", "The next Ring's far. Throws Loba's bracelet and immediately teleports her to its landing spot. "Time's up and we're not in the Ring.

Where's your sense of style?

She walks behind the banners, at one point she even whips her braid. I couldn't leave so many treasures behind. ", "I'll take your life and your loot.

There'd better be some good loot around here. "You think you're tough? It follows. ", "What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine.

Fixed an issue with Loba’s black market not being pingable. ", "Black Market there. It was the only way I felt true to myself.

In the back of the room is a bracelet, which players can interact with. Still got time to loot. ", "One little fight is no reason to lose your composure. Come see me. Loba herself can take one item from locked. ", "This is it. This one continues the map, showing a massive circular structure connected to the labs, and says "Electrical device? ", "Mmmmm… What treasures will I find here…", "They've got what I want. ", [Solo] "Ten seconds until the Ring closes. ", "Most beautiful things are fragile. If your squad is already geared, a good habit to do with the Black Market Boutique is to drop your current. I've got to move. With her new teleportation bracelet, the most secure and unattainable items were within her reach. ", [Solo] "I'm the Kill Leader. There is a brief animation that plays after you get teleported before you can use your weapon, plan accordingly. Check with. ", "Learn the steps before you try tango with me. ", "One minute until the Ring closes and everything here is gone for good.

The vault at Train Yard is now empty.

After placing down the Black Market, it takes about 4.5 seconds before it can be accessed. ", "We're going to do beautiful things together. I lost count after three", "Whole Squad down. Kill Leader.

", [Solo] "I've got a minute and the next Ring's nearby. ", "Opening shop. Reed was inspired by the video game character Bayonetta while writing Loba's dialogue.

", "Downed more than a few. ", [Far] "That looks like a perfect place to defend.

Come see the merchandises.

Doing so briefly teleports them to a massive hangar full of dormant Stalkers, and they are activated as the player teleports back. More. ", "Pick out something nice for me, won't you?

With this information, Tina Sanchez can be identified as Loba's mocap actress: Nine months before Loba's release, Sanchez tweeted out two images of herself doing mocap work with heels and a stick. I'm the beauty, and... well, you can guess the rest. Place a portable device that allows you to teleport nearby loot to your inventory. However, she learned it was just one of many such factories hidden across the Frontier.

", "You had me in your sights and you couldn't closed the deal.
You definitely should have. Revenge will come, if fortune favors her. ", "The quickest way to a man's heart, it's through his chest. The max distance that the bracelet can be thrown varies based on the following: 71 meters if you're on normal ground levels which is the standard distance.

", "I bet that's a good spot. I honed my skills, and enhanced my methods. Voice of Loba from … I am a thief.

Occasionally, the bracelet can get glitched and stop working after taking. Come on, loot as you go, boys and girls. I do like taking the reins. Let's do it again sometime. And those same feelings grew into opportunity. ", "I'm the Kill Leader.

I can't wait to meet them. That's never happened before. The system tried to erase the tragedy, but some wounds are too deep to ever truly heal. Let's end this. Rumors spread across the Outlands: if you wanted something valuable -and well guarded- Loba's who you go to.

", "I don't want to kill you. It's not you, it's me. ", "This was a match made in heaven, well maybe not for you. But, you're in my way.

Her tactical, Burglar's Best Friend gives her a jump drive that she can use to teleport to higher places or through obstacles. ", "I stopped being afraid a long time ago, you should give it a try. ", "What lovely treasures. A transcript of Loba's conversation with Yoko Zepnewski and Cheryl Amacci. [6] The Syndicate later excavates it in Season 5. ", "What, did I distract you? ", "I'm the Jumpmaster. ", "That was lovely. ", "We'll get along beautifully, just don't touch my things. This one shows the center of the circular structure and says "Jaime says 'capacitor'", "How big is this? At the end of the animation, she uses her Tactical Ability to disappear from the lobby.

