I would say, this is more noticed in IT field and banking industries…Other industries may not be that bad…Years ago, it was a 6 days week in Singapore…with MNCs, the 5 days work week was adopted…so, it could be the mindset change too…. In your experience, is that a true statement? How do you prepare for it? You don’t want to be sitting in cold sweat when you get into the icy air conditioning in any of the buildings in Singapore. Prior to 1965, Singapore was a British naval base in East Asia and its GDP Per capita (GDP / Population) of Singapore was around $500 USD in 1965 and in 2013, it is about 56,000 USD. Ricky Batten from Pacific Prime is Ajarn's resident expert. The shirts still get a little damp from sweat sometimes, but I don’t freeze when I go into air conditioned rooms. I live in USA and I know how valuable they are. Do NOT write hate speech, swear words, or get into fight. Also, what is the time taken in these things. These things you may not notice when you first arrive, but will creep up on your radar as time passes. Just a quick followup. The major advantage when compared with USA is travelling distance & fare to India. Comments are to drive conversation, add your thoughts, experiences, ask questions! He are the schools primarily Middle and High school in Singapore in comparison to USA schools. Your email will NOT be published. Having a light computer was a HUGE priority for me. Even a short walk to your nearby bus stop could start the sweating, so having clothes that will wick your sweat off your skin is important if you tend to sweat a lot. I agree with the stats and I’m actually in crossroads right as I just received an offer in Singapore. Thanks. What are the most common mistakes that teachers make when they are about to embark on a teaching career in Thailand? Singapore DOES NOT have the bumipetera policy so not sure why you raised it about Malaysia and then extrapolate it to Singapore. I probably didn’t need that much space if I really spent more time to cut down on stuff. Algerian, 56 years old. How to search for Apartments? The rent market for apartments is pretty good, and the government tries to keep a handle on it. Best decision ever! When it does rain, it is usually a downpour, so choose one that has good coverage and can stand up to a lot of water. I have one in a small size that is good to keep my cell phone and other small electronics in. Image Credit : https://www.crossed-flag-pins.com/Friendship-Pins/USA/Flag-Pins-USA-Singapore.jpg. I do find it an interesting place, and I am glad I have lived there.

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