Hopefully, Disney will make all this happen in the near future. Some of these names are so widely used, such as Amelia, that it may not be especially identified with a fictional princess, while others like Cinderella or Ozma barely have lives apart from their fictional princess identities. Here’s the full and complete list by The Walt Disney Company. Voiced by. Voiced by, Daphne, the Nymph of Sparks and Bloom's older sister, Diaspro, a princess from Eraklyon and Prince Sky's former fiancée, Tressa, the mermaid princess of the Oceans and the cousin of Andros and Aisha, Nike Lemercier, the fourth princess and the main protagonist. Star Wars LEGO Holiday Special: Watch the Disney+ Trailer! Anime Princess Tropes. type to search. The promised bride of King Leopold of Lutha and later the wife of Barney Custer. Voiced by. A short story belonging to the collection of. The younger twin sister of Arkana Goodfey and the second princess of Gemina who has been chosen as the second Mysticon Ranger; the biological daughter of King and Queen Goodfey and stepdaughter of King Darius. Voiced by, 1926 German film based on a combination of the stories of ", The fairy-princess of Gloss Angeles. She is the first Disney Princess (official or unofficial) not to appear in one of her franchise's sequels- Tarzan II, which technically is a midquel, as the events take place in the first movie, when Tarzan is a child. She is the love interest of Crown Prince Edvard before she is married to him to become the queen of Denmark. Snow White - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (TBA) Princess of the House Baratheon of King's Landing. She is hold as political hostage by the Adrestian Empire. This might be the Year of Elsa. Voiced by, Princess Lei-Lani "Lani" of Hakalo, voiced by, Princess Zooey; daughter of Queen Avery (, Princess Ivy, an evil princess who attempted to take over Sofia's kingdom after Amber stole Sofia's amulet which put a curse on her by summoning Princess Ivy. The daughter of the Sultan of Chandra. It peaked in 1995, when it was the 267th most popular girl’s name. Portrayed by, Princess Cristiane of Norseland. Web. She is the, Princess Allie of the Parfum Palace. Rebellious second princess of the United Kingdom that tried to take over the country to protect it from the Roman Catholic Church and its influence. Learn all about Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog! And finally, we have feisty Merida, whose name would have been unfamiliar to most Americans before the release of Brave in 2012. A retelling of "The Twelve Dancing Princesses". Voiced by, The beautiful, silver-haired princess of Aldegyr. And that’s it. Disney changed the name of the princess in story from what it was in the original tale: Badroulbadour, which has yet to make the American top 100 list.

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