It’s workable till they come with a hopefully perma fix v1.02 beta btw, I’m OK with blowing into the stick once a day while I’m waiting till new firmware with fix comes out. I have the ultimate now for two weeks. The Raiju and Wolverine Tournament Edition controllers have been built for the elite gamers, those who need lag-free, 100% accurate gaming action. Power to Conquer. I just got my Raiju TE (decided to give it a shot despite all the negative feedback, since I had a free 7-day return where I bought it). But then I thought "well, let's give support a try first, won't hurt". Second one is harder to spot, but can be quite annoying and I consider to be more serious. If so they should be all over this problem as it seems wide spread. I contacted support and they couldn't help me. (view more), Our new ultra-lightweight mobility laptop for the road warrior. I need to do those aprox once per day to make it work for 10h, after that issues reappear and I do the same thing. I make another test of 6 hours and the conclusion is, the brutal lag and the dead zone on the right stick still there, I rebild the data base and reset the app for about 8 times. Wired worked fine with no lag or weird behavior I could notice. I mostly play Black Ops 4 and Infinite Warfare. Copyright © 2020 Razer Inc. All rights reserved. With FPS playing is so confusing with this different sensitivity. Even though the lag is now mostly gone, this is still a bad controller to actually aim with, and that's not something I can deal with it. But when i play ps4 wireless. Worth a try if you haven't returned it yet. Im not a beta tester Im a client, and for that for 200€ I want the perfect gamepad. It's definitely a widespread issue with the controller itself (same goes for the new Tournament) but Razer hasn't even officially acknowledged it yet, not that I know of. Do we know if there are anymore firmware updates on the way? It's steady all along. It's really a shame. First one is when using a wireless headset (e.g. I have the same problem. have you made contact with them. I am currently on my 2nd Ultimate (the first having gone back due to stick drift and a badly calibrated right stick that didn't give equal left/right directional input) but this one suffers from really noticeable input lag. Tier 1 support is so shitty that it is hard to read messages from them. It needs to get sorted otherwise I'll have to settle for the Nacon. any developments? My Ultimate is so far a useless toy lol. This ended in my device being stuck in bootloader. We encourage you to review the relevant amended policies at. I created a profile and connected it with the PS4, I played first wired, the first 4 games nothing to point. The official Razer channel to get hold of the latest updates, product launches, and more, direct from Razer. But the right stick is getting worse again. Razer is the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software, and systems. not publicly released) so it could be a beta or release candidate. I can find nothing that cross-links between the Raiju and Raiju Ultimate. EDIT: See my updated impressions below, things aren't perfect yet, EDIT 2: I've decided to return the controller after it started showing some stick drift. It's hard to spot since it doesn't always happen, but still shows up often enough to be very annoying (specially when you die online because of it). That made my choice to go to a different controller. Let's help you get your Razer Raiju Ultimate back up and running. Is it out ? I'll report back in a few days for my final thoughts on this. Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by SerJGV, Jan 5, 2019. Had to send several back. It's actually working again. Robust quality! Not sure about the Ultimate since I have the Tournament, but I recommend you try talking to their online chat as I did. TL/DR: Brand new 1.03 firmware fixed Bluetooth input lag for me, and I haven't noticed any other issues so far. Best cheap controller for PC gaming: Xbox 360 Controller. There is no quality control, customer service sounds ridiculously time to time. dumb question but have you tried to reset your controller? I can probably live with this though (I don't mind that much playing wired when using my headset). Not gonna work. Are they even communicating to eachother there ? I don't want 3rd or 4th replacement. I think everyone is getting a bit over your ‘what work arounds have you tried’ response, time for Razor to make a statement about the issue. We are glad to assist you. I got a direct download link from Razer's support agent, it's not in the product page yet (could be a beta version). Or else i have to send this one back also. I didn't notice any stick drift at all with my unit, and all buttons worked fine. I’ve gone through the motions of resetting the controller, blowing into the sticks, resetting via app and disconnecting and connecting to power. Thank you for that. So it looks likes it gliding to the aimed point. Please update again razer, Got my Raiju Ultimate when I went to use it in an FPS I turned right fine then I went to turn left well that just didn’t happen very annoyed, However and I don’t know how it seems to have sorted itself out. Since I personally didn't experience the other issues (unresponsive buttons, stick drift, etc) this made my controller perfect as of right now. Does Razer have a Quality Control department? But I will write to some UE Institution. Made by redditors, for redditors, to discuss RΛZΞR products. The next problem is that sometimes when i release one of the thumb sticks it doesn't get back in neutral position and i slowly start to walk or aim away. However, input lag was really noticeable over Bluetooth (PS4). It's a shame really, this controller has so much potential but fails to be consistent, which should be a #1 priority for a product targeted at hardcore players and with "Tournament" in its name. What happened to me, too, after playing the cable and having the battery charged, I disconnected the cable and started to play for bluetooth, after about 40 minutes, the gamepad simply loses the connection with the PS4 and hung up (I had to start it again as if I was turning on the console). I'm testing it right now, but I can't reproduce drifting anymore (during 2 hours). It's a bummer because the Raiju already has a limitation regarding wired headphones needing the controller to be plugged in, so wireless headsets are the only option with the Raiju in wireless mode. But deadzone on the right stick on turning left direction is killing me. When I went on there this weekend, there is still no link on the Software & Drivers page but there is a link for the proper update on the main Raiju Ultimate support page. I am curious what is happening with all devices that get back. So first of all they are wrong. Can someone from Razer say something about firmware and are stick problems and latency even fixable with firmware? To me that's really not acceptable and I can't trust the Raiju if I'm trying to play well. That fixed some problems but lag and trigger-problem still persist. Update: while things are definitely a lot better than before, there are still some issues. However this is not case for Razer controller. Tried everything to stop the input lag - even did the firmware update but still the problem persisted. (view more). R2 hair trigger works no matter in which mode BT or wired. Maybe when you use the updater the controller is put into a bootloader state to take on the new firmware but then doesn't proceed (this is good) and instead of exiting elegantly and rebooting it stays in this mode thus making people think they have a bricked device (this is bad). The venerable Xbox 360 controller, particularly its wired iterations, offer one of the cheapest ways to … Razer Raiju Tournament Edition - Bought mine on Sunday (South Africa) and took it in today to get replaced. Scuff wears mostly out after a year. I have problems with the right Stick (After the update), isn't calibred well. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Last impressions Hello guys, try to make the tests ensuring that there is no bluetooth on at home, I notice it immediately, both by USB cable and with PS4 bluetooth. Usually the first day the controller was ok but on the 2nd there was a problem with it, however there were stick drifts here and there with the v1.02 as well even in the first day. For lack of better words, aiming is very inconsistent. Yes, I opened Raiju mobile app, connected to my Raiju Ultimate and selected ‘Reset’ option in the menu.

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