Christianity, therefore, is truth. His father, a man of fortune, went with his children (1631) to live in Paris.He taught his son grammar, Latin, Spanish, and mathematics, all according to an original method. The longevity of the Patriarchs is an argument for the authenticity of biblical accounts, for when men lived so long (Methuselah was credited with 969 years), children had ample time to learn from their forefathers. It is a small piece of parchment that was found sewn in the lining of his doublet after his death, and which he carried with him at all times. This means attacking all the powers that be. "[19] His point is that the Bible itself (and not only Christian apologists) invites the reader to look for a spiritual meaning whenever the literal meaning is unsatisfactory. In his twelfth year Blaise composed a treatise on the communication of sounds; at sixteen another treatise, on conic sections. The world forgotten, and everything except God. But then God conspired with these writers to force me to reread the Bible. Follow it out to the end and imagine these twelve men meeting after Jesus' death and conspiring to say that he had risen from the dead. We’re on a mission to change that. [12], One of the reasons why we are not well acquainted with the history of our ancestors is that we hardly knew them. of philosophers and scholars. But Jesus can bind up wounds as deep as ours. Now and then, we come across a figure who is more relevant today than in his own time. I thank God today for Pascal’s part in my awakening. However far-fetched and revolting, the doctrine of original sin is the only one that can explain our predicament: Without doubt nothing is more shocking to our reason than to say that the sin of the first man has implicated in its guilt men so far from the original sin that they seem incapable of sharing it. Includes the Catholic Encyclopedia, Church Fathers, Summa, Bible and more — all for only $19.99... Born at Clermont-Ferrand, 19 June 1623; died in Paris, 19 August 1662. Pascal had admired their wit and liveliness, but he now saw their refined manners as a thin veneer for moral emptiness. First and foremost, says Pascal, the Bible must be taken as a single work with a coherent structure and a unity of purpose: "Every author has a meaning that reconciles all contradictory passages, or there is no meaning at all. Hence the futility of the condemnation of Galileo, for the motion of the earth is a scientific theory that might one day be confirmed: It was in vain too that you obtained from Rome the decree against Galileo, which condemned his opinion regarding the movement of the Earth. Any history that is not contemporary is suspect: thus the Sibylline books and those of Trismegistus, and many others which have enjoyed credit in the world are false and have been found to be so in the course of time.[14]. I have cut myself off from him. 194-207, Comments and Documents on special issues on Religion and Science, Documents for the 2009 Anniversary: International Year of Astronomy and II Centenary of Darwin’s birth, (Canton, MA: Science History Publications, 2003), pp. [20] The same is true of the Bible. From the Moon it could not be seen. He wrote the "Mystère de Jesus", a sublime memorial of his transports of faith and love, and he laboured to collect the materials for a great apologetic work. Answer: Blaise Pascal (June 19, 1623—August 19, 1662) was a French mathematician, inventor, scientist, and theologian/philosopher. The stirrings of modern historical scholarship can be seen in a prior question: Is the Bible one book that has the same meaning throughout or is it a collection of books in which the words acquire different meanings or take on new colorations? God of Jesus Christ"My God and your God" [John XX. In 1968 Pascal and C. S. Lewis and Jonathan Edwards and Dan Fuller and the Bible teamed up to change my life forever with those words, "Joy, joy, joy, tears of joy." The "Petites lettres" followed to the number of nineteen, the last unfinished, from January, 1656, to March, 1657. In 1656 he undertook the defense of Jansenism, and published the "Provinciales". If they accepted him, they proved him by their acceptance, for it would mean that those entrusted with the Messianic hope were accepting him, and if they rejected him they proved him by their rejection."[28]. Pascal recognizes that it depends very largely upon the authors of the four Gospels and the apostle Paul. From about half past ten in the evening until half past midnight. Indeed, Pascal does just this in another fragment, when he writes, "What could the Jews, his enemies, do? But the gravest reproach against him is, first, that he unjustly blamed the Society of Jesus, attacking it exclusively, and attributing to it a desire to lower the Christian ideal and to soften down the moral code in the interest of its policy; then that he discredited casuistry itself by refusing to recognize its legitimacy or, in certain cases, its necessity, so that not only the Jesuits, but religion itself suffered by this strife, which contributed to hasten the condemnation of certain lax theories by the Church. Thenceforth, although exhausted by illness, Pascal gave himself more and more to God. If you bet that it's true, and you believe in God and submit to Him, then if it IS true, you've gained God, heaven, and everything else. 481, "Difference between a book received by a people and one that fashions a people.". A record of this experience survives in his own hand. Pascal, BLAISE, b. at Clermont-Ferrand, June 19, 1623; d. in Paris, August 19, 1662.He was the son of Etienne Pascal, advocate at the court of Aids of Clermont, and of Antoinette Bègon. In some instances, the last word of science is found to echo old truths from the Bible. Remy Lafort, S.T.D., Censor. Pascal answers it by practically, if not theoretically, denying sufficient grace and liberty. 34 Pascal, Lettres écrites a un Provincial (Paris: Gamier Flammarion, 1967), p. 265. What could be more contrary to the rules of our miserable justice than the eternal damnation of a child, incapable of will, for an act in which he seems to have so little part that it was actually committed 6,000 years before he existed?

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