BibliographyJamieson, Robert, D.D. The reiteration in the text becomes the more impressive if we remember that it is a repetition of a former injunction. Even foure several times in that one Psalme. [Note: See Frank Minirth and Paul Meier, Happiness Is a Choice. It is not a call just to sing a few hymns, but one that calls on them to face the hardships of the future with confident joy (compare Acts 13:52). If you like basketball, discover in this article: Why is Stephen Curry Famous and How He Did It? Philippians 4:13 is one of the most well-known New Testament verses, but it’s also notoriously misused. ‘Rejoice in the Lord always, again I will say, Rejoice.’. He was beaten, stoned, shipwrecked, and endangered by many things. And wherefore? That is a hard nut to crack. Could they but judge truly their condition and prospects, and contrast them with their past state of gloom and unhappiness-could they but realize the nobleness and power of the truth they had embraced, and the riches and certainty of the hopes they were cherishing-could they estimate the saving change effected in their souls, and picture too that glorification which was to pass over their bodies- then, as they traced all blessing to Christ and to union with Him, they would rejoice in the Lord, not in themselves as recipients, but in Him as Source, not only in the gifts conferred, but in Him especially as the gracious benefactor. ✨ Discover this unique Philippians 4:13 Bracelet from our store! ✝, Now that we know who the "One" is, how do we describe "who I am?" .". They who thus dwell in Christ gain command over themselves; and because they can bridle passions, and subdue hot and impossible desires, and keep themselves well in hand, have stanched one chief source of unrest and sadness, and have opened one pure and sparkling fountain of unfailing gladness. The NASB talks of "doing all things through Him." And now, in deep sequence, he draws in detail the ideal of the life upon which Christ thus shines. "Commentary on Philippians 4:4". But it is not only that this divine gladness is consistent with the sorrow that is often necessary for us, but also that the continuity of such gladness is secured, because in Christ there are open for us sources of blessedness in what is else a dry and thirsty land. Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice. Such is not the joy of the worldling. Note especially the dual emphasis. So, secondly, notice that this joy is capable of being continuous. After telling his audience that he’s experienced both poverty and affluence, the Apostle Paul writes these well-known words: “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”. The Apostle Paul wrote the book of Philippians where you find chapter 4 verse 13 in the new testament. This verse is so misused because many Christians interpret “all things” as “anything,” not “all the things Paul has talked about.” It’s not a blanket endorsement that God will support anything we set out to do and empower us to do whatever impossible things we can imagine. . Learn more in Lynn H. Cohick’s Philippians online course. “It is a simple fact of human experience that a man living in the lap of luxury can be wretched. Who seeth not, what fightings without, what terrors within, what anguishes in the soul, what griefes in the bodie, what perils abroade, what practices at home, what troubles we have on every side? https: . ., p402.]. We are accustomed to speak of rejoicing in a thing or a person, which, or who, is thereby represented as being the occasion or the object of our gladness. One of the Bible verses that He uses to comfort us is. 1685. My gladness is largely a matter of temperament, and I cannot rule my moods. Philippians 3:1. ‍♂ He read the adjacent verses and discovered that the verse meant learning to be content in any situation. ✝. All earthly unions are but poor adumbrations from afar of that deep, transcendent, mysterious, but most real union, by which the Christian soul is in Christ, as the branch is in the vine, the member in the body, the planet in its atmosphere, and by which Christ is in the Christian soul as the life sap is in every twig, as the mysterious vital power is in every member. In this Bible version, we learn that Paul has found a way to deal with everything he faces: through Him (Christ) who strengthens him. He must have felt that there was a great need for this attitude in Philippi. And there are two things that you have to do if you would obey the commandment. He sat down in his locker room in disbelief. If you would take this epistle at your leisure, and run over it in order to note the various occasions of joy which the Apostle expresses for himself, and commends to his brethren, you would see how beautifully they reveal to us the power of communion with Jesus Christ, to find honey in the rock, good in everything, and a reason for thankful gladness in all events. Where other Bible versions say, Paul says he knows how to get along with humble means or live in prosperity. Paul says he knows how to get along with humble means or live in prosperity. . "Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers". . Your strength will fail you, but God’s strength won’t. The attacks from legalists on the one hand and libertines on the other, plus friction among certain members of the church, contributed to this spirit. Remember this Bible verse with this Philippians 4:13 Bracelet Collection and put all your trust in the Lord. BibliographyTorrey, R. A. How does he know? One cause of joylessness is the memory of past failures and faults. We find, for instance, that a very large portion of the joy which he declares fills his own heart, and which he commends to these Philippians, arises from the recognition of good in others. On the other hand he knew that they were facing these precisely because of the value that they put on knowing the Lord. Philippians 4:13 is a simple Bible verse yet people misinterpret it. If you read the NIV translation of verse 13, you’ll notice an important distinction from most other translations: “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength” (emphasis added). . 1905. There is no need to suppose any connection between this and the preceding verse. Johann Albrecht Bengel's Gnomon of the New Testament. They use it to show others they can fulfill any desire they please through Christ and by faith. Rejoice in the Lord alway. The exhortation of my text, with its urgent reiteration, picks up again a dropped thread which the Apostle had first introduced in the commencement of the previous chapter. There were many reasons why the Philippian saints could have felt discouraged. And if you and I have that union with Jesus Christ of which my text speaks, then we shall be, not wholly, but with indefinite increase of approximation towards the ideal, independent of circumstances and masters of our temperaments. (Romans 8:38). As a result, many people have experienced disappointment, for example. ‘Rejoice in the Lord always ,’ says Paul. If we truly want to know what a Bible verse or passage means, we have to read it in context. He appreciates the help  he has received from the Philippians, but he knows that none of them can give him the strength to overcome hardships. "Expository Notes of Dr. Thomas Constable". But the difficulty, as well as the importance, of the obligation, are expressed by the stringent repetition of the commandment, ‘And again I say, Rejoice.’ When objections arise, when difficulties present themselves, I repeat the commandment again, in the teeth of them all; and I know what I mean when I am saying it. It is important that professing Christians should be glad Christians {with the joy that is drawn from Jesus Christ, of course, I mean}, because they thereby become walking advertisements and living witnesses for Him. He’s using these extremes to highlight that he understands the range of human experience, and that he understands the challenges that come with each position. The northern lights are weird and bright, but they belong to midwinter, and they come from electric disturbances, and portend rough weather afterwards. “Be happy in the Lord always” (Beck). What does Philippians chapter 4 mean? “Again I will say rejoice”: “And I will say it a second time (for emphasis)” (Bruce p. 141).

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