For Sale: 18 Belted Galloway Cow/Calf Pairs. Registered Red Angus in the Kansas Flint Hills. . Vehicle is located in O'Fallon, IL - just 15 miles east of downtown St. Louis, MO Her mother is one of our favorite cows! Gas mileage:60017 (real). His family (Mack and Shiba are also available for adoption) were abandoned... Mack's story CARTER FARM RED ANGUS - FOR SALE - CARTER FARM RED ANGUS. 1966 Ford Mustang. . DOB: 11/1/17. In addition her MARB is in the top 5%, CW 14% and Gridmaster 10%. Illinois. Vehicle is located in O'Fallon, IL - just 15 miles east of downtown St. Louis, MO Her dam is out of Brown, Gilchrist lines. Physical body Style: Coupe. Relinquished by his owner when he... Ricardo's story Red Angus.
... For Sale: 20 Red Angus Cross, SimAngus Open Heifers. 2020 © All Rights Reserved. 1985... # 6110-STL. Automobile lies in O'Fallon, IL - just 15 miles east of downtown St. Louis, MO. FAX: 1.806.356.9164, UPCOMING SALE Lacy's Red Angus Production Sale along with MC Livestock . This 17 month old bull is by our Mission Statement herd bull out of one of a Buffalo Creek Desperado daughter. Flower is a big hunk of love that just wants to be loved and... Olive's story Tito is the personification of love. We want to thank all that attended the sale and those that bid/bought on DV Auction. She produces calves with big bodies and size. Steamboat Springs, Colorado. For Sale: 18 Belted Galloway Cow/Calf Pairs. At the farm, just west of Manchester, IL. He will be a wonderful addition to any home and family! This sweet boy is Tonka. Sweet Olive is what we like to call a pocket Pitty. "The Andras Kind" Red Angus Female Sale. ENGINE:... #6361STL Call Bill Shields at 417-429-7035 with any questions. ENGINE: 289 CID... Engine: LT1 350 CID V8. His EPDs are as nice as his looks with 9 traits being in the top 50% of the breed including a low BW combined with good carcass traits. This bull has a deep body, long topline, and a lot of substance overall. Class . 1966 Ford Mustang.... # 6245STL. Red Angus Rep. Heifers... Northeast TX, 130 Angus, Charolais, & Red Angus Cross Stocker Calves... W. Central MO, 50 Red Angus Cross Stocker Calves... Southeast MO ~ GF - AN, 4 Red Angus Cross Stocker Steers... Northeast TX. Red Angus Bull Calves... Southeast TX, 1 Red Angus Cross Bull... S. Central TX ~ GF, 100 Angus, Charolais Cross, & Red Angus Pairs... W. Central TX, 34 Angus & Red Angus Cows w/ 20+ Calves... Northeast KS, 17 Angus, BWF, & RWF Pairs... Southwest MO, 12 Angus & Red Angus Cross Pairs... W. Central OK, 44 Red Angus 1st-Calf Pairs... Southeast WY, 22 Angus, BWF, Red Angus, & RWF 1st-Calf Heifers w/ 19+ Calves... North TX, 40 Red Angus & RWF Cows... Southwest MO (1), 90 Red Angus 2nd-Calf Cows... Southeast MT, 120 Angus, Charolais Cross, & Red Angus Cows... W. Central TX (1), 120 Angus, Charolais Cross, & Red Angus Cows... W. Central TX, 85 Braford, Charolais, Charolais Cross & Red Angus Cows w/ 20+ Calves... S. Central GA, 25 Purebred Red Angus Cows... TX S. Plains, 100 Angus & Charolais/Red Angus Cows... Northeast AR, 30 Red Angus & Red Angus Cross Cows w/ 1+ Calves... W. Central MO, 182 Angus, Angus Cross, & Red Angus Cows... S. Central ND, 45 Open Angus & Red Angus Cows... Northwest AR, 40 Beefmaster, Red Angus, Charolais & Charolais Cross Cows... Central TX, 40 Red Angus & Red Angus Cross Cows... Southwest MO, 15 Beefmaster, Charolais, Charolais Cross, Red Angus, & Red Angus Cross Cows w/ 1+ Calves... Central TX, 11 Brangus & Red Angus Cows... Southwest LA, 34 Angus Cross, Charolais, & Red Angus Slaughter-Ready Cattle... W. Central MO, 55 Angus, Brahman, Hereford, & Red Angus Feeder Cattle... E. Central GA ~ GF, 27 Reg. Amarillo TX, 79109, Phone: 1.800.381.4848 Boerne, Texas. Please call to meet Billy Rae soon! Cedar Hill Red Angus Farm, located in Jane Lew, West Virginia, is owned and operated by Dan and Alicia Stickel. Green Planet Livestock (22.7.2020) FOR SALE – Northern Rivers Region – Red Angus N Bull. She has a very balanced set of EPDs and will produce moderate, fleshy calves. Sired by Paramount, one of the top up and coming sires in the breed, this young cow packs a lot in her EPDs.

She is bred for her 3rd calf and will produce for many years to come! Ace's story Pretty as a picture and loving to match. The 18th annual sale will be November 6, 2020! Send Photos & Videos; Enhance the Visibility of your Listing

Cantrall . Transmission: Turbo 350 Automatic.
This bull should put size and bone with lots of depth on his calves. Displaying 1 - 20 of 483 .

This bull will make calves with a lot of substance and eye appeal. . Pit Bull Terrier - January - Medium - Young - Female - Dog Car is located in O'Fallon, IL - just 15 miles east of downtown St. Louis, MO. CATTLE FOR SALE. This Vehicle is located in OFallon, IL- Just 15 miles east of downtown St. Louis, MO. Sasha is heading for greener pastures. This goofy lug is Mack.

Salem . "Like" us on Facebook and check us out, search "Andras Stock Farm" Snuggling, kisses are all on his resume. We have 5 weanling (fall 2018) bulls that will be available in September as yearlings. This young bull is showing a lot of potential with heavy/ deep body, heavy boned, and a lot of substance overall. Salem . FAX: 1.806.356.9164, Red Angus Cattle for Sale. This sweet boy will keep you warm on those cold winter nights for sure. This bull is the complete package, EPDs, looks, confirmation, and disposition!

Champ's story 1966 Ford Fairlane 500... # 6269STL. Bear is hands down the sweetest dog we have at our facility right now. For Sale: 30 Red Angus Cross, SimAngus Feeders. Cantrall. .

The outcross of New Direction with Brown, Buffalo Creek lines has produced a beautiful heifer. She came to us after being neglected by her former... Sully's story His EPDs are packed with 11 traits being in the top 50% of the breed including a nice spread BW (-2.8, 21%), YW (103, 21%) and great carcass traits.

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