Pronunciation: m ah k sOrigin: LatinMeaning: the greatestFamous Namesakes: Teen Wolf actor Max Carver, New Girl actor Max Greenfield, the character in children's books Where the Wild Things Are, Mad Max moviesGeneral Overview: Can be short for Maxwell or Maximilian and as a girls' name can be short for Maxine. Dog names like Gryff (short for Gryffindor), Spark, or Buzz, are great choices for energetic, friendly dogs. Shortened to Ernie, it's half the Sesame Street duo Ernie and Bert. Just make sure to get her a pink dog name tag to go with her image! Angela Mastrodonato created  Upswing Baby Names to celebrate names on the upswing. Try to come up with an interesting variation of the name you already like, or pick something unexpected. What it does have is at least two style-markers: the similarity to hit-name Henry and the V found in fashionable names like Calvin, Everett, and Oliver. 13 Responses to “Quirky Vintage Nicknames for Boys: Huey, Louie and Howie”. Pronunciation: l EH n er d Origin: GermanMeaning: brave like a lionFamous Namesakes: Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy, composer Leonard Bernstein, singer Leonard Cohen, Leonard from The Big Bang TheoryGeneral Overview: Leo is a cute short form or Lenny, as in singer Lenny Kravitz or comedian Lenny Bruce. Pronunciation: s IH d n ee Origin: FrenchMeaning: wide island in a river, a name for Saint Denis Famous Namesakes: Actor Sidney Poitier, director Sidney Lumet, writer Sidney Sheldon, hockey player Sidney CrosbyGeneral Overview: A unisex name that can be shortened to Sid, though the girls' name is often spelt Sydney, like the city. There are 2 Howards in my son’s Kindergarten grade. Which of the following names do you like most? Get the latest news from Petcube about pet care, rescue and funny videos. Looking for dog names for girls that are incredibly smart? I mean using science to name your dog! Preferably … Personally, I love when I see a Newfoundlander or Saint Bernard with funny puppy names like Tiny, Hobbit or Mini. – Can be shortened to Al (Weird Al Yankovic), Alfie, Freddy, Freddie (Freddie Highmore) or Fred (see also Frederick). Pronunciation: ER n uh s t Origin: GermanMeaning: Unsurprisingly, it means earnestFamous Namesakes: writer Ernest Hemingway, actor Ernest BorgnineGeneral Overview: There is the Oscar Wilde play The Importance of being Earnest. Alfie was my dad’s nickname when he was growing up, his name is Alfred. Although names that are one in a kind can end up being bad dog names in the end, it doesn’t mean you have to choose an unoriginal name for your pooch. Charlie is a female character on Supernatural and just sounds feminine to me, Charles for a boy but Charlie sounds like a girl to me. Pronunciation: V IH n s AA n t Origin: LatinMeaning: Like Victor, it means to conquerFamous Namesakes: painter Vincent Van Gogh, actor Vincent Price, the real first name of rocker Alice Cooper, one of Mary and Frederik's childrenGeneral Overview: Alternatives are Vin, Vinny, Vinnie (like actor Vinnie Jones), or Vince (like actor Vince Vaughan). Some say it is from the words for sea and moor i.e. Pronunciation: K L IH F er d Origin: EnglishMeaning: A combo of the words for cliff and fordFamous Namesakes: Rapper T.I. Howie is an unusual first name for men but a very prominent surname for all people (#6871 out of 150436, Top 5%). You can’t go wrong with these timeless classics, especially if your pooch brings out your nostalgic side. She is a big-time name watcher, and has a growing list of names she watches by tracking their popularity each year. All Rights Reserved. 's real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr, book character Clifford the Big Red DogGeneral Overview: This name is seen much more shortened to Cliff, like British singer Cliff Richard. Each country and culture have rich history that could serve as inspiration for naming your dog. There is a character called Melvin in the Captain Underpants books. But I like all three! Pronunciation: AE NG g uh s Origin: GaelicMeaning: one choiceFamous Namesakes: AC/DC's Angus Young, Two and a Half Men's Angus T Jones, actors Angus Maclaren and Angus Sampson, singer Angus StoneGeneral Overview: Quite nice when shortened to Gus. Last year it reached #233. 16 names similar to Howie. Anonymous. See our Cookie Policy for more details. Pronunciation: eh m eh t Origin: HebrewMeaning: TruthFamous Namesakes: Irish actor Emmett J. Scanlan, there are characters called Emmett in Twilight and Legally BlondeGeneral Overview: The male form of Emma, it can also be spelt with one t. Pronunciation: m AE l k uh m Origin: LatinMeaning: an Irish name from the Latin for doveFamous Namesakes: Former PMs Malcolm Turnbull and Malcolm Fraser, activist Malcolm X, actor Malcom Macdowell, TV show Malcolm in the Middle,General Overview: Can be shortened to Mal. Middle Name Generator Middle Names for Howard. The female version Eugenie is probably much cooler now, thanks to a famous British princess. The only ones I really like are Louie and Marty. Pronunciation: jaw r jOrigin: GreekMeaning: farmer, earthworkerFamous Namesakes: Beatle George Harrison, Prince George, George Clooney, composer George Gershwin, singer George MichaelGeneral Overview: When little you can call them Georgie. Jamie is the name of my best, female, friend and she is a little older than me. There’s no need to buy dog collars with a flag print if the name says it all! I do like Eddie on a guy, though. (If they said you can’t teach a lazy dog new tricks, they might have been onto something...). I kind of like Marty on a girl too. Pronunciation: H AE R uh l d Origin: NorseMeaning: ruler of the armyFamous Namesakes: Missing Australian PM Harold Holt, Lost actor Harold Perrineau, Neighbours character Harold Bishop (played by Ian Smith) General Overview: Nicknames are Hal and Harry. Thanks to Nameberry