", "Brought to your knees by a beautiful woman, don't be so surprised. She also often watched and listened to Shakira's single.

", "I'm the Jumpmaster. ", "We've got 30 seconds to get to the next Ring.

In the mood for some shopping? ", "Hmm, Kill Leader.

The Black Market will be destroyed regardless of how many items were taken before by each Legend.

Fryda and Baron have been close friends since their freshman year of high school.

", "I'm the new Kill Leader. Loba is a Legend that was introduced in Season 5. When Loba was nine, she looked on as simulacrum hitman Revenant killed her family. It should have been you, demonio.

The Black Market has 100 health. ", "Flyer over there. ", "I bet we'll find something good here.

Black Market can be collapsed by its caster by pressing Character Utility Button. A year before the game's launch, there was a, Loba was created by Tom Casiello. Fish's intuition", "Checking supplies over here. If you go down, I'm not carrying you.

I like the sound of that.". Come on, I don't bite.". ", "Wait until you see what I have in store. https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/video-games/Apex-Legends/Loba ", "Gold goes so well with a diamond like me.

This device is similar to banner cards and depicts a map of, April 20 - A second device appears in Sorting Factory. Upon activation, it cannot be canceled (excludes other. This page was last edited on 9 November 2020, at 03:46. I won't go far. I hate to say it, but, looting time's over. ", "Already inside the Ring. Use the ability to force the bracelet down in order to teleport right behind cover. Loba's makeup resembles the bloodstains that were on her eyes when her father was killed. I'll show you.

If your squad mates need a certain type of loot and you don't need anything, select the item(s) for them and drop it.

It releases a large pulse above of itself, which enemies can see. ", "Ooh... Care Package on the way. Items within the radius will be hovered off the ground slightly when the player is using it.

", "The next Ring's far. Now.

Everything changed when she broke into a supposedly impenetrable facility and got her hands on the Jump Drive tech stored inside. Where's the fun in that? You can use the ultimate to loot the contents of a. She was almost able to put her past behind her. ", "We've got a minute until the Ring closes. ", "I've fought nightmares all my life. Spect-hare, Bellona, Wanda, Ravi, Aither, Luluca, Hazel, Dominique Baldwin, Abigail Creese, Susie Quinn, This page was last edited on 9 November 2020, at 15:28. The same day, Loba begins appearing in the background of the lobby screen.

100+ meters if you're on high ground places such as towers or buildings, maxing out distance. ", "A powerful woman knows what she wants. So was her dream of living the high life. I'm glad we could come to an agreement.

", "The girl with a cold hard cash is always Miss Right. A lone wolf with a bite.

I don't do hand-me-downs. ", "You drive a hard bargain. ", "Someone's already been through here. None of you scare me. A hologram left by Loba taunts players, daring them to find her.

", "Care Package over there... just waiting to be opened.

Climbing will cancel the animation of the bracelet. ", "Care Package over here. Don't leave anything good behind. Loba's in game model is created by Patrick Yeung, who previously worked as a character artist on the Avatar film franchise. ", "We've got 30 seconds to be somewhere else if we don't want to get cooked.

Use this passive ability to inform your squad mates the location of loot in the area. When developing Loba, the developers thought of, Loba was a turning point for the writers of Apex Legends.
", "What do you get for the girl that has everything?

", "You can't take it with you because I'm taking it with me. While the bracelet is in midair, you can force it to drop straight down. ", "Goodnight beautiful. Tina Sanchez's input was reportedly instrumental and vital to Loba's look, style, personality, and story, ever since Loba first got pitched. She started with picking pockets and as her skills improved, Loba used every tool at her disposal to lift herself from the gutter. Loba dislikes robots due to her childhood experience with Revenant. Desperate to find a way to kill him, she found out the truth about the Simulacrum with help from her friend Jaime and successfully sabotaged a facility full of Revenant bodies, bringing Skull Town and Thunderdome crashing down in the process.

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