There are three chief varieties.

The four-centered arch has been considered peculiar to England; but it was common enough in Flanders at the same time it was in England. springer: lowest stone of an arch or vault rib. ELLIPTICAL ARCHES.—It may be doubted whether any true elliptical arches ever occur otherwise than accidentally. The point where the vertical support for an arch (or vault) terminates and the curve of the arch (or vault) begins is called the spring line. Arch. 1 The line connecting the points of springing is sometimes called the springing line.

POINTED ARCH.—Of the antiquity of the pointed arch in the East there can be no question; in many districts it is as much the normal form as is the semicircular in the Romanesque of Europe. The first variety is the four-centered, or Tudor, arch. Decoration takes the form of trumpet-shaped, inverted semicones of masonry in fan-like shapes, enriched by tracery and ~TildeLink() equally in all directions.Feather Edge ... CallUrl('freepages>rootsweb>ancestry>com<~wakefieldhtml',0), Spandrel - area between top of a column or pier and the apex of the arch ~TildeLink() from it.Spiral Stair (Corkscrew, Turnpike) - a circular staircase - the most economical, if not the most convenient to use, method of accessing upper floors in a vertical tower; also, easier to defend. A trefoliated arch is a trefoiled arch enclosed in a pointed arch. A springer is an architectural term for the lowest voussoir on each side of an arch.Since it is the bottom-most element of the arch, it is where the arch support terminates at the respond. Camber arch is a name sometimes applied to the arch just described, or sometimes to arches with a slightly greater rise, such as 1 inch per foot of span. Besides the trefoiled, there is the cinquefoil arch, with five lobes or foils, and the multifoiled arch, with several. The upper part of the pier or abutment where the arch rests—technically, where it springs from—is the impost. CallUrl('www>castle>lvhtml',0), K Keystone V Wedge-shaped arch stones (vous-soir) S ~TildeLink()s or skewbacks C Crown (highest part of an arch) H Haunches (sides of the arch) ... CallUrl('www>uen>orgshtml',1).

It is used in India on a vast scale in those domes which are constructed by corbelling. The ogee arch, like the pointed arch, may vary greatly in form, according to the character of the arch whose curve is reversed to give the upper part of the ogee, and according to the length assigned to the upper curve. a person or thing that springs4. Each of these subarches, or rings, of which the whole compound arch is composed, is called an order. 9) is one that does not spring directly from the imposts but is raised, as it were, upon stilts for some distance above them. The top of the springer is known as the skewback. - Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture, Ed. CallUrl('sussexparishchurches>org

The springer is the lowest voussoir on each side, located where the curve of the arch springs from the vertical support or abutment of the wall or pier.[1]. The intersection or groin formed by the two 20-feet arches is shown by the line a j b, that of the 20-feet and the 16-feet arch by the line k I i. The springer is the lowest voussoir on each side, located where the curve of the arch springs from the vertical support or abutment of the wall or pier. The springers usually have one or both joints horizontal.

From the Catholic Encyclopedia. The separate stones which compose the curve of an arch are called voussoirs, or archstones. This section is from the book "Notes On Building Construction", by Henry Fidler. Stone laid on top of a wall from which an arch springs (it's also a season), - is created by fans, for fans.

CallUrl('www>churchmonumentssociety>orghtml',0), ~TildeLink(): Needs definition squinch : An arch, or a system of concentrically wider and gradually projecting arches, placed at the corners of a square base to act as the transition to a circular dome placed on the base. by Cyril M. Harris. springing pointThe level at which an arch or vault rises from its supports.View Site reports using this term. COMPOUND ARCHES.—If the arch needs to be unusually strong, it is better to construct two independent arches, one on the top of the other. This arch is the pointed. The keystone is the centre stone or masonry unit at the apex of an arch. The blocks may be of stone or brick, cut to. The lowest voussoirs are called springers. Another variety of arch struck from three or four centers is the ogee arch. In this the center is in the middle of the diameter. 6. A double springer is a gabled stone from which spring two adjoining arches.View Site reports using this term. Abutments are the bodies supporting the arch, and from which it springs. In France, the ogee arch does not seem to have come into general use till late in the fourteenth century. OGEE ARCH.—As the upper curves of this arch are reversed, it cannot bear a heavy load, and it does not occur in pier arches. The cinquefoil is usually later than the trefoil arch. The upper surface of the springer, against which the first voussoir of the real arch (that is, in which both joints radiate) starts, is said to be skewbacked; the uppermost or central voussoir is called the keystone. Next to the use of diagonal ribs and flying buttresses it was the greatest improvement introduced into medieval architecture (Francis Bond). 12, 13) is one of which the axis or centre line is oblique to the face. Frequently the only way known of roofing these was to pile flat stones on one another, i.e. Discharging arches,1 or Believing arches, are those which are turned over lintels, or over any parts of a structure which it is desired to relieve of weight, so as to relieve them from the weight of the wall above. Or it may be constructed in three separate rings. A double springer is a gabled stone from which spring two adjoining arches. The pointed arch is stronger than any other kind of arch; it has a more vertical and a, less lateral thrust than a semicircular one. Springer : The lowest voussoir or arch stone. Groined Arches.

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