[7], Articles related to municipalities in Manitoba.

Stay Connected. [4] Municipalities that can be formed under this legislation include urban municipalities (cities, towns and villages) and rural municipalities. [15], In Manitoba, an urban municipality may be named a town upon formation.

[3], Of Manitoba's 37 urban municipalities, 6 have populations less than the current minimum population requirement of 1,000 and 20 have less than the current minimum density requirement of 400 residents per square kilometre. E F

Manitoba is the fifth most populous province in Canada with 1,278,365 residents as of 2016 and is the sixth largest in land area at 552,371 km2 (213,272 sq mi). Manitoba is the fifth most populous province in Canada with 1,278,365 residents as of 2016 …

[6][7] The Municipal Act and the Local Government Districts Act stipulate governance of these municipalities. Many municipalities previously under the minimum population were required to amalgamate by the Government of Manitoba's Municipal Amalgamations Act enacted in 2013.

The cities of Portage la Prairie, Selkirk, Steinbach and Thompson were originally incorporated as towns.

[4] The Local Government Districts Act, enacted in 1987, allows the formation of local government districts as another municipality type. [3] These 10 cities include Flin Flon, of which a small portion is located within the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan. The cities of Dauphin, Morden and Winkler were originally incorporated as villages and each also held town status prior to acquiring their current city status.

[3] The largest municipality by land area is the Rural Municipality (RM) of Reynolds at 3,572.13 km2 (1,379.21 sq mi), while the smallest by land area is the Village of Lac du Bonnet at 2.15 km2 (0.83 sq mi). These totals represent 70.5% of Manitoba's population but only 1.2% of its land area. This population does not include 203 in the Saskatchewan portion of Flin Flon. Statistics Canada divides the RM of Mountain into two parts.

T U V D [7] For municipal statistical purposes, Mystery Lake is considered a rural municipality while Pinawa is considered an urban municipality. [4], Combined, Manitoba has 37 urban municipalities comprising 10 cities, 25 towns and 2 villages.

Its renaming occurred on January 1, 1977. The Village of St-Pierre-Jolys originally incorporated under the name of the Village of St. Pierre.

The rural municipalities of Alexander, Alonsa, Armstrong, Fisher, Grahamdale, Kelsey, Mountain, Park, Piney, Reynolds and Stuartburn were originally incorporated as local government districts. [3] These totals represent 23.6% of Manitoba's population and 18.4% of its land area. The towns of Altona, Arborg, Beausejour, Carberry, Carman, Lac du Bonnet, Melita, Niverville, Powerview-Pine Falls, Ste. GeoBase.

Search W X G H I J [11] Winnipeg was incorporated as a city a few weeks later on November 8, 1873. K L

[12], Manitoba's Municipal Act, enacted in 1996, defines urban municipality as an incorporated "area with at least 1,000 residents and a population density of at least 400 residents per square kilometre. N

Related Sites Canada Map Sales. [1] Manitoba's 137 municipalities[2] cover only 20% of the province's land mass yet are home to 94% of its population. B All of these were incorporated as urban municipalities prior to the Municipal Act being enacted in 1996.

[10] It was incorporated on September 27, 1873. Large detailed map of Manitoba with cities and towns Click to see large.

The province's largest and smallest rural municipalities by population are the Hanover and the Victoria Beach with populations of 15,733 and 398 respectively. R S [3] The province's largest and smallest rural municipalities by area the RM of Reynolds and the Victoria Beach with land areas of 3,572.13 km2 (1,379.21 sq mi) and 20.26 km2 (7.82 sq mi) respectively. [9], Over half of Manitoba's population resides in the City of Winnipeg, the provincial capital, with a population with 705,244. Association of Manitoba Municipalities. Y Z, Maps produced before the January 1, 2015 municipal [22], Manitoba's Local Government Districts Act, enacted in 1987, defines a local government district (LGD) as "an area or areas that is or are wholly or partly in unorganized territory or in a disorganized municipality" with inhabitants.

Anne, Stonewall, Teulon, Virden and Winnipeg Beach were originally incorporated as villages. C [3], In Manitoba, an urban municipality may be named a village upon formation.

[3]|suf1=[14] The province's largest and smallest cities by land area are Winnipeg and Dauphin with land areas of 464.33 km2 (179.28 sq mi) and 12.61 km2 (4.87 sq mi) respectively.

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