Vitamins, greens, and pro-biotics are also all included in this shake meaning you get a good dose of vitality and energy. They are said to be incredible sources of antioxidants. This was particularly noticeable compared to the other supplements I had tried. Thank you for your comment. This keeps the body energized.

The blend of both prebiotics and probiotics can help with digestion and may also help lower cholesterol which can be associated with diseases such as heart attack and stroke. I don't know. Probiotics are normally recommended after a heavy medication of antibiotics.

This has led to the need for shakeology alternatives. The high amount of proteins makes these shakes good meal replacements.

People who suffer from bloating and gas can find relief in using this enzyme.

These shakes nourish the body with vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Many of the co-factors are missing which can result in bad health.

Evidence is available that ashwagandha may cause miscarriages! 40% is made up of organic plant based protein combined with fiber, greens, and veggies. Those heavy metal reports look scary though.

In shakeology, these are found in brown rice, flax and chia seeds, whey protein isolate, pea etc. Its healthy, high in protein and tastes great. Skeptics have been quick to question the scientific correctness of shakeology.

The Vega One Meal Replacement Shake contains potent ingredients derived from plants.

This combines the goodness of seven superfoods in one container! I personally use Vega one and Amazing Meal on a regular basis and would say that these two are my favourite meal replacement shakes.

Because I can’t find it anywhere when I googled it.

Some customers complained about taste being bland, and recommend you go with either chocolate or vanilla chai. Nutritional qualities that are featured on the label include: Mixed blends are also added, which include: Want to see the Shakology’s full product label? In shakeology, these are found in Cinnamon, pomegranate, green tea etc. You can even add it to a shake full of greens to really get a nutrition overload.


In general, all these alternatives to shakeology are creamy, concentrated, yet low on fat. I also found it is NOT as healthy as it could be. You will see that the price is equal to Shakeolgy, but the quality of ingredients and value is like comparing apples to planets.

If you are eating a high protein low carb diet and combining that with meal replacements shakes you will lose weight if you are operating at calorie deficit regardless if you workout or not. They help in the development of the brain and improve concentration levels. This is why many people turn away from the product, since the amount of nutritional value it contains can be found in other alternatives for a far lesser price. This, along with NSF approval can help you rest assure that the statements and claims are true. Many people battling weight may not be in a position to afford it.

It contains whey proteins, which help in muscle build up, minerals, and a load of vitamins to nourish the body. Whey protein is not organic and grass fed but processed. Antioxidants help regulate high blood pressure and reduce the chances of contracting heart disease among other conditions.

The main function of cellulase is to disintegrate cellulose. However, a few customers recommend that you stick with either the chocolate flavor for the best experience. Thanks for the info and going in depth on the shakeology nutrition facts. As noted above, some of the alternatives are much better than Shakeology in one way or another.

Examples: flax, sacha, chia, inchi, quinoa, pea powder, rice, and oats, Examples: luo han guo, acai, camu-camu, bilberry, goji berry, and rose hips, green tea and pomegranate. According to their website, their whey is “the highest commercial grade available” which sounds good but actually means nothing. It fills you up, energizes you, keeps you regular and has almost all the goodies from the original shakeology.

The protein blend is a combination of plant-based sources, hemp protein, pea protein and sprouted chia seed protein.

Examples: ashwagandha, maca root and chaga, astragalus, schisandra cordyceps,  reishi and maitake, Examples: amylase, bacon root, bacillus coagulants, inverses, lactase, galactosidase, glucoamylase, and cellulase.

At about $50 last time I checked for 20 servings it works out cheaper per serving than shakeology. IdealShape enables one to remain full for 3 hours, therefore, curbing cravings. Vega One also has more antioxidants compared to Shakeology.

Pro-biotics are essential in terms of keeping your gut, digestive and immune system healthy.

You cannot live off meal replacement shakes alone, and neglecting raw nutrients found in foods such as fruits and vegetables is one of the worst ways you can attempt to get healthy or lose weight.

People with carbohydrate intolerance and other allergies can use this enzyme.

Plant based proteins are gaining popularity among weight watchers. This enzyme is responsible for disintegrating lactose.

The Creamy Dutch Chocolate flavor we found is a big hit among people. I love the RAW Meal and also their RAW Protein! Their ingredients list is just about as clean as they come for protein powders, and they always have coupons.

While this may be true, it is important to note that different people burn calories differently. Garden of Life Raw also has 34 grams of protein, which is twice the amount contained in Shakeology.

Omega- 3 fatty acids are inclusive.

Naturade certainly sounds like it could be gatorade’s cousin or long lost relative. However all the shakes listed are great high quality shakes that are healthy and cheaper than shakeology. It also does not contain enough proteins to inhibit hunger and cravings.

Additionally the composition of pea protein in shakeology is less than the recommended amount. So, who makes it into our unique selection of great gifts for 11 year old boy ? IdealShape is also available in bars.

The ingredients are grouped into 4 different categories. These shakes have personally helped me lose weight and can also help you.

Oh boy, someone linked a story from one if the most unreliable website for actual science backed "facts.". These help improve metabolism.

The story behind Orgain is quite inspirational.

The Isagenix Shakes promise to help people lose visceral fat as well as reduce the belly. It’s thicker, has a very healthy nutrients profile and has the hallmarks of a great smoothie. It contains powerful ingredients to improve metabolism. They can as well be used by the older generation who want to strengthen their muscles and to avoid muscle loss.

amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; My favourite recipe is mixing meal replacements/protein shakes in with blue berries, apples and Almond milk.

There are instances when you would prefer one over the other- for example, lean muscles require more proteins and such…. The 18 shake contains loads of vitamins and minerals. It provides 20 grams of raw, organic plant-based protein per serving and has probiotics and enzymes that play an instrumental role when it comes to cleansing the digestive system. Garden of Life

Conclusively, Vega One is a great meal replacement shake that you can order for less than half the price of Shakeology, with much cleaner ingredients. Is Amazing Meal change its brand to Amazing Grass?

That aside, it’s been used for centuries to treat many illnesses not least in reducing swelling and bringing down blood pressure.

Both works, yes, but in the showdown “shakeology vs other shakes”, shakeology alternatives have an edge…their pricing is better, have fewer side effects, are …

In summary Shakeology aims to include all the nutrients your body needs. The Vega protein and greens protein shake is another of my favorites. Depending on the type of shake meal replacement shakes also contain more calories to fill you up and adequately act as meal replacement. The protein blend is a combination of plant-based sources, hemp protein, pea protein and sprouted chia seed protein. Considering the fact that the supplement doesn’t “taste sweet” neither does it mix easily like Shakeology, it’s only fair to admit that it isn’t for everyone. The only very slight criticism of Amazing meal is that it can taste a little bit gritty at times. Probiotics have been known to come from yogurt. Both works, yes, but in the showdown “shakeology vs other shakes”, shakeology … However is it healthy? I bet you would prefer to pick something in line with your preferences.

It improves body immunity and contains high levels of antioxidants.

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