and Babycenter for helping with the meanings. In fact, if the word “uncle” seems a natural fit before your choice, that’s a fair test that it should be on a list of old boy names. Wondering what does AKC mean for dogs, at least in terms of choosing a name? Petcube uses cookies to personalize content and ads on our website, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. Pronunciation: M IH L t n Origin: EnglishMeaning: Most likely a combo of words mill and townFamous Namesakes: Comedian Milton Berle, the chocolate guy Milton S. Hershey General Overview: Although it can be shortened to Milt, you might want to check out the cartoon Milton the Monster before settling on this name for your kid. Here is a full list of middle names that go with the baby name Howard. I don’t think of Alfie as a name but a nickname, I also don’t like the name Alfred but my dad my have to do with that. It makes those big doofuses look even more adorable than they are! Tips For Choosing Boy First and Middle Name Combinations. », Finding a dog walker can be tough. Now, THAT is too cute! But, if you like strong dog names that go perfectly with gentle giants, consider naming them Khan, Hodor, Atlas or Bear. Pronunciation: l OO ih s Origin: GermanMeaning: famous warriorFamous Namesakes: British documentary maker Louis Theroux, Prince Louis, trumpeter Louis Armstrong, designer Louis VuittonGeneral Overview: A right royal French name, it can be shortened to Lou, as in The Incredible Hulk's Lou Ferrigno. Pronunciation: h AA r v ee Origin: EnglishMeaning: battle worthyFamous Namesakes: actor Harvey Keitel, producer Harvey Weinstein, Harvey on SuitsGeneral Overview: It's French version is Hervé, like Fantasy Island's Hervé Villechaize. We need a middle name to go with it though. and all he can say is "Because it sounded good at the time", Howard Evan for me. Frank is a main character in TV series Shameless. Some dog name generators offer the possibility to choose if the list of dog names will be inspired by a book or a TV show, or even by your favorite meal. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Finding just the right first and middle name combinations can be even tougher. I like the name Harvey but with Harvey all over the place it annoys my fiance that no one can get a simple “Harley” right, which should be easy considering Harley Davidson and the popular motorcycle association but no…. Considering all that scientific data, names like Fen, Dash, Eve or Fleur are a perfect fit! More dog names inspired by looks: Grey, Fluffy, Shaggy, Woolie, Sleek, Ebony, Jet, Charcoal, Freckles, or Spotty. The Psycho character Norman Bates. I couldn’t mention science without adding sci-fi, and for geeky pet parents, fantasy books and TV shows are a gold mine for puppy names. (2000 U.S. CENSUS) Howie was first listed in 1950-1959 and reached its top rank … By Angela Mastrodonato of Upswing Baby Names. Of course, AKC dog names are usually just used for show and official purposes. Favourite character from a show, Family member that has recently passed (doesn't need to be recent) something meaningful, not just "My name is Howard James" and then asked "why?" What is Lewys? Can also be spelt Rudolf, as in ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, or perhaps you may like Rolf as an alternative. Pronunciation: b uh r n ah r d Origin: GermanMeaning: Strong or brave bearFamous Namesakes: Powderfinger's Bernard Fanning gives the name cred, then there's tennis player Bernard Tomic, businessman Bernard Jean Étienne Arnault and its the middle name of playwright George Bernard Shaw.General Overview: If it doesn't make you think of a Saint Bernard, as in the movie Beethoven, or your mean Aunt Bernadette, you might consider this one. @hermione_vader: I agree – Marty would be so cute on a little boy. More old fashioned dog names: Felix, Archie, Buddy, Lincoln, Milo, Otis, Parker, Quincy and Tucker for males, and Sue, Roxy, Ruby, Gladys, Hazel, Fanny, Dot, Cleo, Cora, or Bonnie for females. Irish dog names as Fergus, Aengus, Murphy, Patty or Molly are perfect choices. Archie was in the bottom U.S. top 100 during the late 19th century. Still have questions? What old man names would you give your newborn? For those large ladies, pick girl dog names that will suit their size, like Athena, Duchess or Valkyrie. No wonder Harvey is a hot vintage revival name in the U.K. Would you like to follow Howie? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. It’s not about stressing over bad or good dog names and worrying that your pooch will have a boring name. More unique dog names: Popcorn, Eclipse, Bitcoin, Fiddlesticks, Vagabond, Jamboree, Blizzard, Tequila, Highway, or Avo (short for Avocado, of course). Pronunciation: f r ae nk Origin: LatinMeaning: from Franciscus, meaning FrenchFamous Namesakes: singer Frank Sinatra, muso Frank Zappa, architect Frank Lloyd WrightGeneral Overview: A short form of Francis, can also be short for Franklin. More nerdy dog names: Beetlejuice, Moony, Padfoot, Legolas, Chewy, Errol, Anakin, Dumbledore, Drogon (Viserion and Rhaegal too! Fanpop quiz: What is Howie's middle name? Trust me, whichever name you choose for your dog, it will be the most memorable one to you. The Victorian nickname trend that’s hot in the U.K. is getting attention in the U.S.—for girls. A popular abbreviation is Stan, as in comic-book giant Stan Lee and tennis player Stan Smith who gave his name to a type of Adidas shoe. You can use a dog name generator, seek inspiration in mythology or your pooch’s looks, or go with the timeless classics. Keep generating baby names and you are sure to find the perfect middle name! Behavioral experts have come to the conclusion that short, one syllable dog names make dog training a lot easier, as dogs respond well to shorter sounds.

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