Reserved with deposit pending weaning.

Miniature Jersey cows are noted for their friendliness, but even miniature Jersey bulls are easy to handle and enjoyable to be with. Willow is confirmed bred with a Fern embryo for May 29, 2021.

( Log Out /  Our miniature Jersey cattle are grown using only natural methods with extra care given to the maintaining of their health for great milk production as well as docile temperaments. **Polling genetics are produced now on the Isle of Jersey in bulls for semen exportation only. In 2013 Molly and Snap both had heifers, May and Merry, sired by the New Zealand bull, Hawthorne Grove Zeus. We have owned and milked smaller standard Jersey cows for 27 years now and have recently turned our focus to the miniatures of this breed. 3) These cattle are still fairly rare in numbers, so they sell for much higher prices. Prices depend on size and rarity. We measure them from the highest point of the hip bone, so the measurements are accurate as to the size of the actual animal. ( Log Out /  No need to add any inches to get the accurate size, as some suggest you do to their stock, to make them appear smaller unless you do the math. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Silver Lake Holly the day she was born and June 2016. The rest are to ... Fresh raw cow's milk from our Jersey. No matter which Jersey size you choose, you will be more than pleased withÂ, * We have added International shipments through LAZCAR INTNL. Heifers and bull calves fed and raised by their dams gain physical and social benefits. Dam-reared calves have shown increased cognitive and learning behaviors.  & Registry and see other pedigree listings including photos, please use the link below. The site is chock full of well researched information on this breed, as well as pictures, breeder contact info, cattle services and more! In 2017 May had a heifer, Topaz, from our bull, Titus, and in 2018 Molly and Snap had heifers, Opal and Amethyst, from our bull, Maximus. 2) You can usually have 2 mini cows per acre of good pasture for every single standard cow. Miniature Jersey cows can be difficult to find. Handmilked daily so that your milk is fresh, or can offer frozen.

” I want your life. Our miniature Jerseys draw from the classic Ralph Martin and Riverview lines. We recently sold SL Bluebell so she is now bringing joy and giving milk to another family. You will view your animal of purchase prior to accepting delivery. The smaller standard cows, standing between 43" - 46" also have some fine points to offer the homestead milker: 1) If hand milking is desired, it is much easier to place a pail or bucket under the udder to catch the milk of a mid-sized or small standard cow.          Miniature Jersey cattle are NOT imported from the Isle of Jersey! we live in a TB and Brucellosis free state. Do the research and you will find the truth. The chances are greater though, if both parents are maintaining their smaller stature at maturity, that you will get some actual miniatures from them when bred together. As well as hybred vigor (Mini and Standard Jersey genetics) to help eliminate some of the common Jersey cattle problems. The delivery went easy and Silver Lake Rose joined the herd. Miss Harlo- left is an excellent light framed easy keeper allowing for plenty of room to milk. ich mean absolutely nothing in this breed! Or visit the: to read further on the documented research that I have done.Â. Silver Lake Ruger the night he was born and May 2016. He maintains the Island Herd Book and knows their history well. Our miniature Jerseys are on pasture all day year round. We do not use terms like "purebred", "fullblood", "heritage", "old world", or especially, "foundation pure", all of which mean absolutely nothing in this breed! Our herd is bred to A2/A2 Polled Mini Jersey bulls.

All of the following cows and heifers were raised on our farm and are + full miniature (less than 42” at the hip) + dam-raised + pasture-raised + A2A2. I have received multiple messages lately from folks seeking a ‘ small mini bovine ‘ and those seeking an ‘ A2’ cow or heifer.

We bought her in February 2014. In 2015 Snap and Merry had heifers, Clara and Pearl, sired by DC Taylor’s Alpha. Our contact information is available on the site. Until there is scientific evidence of the benefit of an A2 cow, I will not even humor the fad by testing–even at request. (SL Daisy, SL Bluebell and SL Rose). Reserved with deposit pending weaning. This is because we do NOT buy cattle from others and then put our name on them to mislead that we are the breeder of those animals. Our primary focus is to offer a small family cow as indicated by our name of page. She has now been successfully bred and calved twice giving us two little heifers. Recent studies indicate that milk from A2A2 cows may be healthier.       The smaller standard sized Jersey cattle have advantages of their own: In the coming months, we may also offer larger small standard Jerseys for those who would prefer a bit taller cow to milk, but not the typical full sized cow of the commercial dairies.

