Regular wages, including salary, commission, overtime, and piecework, but excluding vacation pay, pay in lieu of vacation or gratuities. Team members must be paid at least once every 16 days. »  Remembrance Day You can also download our “Hiring your first employee” business guide to read whenever you like. Any holiday may be substituted, provided there is written consent and the majority of team members have agreed. If you work shifts, or have no normal working hours, then holiday pay is calculated by using the preceding 12 weeks of pay. In July 2019, the Court of Appeal upheld the EAT decision and said that voluntary overtime payment should be reflected in holiday pay, as long as those payments constitute ‘normal’ pay. »  Court leave not exceeding 10 days. In addition, any substitutions must receive approval from the Director of Employment Standards. The team member receives their regular rate of pay, plus one paid day off. The case was due to return to the UK Court of Appeal to implement the ECJ’s decision and to calculate the compensation owed to King, but the case was settled outside of Court before the hearing. If Stat Holiday Pay is not already added in the Additional pay section under Pay, select the edit pencil beside Pay. »  Good Friday Get it in writing: most provinces allow for holiday substitutions, but you need to make sure both you and the affected team members know what’s going on.

Only hours worked on the holiday are considered eligible for stat pay, regardless of the start or end of the shift.
Crunch Free | We love our accounting software. »  Good Friday Manitoba* • Statutory holiday pay plus 1.5 times the employee’s regular rate for the hours worked. Quebec is the only province that legislates this, but it is good practice nonetheless. How you calculate statutory holiday pay will depend on the jurisdiction in which the employee works, since stat. Select the province: the calculator is updated with the tax rates of all Canadian provinces and territories. This includes employees in federal industries relating to infrastructure, finance, transportation, telecoms, many First Nations activities, and most federal Crown corporations, to name a few. Similar to offering additional vacation or personal days to team members, giving “greater” holiday benefits can also help you to cover your bases. What do you need to consider when calculating holiday pay? »  Canada Day Team members who work Remembrance Day and have worked 15 of the last 30 calendar days immediately preceding Remembrance Day may be entitled to receive their regular wages, plus a holiday with pay taken at the end of a vacation or another agreed upon time. Managers and professionals must be given a holiday with pay at some other time. The team member receives a regular day off with pay, no later than the next annual vacation. It excludes gratuities, as well as any payment not tied to production, efficiency or hours of work. The Retail Business Holidays Act governs this, and provides exemptions for restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores, gas stations, tourist facilities, drug stores and similar operations. Do not deduct more than the maximum employee contribution for the year. The Judge said that all overtime – contractual and non-contractual, compulsory or voluntary and any shift premiums – should be included when calculating holiday. »  Christmas Day. 7 July 9 is Nunavut Day and is a paid holiday for government employees only. However, there are different types of overtime: Employers must now include regular overtime and regular commission payments in their holiday pay calculations, or run the risk of a successful “unlawful deduction from wages” claim against them (especially now there are no fees that the employee/worker/claimant needs to pay to take a case to Employment Tribunal). Manitoba Employment Standards Act Holiday Fact Sheet, Newfoundland and Labrador’s Labour Relations Agency, Retail Business Designated Closing Day Act, An Act Respecting Hours and Days of Admission to Commercial Establishments. »  Reported to work on the holiday if requested to do so
COVID-19: Important informations about Employment Insurance, What you need to know about the new COVID-19 benefits program, Coronavirus Related Benefits Available for Canadians, Income Tax Deadline Unchanged by Coronavirus. Setting a clear and effective vacation policy for employees should be at the top of every company's people and culture strategy.

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