You can try and see how unlucky you are. Share this post. It was a fun game but screw doing that all agian honestly. Instant death. i thought it was a bug as well, but if you look in your garage in the armor section you will notice the middle one is locked, you have to complete the beat to quarters mission. Once you have completed the online challenge make a backup save. Once you complete that, you'll start 0/191 for "Reaper Of The Harvest". EVERYTHING has green checkmark when I hit x inside gutgash.. stockpile.. everything.. yet it only shows 3 gears instead of 4 when hitting 'x' .. If the number is equal, you are good, if not, either start from the earliest save if you have one or restart the whole game. how do i get this up without waiting 2-4 … The Mad Max Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Hey guys, thanks for the tips here. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It explains why I always failed in math. I'd check it ASAP, so you don't waste 70 hours for nothing like me. reaper should show up at 0/191 after finishing picking the carcass 18/18. That too, the container in Pink Eye's territory that is glitched is something you should check too OP. I'm so mad and sad... At the end, I started all over again and as soon as I got to Pink's territory I headed to the damn place marked on the map and this time there was no Bug. If you have to restart, you have to restart all of the challenges. Did I screw up and it's glitched? I don't think it was a very common glitch in the first place. I had a trophy glitch on me years ago that i wasn't prepared for and that was clearing all camp objectives. Just want to make sure I didn't screw up anything before proceeding. The unlimited scrap chest is a glitch currently appearing in all versions of the game. I feel like I’m at the mercy of the trophy gods. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The number should be always equal if you combine the other locations challenges. It's a shame this game has this Bug and people have a 50% chance of getting stuck and be forced to start all over again or just send the game to fuck off. Well, there's people reporting being stuck at 190/191 scavenging locations despite doing everything, seemingly at random. 2. For container glitch, you can search on youtube to get in. Nobody knows for sure what causes the glitch. I did all the camps and all the optional objectives but didn't get that trophy. Sign up for a new account in our community. I died when looting a scrap camp and found out after 60 hours that it was bugged. my main worry is the 170/171 scavenging glitch which might be tied to the game breaker. Found a workaround to this glitch. what’s the point of the new cars if I did everything already? I'm pretty sure it's just dying while the game is saving that triggers the glitch, make sure you have different save slots and load up a old save file if the glitch happens. It allows you to collect an unlimited amount of scrap from a scripted event Max triggers after talking to the Wastelander located directly South of the Survey Balloon in The Heights. I found on a website where the scavenging bug is potentially related to you dying while the game autosaves after you 100% a location. finished the locations this morning (just cleaning up the lists tomorrow and through the days ahead). All rights reserved. That number should be equal to the locations I completed in the statistics. The 190/191 glitch. Only took about 2-3 minutes to react to me but it's worth giving it a go for the time it could save you in restarting a playthrough. I think as long as you have backup after completing scrap crew, got right stats for Reaper of the harvest, and still have some convoys on Gutgash then you are safe. So i got everything done except "Dividend: Collect 2000 scrap from scrap crews" which still says 4xx/2000 after almost 60 hours of gameplay. When I got the plat the scrolls or whatever those red things were called you have to break two of them didn't register when I broke them and they were marked as complete on the location or outpost I broke them at. However, it might glitch out and not react to the harpoon, thunderpoon or the crowbar. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Have you tried that? Yea, hopefully. Gutgash Stronghold Glitch? The glitches can still happen to some people but from playing this game when it originally came out to playing now they definitely ironed out alot. For Stick it to ya challenge, I was using Gutgash's convoy because need to clear threat on Pink eye and Jeet territory for archangel build. Hey guys, thanks for the tips here. It's easy! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The Glitch: The game wants you to go to Gutgash's territory and build a car model called the Jack. Always check your statistics and how many number of locations you have completed in Reaper of the Harvest out of 191. I have this glich also.. What is up with that? Loading... Close. In the stats I have 227 scavening locations done, the challenge stopped at 190/191. BTW I appreciate everyone's help with my previous posts, it really helps seen as I'm a noob to Mad Max, but I'm enjoying it a lot! RIP plat. So lets say that I currently have 67/191, add 18(Picking the Carcass)+13(What's Yours Is Mine)+5(Low Hanging Fruit) equals 103. After triggering the event Max will find the jump which leads to the chest in northern Grandrise, the jump is easily identifiable on the map. Yes. I was particularly scared of this bug so when I would 100% a location I would freeze and not move and wait for the TWO autosave icons to disappear in the top right of the screen. before the server shutdown: Edit: Didn't saw the comment after. It can not be another one ? People seriously trying to loot during a fight? I cannot stress enough how it must feel for people having to replay 50 - 60 hours of the game because of a glitch. Spaz 11,057 ... 60 hours of the game because of a glitch. I'd … Takes about 5 seconds for both. For me is only missing the Gutgash Stronghold in biography, very strange. Remember to check what links here and the the page history before deleting. Grinding and looted all again no was fun, but I refused to lose this platinum. Greetings. Guess I was lucky. The worst part for me is i had just around 20 scavenging locations left until platinum... i know the spot you are talking about and i had the same problem. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. Thanks everyone for the tips and advice it helps out a lot, I am literally just at the beginning of pink eyes territory so I will check the container you guys mentioned.

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