Some heifers, some steers, and 2 bulls $400 each. 10-12 months. A combination of their exceptional fertility and their extreme calving ease makes it easy for a large number of quality progeny.

Avg weight 381kg.

Savour That Real Flavour. Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management. For Sale: 10 Corriente Cows. Located Cooyar, Qld. Vaquero Trading is a livestock procurement and marketing company offering quality stocker and feeder cattle, as well as products and services, to the industry. In 1593, Criollo spread with Onate's expedition through northern Mexico and the New Mexico area of the United States.

- price negotiable. Loves a pat and a scratch

Store condition with plenty of frame. $8500 plus GST, Two high land Steer 3 year old for sale ,can feed from hand,friendly... asking price for two cows. Want to sell as one lot 100% quiet. Please phone for further information. $970 plus gst each. Classified Ads - Trailers, Trucks, Hay, Pasture, etc. $1,300. 11 hours ago. Calves grow quickly, even on little resources. The Criollo breed is hardy and self-sufficient. The conquistadores also brought Criollo cattle with them to be used for beef, milk and draft labor as they traveled areas of the western hemisphere over the next few years. These cattle originated from the desert country of Andalusia, in southern Spain. Calves have low birth weights and calving problems are virtually non-existent. Browse our inventory of new and used Skid Steers For Sale In New Mexico at Find steers franchise for sale in South Africa! is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. Title Insurance on Mexican real estate is available through several U.S. based companies. 6 months. In 1593, Criollo spread with Onate's expedition through northern Mexico and the New Mexico area of the United States. 2 x heifers $1050 plus gst each. The American Criollo Beef Association is located in Dallas, TX.

45 - Uniform Commercial Red Angus Replacement Heifers - New Mexico, 9 - Black Angus Bred Heifers - New Mexico, 37 - Registered & Commercial Red Angus Heifers - New Mexico, 27 - Commercial Red Angus 4 Year Old Cows - New Mexico, 2 - 3 Year Old Polled Hereford Bulls - New Mexico, 12 - Weaned Charolais Replacement Heifers - New Mexico, 2 - Registered Polled Brahman Bulls - New Mexico, 15 - Registered Angus Cattle - New Mexico, 8 - Registered Angus Bulls - Northern New Mexico, 1 - Texas Longhorn Bull - New Mexico *sale pending*, 2 - Hereford Bulls - 2yr old and 4yr old - New Mexico, 84 - Bred Heifers - A.I.’d to Brown JYJ Redemption - New Mexico, 45 - Angus Crossbred Heifers - A.I.’d to Brown JYJ Redemption - New Mexico, 25 - Registered Brangus Cows - New Mexico, 20 - Cates Corriente Pairs - Cates Ranch, New Mexico, 40 - Brangus Replacement Heifers For Sale - New Mexico, 12 - Quality Commercial Heifers - New Mexico, 6 - Virgin Char bulls 16-18 months old - New Mexico, 2 - Registered Ultra Black Yearling Heifers - New Mexico, 1 - Registered Ultra Black Yearling Bull - New Mexico. Send Photos & Videos; Enhance the Visibility of your Listing Yearling bulls or steers weigh approximately 400 lbs. Vaquero Trading was formed to become part of a vertically integrated family operation which consists of 10 cattle and farming ranches in the northern part of the state of Chihuahua Mexico. Loves a pat and a scratch Approx 30 months Roping Cattle: 13-15 - Ropers - Texas Fresh corriente steers and hfrs. Home » Corriente Cattle for Sale. Page 1 of 1. $825 plus gst each. For enquires, phone call preferred thanks, Jersey pet steer/ bull for sale halter trained loves pats. Site Copyright © 2005-2021 - All Rights Reserved.

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