To apply for Medicaid in New York, seniors can apply in person at their local Department of Social Services office, or alternatively, they can call their local office and apply via phone. h�22�T0P���w�/�+Q0���L)�624���T��$���� �WC As of 2020, the community spouse can retain half of the couple’s joint assets, up to $128,640, as the chart indicates above. In addition, the application process can be quite complicated and assistance with the process may be welcomed. Their household size will be determined using federal income tax rules, which are very complicated. is a free service provided by the American Council on Aging, What is the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program, local Department of Social Services office, 2020 New York Medicaid Long Term Care Eligibility for Seniors, $15,750 for applicant & $128,640 for non-applicant, Medicaid Waivers / Home and Community Based Services, Regular Medicaid / Aged Blind and Disabled. Once one has paid down their excess income to the Medicaid eligibility limit, Medicaid will kick in for the month.

?$(���x����@��:2�� �;O��̪s�zh����0呆�����k̨%8eZf^ �-7fRh�8�C�E��h7�Ib%�G��u"b�FY��Sc� �������� This site is for information purposes; it is not a substitute for professional legal advice. If one is found to be in violation of the look-back period, one will be penalized with a Medicaid penalty period, meaning one will be ineligible for Medicaid for a period of time. New York Assisted Living Program (ALP) – ALP pays for services in assisted living for seniors who require a nursing home level of care. By working with a Medicaid planning professional, families can employ a variety of strategies to help them become Medicaid eligible. Medicaid for the Disabled, Aged or Blind (DAB) is also known as NON-MAGI. ��_o��ДUH����sکp������ߞbS}�!�� ��]�\����a�yz���s;��Q�N�`�����j6+_�;�d��@ m�H��*˽ �d�%!�+P���R��u�����0z���Aq�$}h����9�3*�.`����D�|J�3��L�,��fe����,%��Q"FQ��)��>S�l4�D�%�&%j�`��Er&�"��� ��}��)�L��wʎc�&�m�� �աP���$�5ǻOg������@�cI�S�I�����׋�c ��?�p� ݔ׋��p�L�pV *oض��lQ�Cr�����k�����_�=���Y�T�w�]����z�C�_�W���7���}Q��v���ԟ�߯?�s��_�ઑ�݃���X���G�I�/����/\�p�j�{��a\xٛG9G���i�}w�Ӛ��5�����X=�=�ֆ��q�2BR w��{x��T�%��A UDd�3��CT���2�Y�W���u���$X!B�J8��M�����޺v�P�hmƼ�d�*�&Ƶo�xl8O�3���$ju��16ѭv �C�bt�dآ/����V #���)t�t,A4��>�L"�4c�=���$ Y���� )�` That said, an important change is coming January 1, 2021; the Look-Back Period will be implemented for home and community based long-term care services (formally referred to as Community Medicaid in NY), such as home health care, adult day care, personal care assistance, and assisted living services. For married couples with just one spouse applying for nursing home Medicaid or a Medicaid waiver, a portion of the applicant’s income can be transferred to the non-applicant spouse (also referred to as the community spouse, the well spouse, or the healthy spouse). New York Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) Program Waiver – MLTC is intended for seniors who require a skilled nursing facility level of care, but who prefer to live at home or in an assisted living facility. Countable assets (often called resources) include cash, stocks, bonds, investments, vacation homes, and savings and checking accounts. Medicaid for adults between ages 21-65 who are not disabled and without children under 21 in the household. endstream endobj 252 0 obj <>stream It is vital that one does not give away assets or sell them for less than fair market value in an attempt to meet Medicaid’s asset limit. See 18 NYCRR 360-4.2,  MRG p. 573,  NYS GIS 2000 MA-007. It did not allow "spend down" of excess income. Read more or connect with a Medicaid planner. See slides 28-49. There are different rules depending on the "category" of the person seeking Medicaid. It was sometimes known as "S/CC" category for Singles and Childless Couples.

For Medicaid eligibility purposes, all income that one receives from any source is counted towards the income limit. This category has now been subsumed under the new MAGI adult group whose limit is now raised to 138% FPL. To learn more about what is counted as income and how Medicaid calculates income, click here. Certain populations have an even higher income limit -. These include Medicaid levels for MAGI and non-MAGI populations, Child Health Plus, MBI-WPD, Medicare Savings Programs and other public health programs in NYS. The income limits increase with the "household size." 2) Medicaid Planning – the majority of persons considering Medicaid are “over-income” or “over-asset” or both, but they still cannot afford their cost of care. This article was authored by the Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program of New York Legal Assistance Group.

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