Unless he has the best aim in the world, how is he going to hit your mouth while you’re "riding his face"? If it's the easiest way to make make your partner happy, I say go for it. I prefer facing his head, so I can see his face... does it make a difference? Ya. I love it. I think it's more of a respect thing at least for me. (216) 505-8199 Omg!!! first.parentNode.insertBefore(script, first); There was a girl asking about what kinky things people have done a few days ago and she said she posses in her boyfriends mouth then kisses him. If you are willing to try it with him? script.src = 'https://us.commitchange.com/js/donate-button.v2.js'; Letters may be edited and shortened for space. Whether it's a one-time acknowledgement of this article or an ongoing pledge, your support helps keep Cleveland's true free press free. Afterwards I'd rinse off in the shower quick and then fuck her like I was going to prison for life. I'd love peeing on em lol World is filled with variety of people. Join the Cleveland Scene Press Club. His speed increased, he was losing it. Do you like sitting on his face? I heard it tastes good if he has a good diet. We're broken up now and my friend still comes around but he dosnt seem like a real friend he says I would never do that, and then bragged to me the other day about how he hooked up with a chick who has a boyfriend. To be honest, I’m not sure I want to know. Any ideas? Then go for it. But he hates that. Like you, I was very surprised but I thought that it couldn't be that bad so I told him I was going to do it. But he hates that. Just kidding! Only did it a few times. And if you’re being pressured to do it — forget it, and maybe forget the jerk who’s pressuring you. Related: What You Should Know Before You Start Watching Porn. I think we relate the pissing with the female orgasm in my case a love to eat pussy and getting a lot of fluid out of it it gets me the sensation that I done a great job specially since not so many girls can squirt or reach the vaginal orgasm... the taste it’s pretty much similar a the taste of a light beer sometimes a little be sweeter and sometimes very bitter that’s why I recommend you to drink a lot of water or cola would be even better the taste is much sweeter and lighter if you drink a lot of water it would be almost tasteless face sitting is the best way to make it less messy if you can control the flow try not to push it too hard because we can only drink that much even in faster pace so if you push to hard it would all be spealled out Most important is too relax and not to give it too much though about it because if you are nervous it will be very hard for you to do it I think it’s like a psychology involved since for many still taboo but I hope you enjoy doing so I had asked the girls that actually I have done it with and they do like the eating pussy part and pissing gives them a feel of being dominant but I do consider it something very special to be done only with the one you love so if he had the courage to ask you and believe me it is hard to even come up with the question so if he did it means that he is in a next level of intimacy with you and trust you enough to tell you because the taboo aspects of it... so sharing fluids I see it as the next level in a relationship... By this I mean he gives you his cum you give him your Piss kind of thing I hope this can be helpful for you. Smh. Why do the United States and Germany admire and respect each other so much? He has a fetish where he likes to watch women use the bathroom. I think it's super important for the longevity of intimacy in a couple, that you indulge each other's fetishes. Its ok to do it. Other thing, drink a lot of water, it is important. OMG, this is more common than I thought xD. They’re not teenagers—both are in their mid-20s. The truth is, there’s always some risk involved with sending a nude pic if you don’t want others to see it. I've had a boyfriend pee on me in the shower which he really seemed to enjoy but I don't get the appeal, and the mouth? And it feels very good. Tbh though it's usually a guy giving a girl a golden shower. if(document.getElementById('commitchange-script')) return; No. Too kinky and no turn on for me! My boyfriend and I were talking about fantasies/fetishes and he brought up wanting me to piss in his mouth while I ride his face... Im afraid I don't understand the appeal, anyone else like the same thing, or your SO likes it? If you decide to take a picture, maybe you want to take one that doesn’t have your face in it. It was so good. I felt like a goddess. Because No News is Bad News. Do you think I should I do it? © 2020 Cleveland Scene: You also asked why... Well, when I asked him why, he said he thinks it's like the female ejaculation, female cum lol I told him it wasn't and he knows it isn't but he feels like it's female cum and he wants to swallow it too. While we were together I befriended one of his longtime friends (24m, also the long term boyfriend of my best friend) and his first cousin (24m) who he’s always been close with. Taking and sending naked pics is a sexual activity, and just like with any sexual activity you want to first check in with yourself. var script = document.createElement('script'); Here are 12 sure signs your boyfriend wants to spend the rest of his life with you. And, just like you might decide not to have sex at all or you might decide to use a barrier (like a condom) during sex, you can decide how to lower the risks for those kinds of pics.

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