We found she is an easy milker now giving 1-1.5 gallons a day with only a morning milking. *Our breeding stock are chosen on a very strict standard. For the record, although we do own several small miniatures, we do not generally offer them to the public; the majority of the smaller minis are retained by us for building our herd or are sold to well known associates who speak for them in advance of their birth. Our miniature Jersey calves are reared by their dams and stay with the herd. 3) The mid-sized Jerseys are actually more the size of the "old fashioned" Jerseys of yesterday...more like a "heritage" breed. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. 4) They offer the gentle dispositions of the standard Jerseys, if cared for respectfully and handled often.Â, So, when you find just the right cow for your family farm, you will need to move quickly to make your purchase. Quality sells really fast!Â. We do offer small cows in superior health and condition at a reasonable price for the family, but if it is a miniature under 40 inches you seek, you will likely not find it here. Ruger is a first calf for both our heifer Bluebell and bull Remington.

She has now been successfully bred and calved twice giving us two little heifers. This little cow is a long time favorite of many who see her.  Miss Emma was purchased from a dear  friend a few years ago, after purchasing her son and daughter, Frazier's Credentials RIO and Frazier's Trixy.  Trixy, lives here at White Star Farm and is a carbon copy of Emma, so much so that we have to put a collar on one of them to distinguish them in the field from a distance!  Rio is living in Texas, still producing fabulous offspring there. Miss Emma is a very small cow who milks like a dream in the parlor.  She has never had trouble calving or with mastitis.  Her udder is absolutely flawless, in my opinion. Emerald had a bull, Double with Cheese, Sept 27, 2020. Details of each of our cows and heifers are grouped below by sire. **The miniatures under 42" are rarely 100% purebred Jersey, nor full blood Jersey cattle.

It is these two traits that make them so suitable for use as "homestead" dairy cattle. We have selected short-statured New Zealnd sires for our miniature Jersey herd since 2012. The smaller the animal the more expensive. **The breed we have today that we call "miniature" (under 42" at maturity) are the bi-products of breeding down standard Jerseys with either Dexter, Lowline, Zebu, White Parks, Galloways, etc or other smaller polled bulls, to make smaller offspring, which carry the milking genetics and many times the fawn coloration and other traits of the original Jerseys. We were all there to witness it which was amazing. SL Ruger has now been sold and living happily with another family in Ca. Persons interested in any of our available bovines should call the number provided below. deposit is non-refundable as once you send us a deposit, we no longer consider sale to any other interested party.

He maintains the Island Herd Book and knows their history well.

If a cow or bull is not bred and born here at our farm, they will not carry our farm prefix of "WSF" or our name "White Star Farm"...period. We intend to have a herd of about 50 Mini Jerseys and we are well on our way. Some don’t and remain small. Currently we have two mini cows at the ranch. Beware of anyone telling you that the miniatures are imported or are Old World Jerseys! She is, however, our largest foundation stock cow. We offer pure bred Registered mini Jerseys. A2/A2 Mini Jersey Shipped Semen NOW Available!

When we have those, outside of bulls, we keep or offer them to well known farms. She is a purebred mini jersey cow out of Ochwilla Hills Adam and Meadow Beauty Valentine. The delivery went easy and Silver Lake Holly joined the herd. An example of typical occurrence is Blossom, a miniature Jersey who recently sold. In the case of the Jersey cow, what was once a smaller animal producing 2-4 gallons of milk per day and eating very little, has become twice her original size producing more than 10 gallons of milk per day and consuming 2-3 times the feed and resources of the original Jersey.

New Zealand’s dairies have been pasture-based for decades and their Jersey sires offer many advantages. Nature can produce larger offspring (above 42" but less than 44" for cows and bulls) cattle from these smaller miniatures just as easy as miniatures because of keep this in mind. Miniature Jersey cows are noted for their friendliness, but even miniature Jersey bulls are easy to handle and enjoyable to be with.

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