautiful green leaves and matching red flowers, desert rose truly lives up to its name and offers a stunning visual appeal. FRENCH TARRAGON – Artemisia dracunculus.

Plants easily grow to 2’ tall. The intense flavour of sage, with its savoury and slightly peppery taste, makes it one of the most widely used and grown herbs in Britain.
Often mistaken for a palm, ponytail Palm is actually a succulent. Its young tender leaves can be used for garnishes, in a salad, in soups and with fish sauce, as well as in sweet, sticky sauces and delicious puddings. Although a hardy perennial, fennel is often sown every year to maintain its crop. Nothing beats cooking with home-grown herbs so we called upon the expert knowledge of RHS chief of horticulture, Guy Barter, and asked for his advice on what herbs are the best to grow in the garden and how we should take care of them to help... 5 THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN GROWING HERBS... 1.

Over feeing can in fact decrease the concentration of flavours. For contrast, try growing the large purple sweet basil too. I also enjoy cooking and having fresh herbs to use for soups, stews and salads.
There is lots of help along the way with a website full of growing tips and information. One of the most popular herbs in British cooking, parsley is an absolute must to grow in your garden. How nice is it to have a plant in the house that is low maintenance and looks beautiful at the same time? 7.

If a hard path of light-coloured, reflective paving can be created, so much the better. Safety: 4/5. The good news is that many large herbs are easy to grow, tasty, and pretty in pots, whether you plant them on their own or combined with other herbs and flowers.

It does really well in low light and can also tolerate lower temperatures.

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