A side part is preferable and the product should be applied on dry hair only. While lots of taper and fade cuts tend to be on the shorter side, this blowout style proves how you can make use of the techniques to frame the long hair that you’ve spent so much time growing out. How to get it: Tell your hairstylist you want your entire head shaved with a #0 setting on the clippers. The blowout requires regular maintenance and styling, so it might not be an ideal choice for busy guys. It’s a mixture of casual and classy, making it ideal for a wide range of situations, from ceremonies to everyday outings.

The hair on top is styled up and combed back. © 2020 Men's Hairstyles Now. Diagonal striping is cut into the upper part and the shaved side part separates the top from the faded side. The faded sides provide clean lines around the longer hair on top, while the pop of blue adds an extra dose of artistic edge. This super high top cut is the perfect example of ‘90s style revival with the modern twist of cutting hair at the nape into a faded gradient triangle. How to style: The fade should be managed regularly using a trimmer. The long hair on top contrasts with the fade on the sides, making this cut stand out. With a classic fade on the sides, this cut adds extra style by rolling hair on top into a pompadour shape that adds height to your look while helping facial features and jawline to stand out. Black male hairstyling is all about keeping hair well-nourished, so it doesn’t get dry. The top of the head is buzzed with a longer clipper setting (#4 to #6). This is one of the best pictures featuring a perfect line up with temp fade. Go all out with an afro Mohawk fade. It started with Elvis but has come back with a bang. This high top fade cut shows that the classic style is possible even if you don’t have a tightly coiled curl pattern. If you’re already growing dreads, you only need to keep them short. The hair on top should be fairly long––2 inches is a good place to start––and the sides and back should be buzzed with a short clipper setting (#2 to #4).

This haircut is low-maintenance, and it’s especially efficient in areas that are prone to high heat. While it does not cater to boys with straight hair, it’s great for thick-haired guys. How to get it – When cutting this style, use a razor blade to cut the lengths rather than scissors. Side sweep with medium length hair is something we all wish for, isn’t it? It combines the disconnected undercut and the pompadour for a noticeable look. Boys who don’t need a super short style will love the fade. You’ll want to visit your hairstylist once or twice a month to keep your hair short. Long Hairstyle for Black Kids.

Let the hair on top grow a little longer so that it adds to the volume. With a low fade hair disappears about an inch above the lines of hair growth, while a regular fade is something in between these two. This is a style that’s popular among men in the military. When done by a skilled barber or stylist, a faded haircut is a highly precise work of art. There’s natural, curly texture on top, a burst fade, a shaved part and a cool shaved detail across the nape. How to get it: You’ll need quite a bit of hair for this style––at least 8 inches. The burr cut is a variation on the induction cut that’s a bit less extreme. Black men often opt for a high fade haircut, featuring complete disappearing of hair much higher than the natural lines of hair growth at the temples and back of the head. In this rockstar-inspired style, hair is left much longer on top and styled straight, while the back and sides are shaved in a close fade.

(Sometimes, they will be completely shaved, but this is rare.) This is a nice choice for older boys who want to stand out and have a fun style to their hair. To keep it from being too retro, hair is not polished all around. If you want to go even more over the top, try out patches in multiple colors, and pair this style with vintage clothing finds and your favorite gold chain, gold watch, gold bracelet, and gold ring (Pinky rings are totally 90’s). Read our comprehensive guide on the brush up hairstyle to learn how to cut and style it. Style the cowlick-like fringe by using a dab of matte and medium hold paste. Its high-reaching style is sure to add energy to any situation, and it works with both short and long hair. Pair it with a beard, and you’re golden. Like the undercut, it’s for boys who want a sharp, clean appearance. For a suave style, ask your barber to smooth out the entire shape of your haircut and to create a low fade to the skin only in the back. How to get it: For a good fade, we recommend visiting a barber or stylist. Then style the hair in the opposite direction.) The high volume haircut is ideal for teen boys with smaller faces, since it accentuates the face nicely with its shape. This one is a low-maintenance yet a stylish little black boy haircut that is also great for showing off those beautiful natural big curls. This high-to-medium fade is classic. Most importantly, there should be a dramatic line where the short hair ends and the long hair begins. Since African Americans have a natural thickness and texture to their hair, they often don’t have go through a lot of maintenance to get the curl, but they could possibly need a small amount of gel for styling. Only a strip in the center will be left. For those stylists who aren’t in the know, you can tell them that you want layered hair. With a low fade hair disappears about an inch above the lines of hair growth, while a regular fade is something in between these two. This is a great look for men who love the convenience and style of a fade but want something different.

The hair on the sides and back should be cut much shorter than the top. Since then, it’s been revived as a trendy style, and it’s a great medium- to long-length option for boys. Trim it regularly to preserve the desired length. A pea-sized amount should be used to avoid a wet and oily look. Put on a hat and blow dry your hair so that the exposed hair flips up. These elements help put a unique spin on the basic Mohawk fade. How to get it: The hair on top of the head should be fairly long. The hair along the hairline are given some length in this one for that oomph factor. To get more texture on top, ask for hair that is just over an inch long. Hair should be combed with the product in place.

This is no different the side sweep with a subtle undercut with sides being slightly tapered makes it all pop. For a more in-depth look at the quiff, check out our guide to this cool style. It’s a skillful and laborious job but the result is truly impressive. 1. The hair should be cut relatively short to get the best effect. For formal occasions, hair can be slicked back and smoothed down. How to style: Use hair clippers adjusted to the length you prefer and use it regularly to maintain its fresh look.

All easy to make, style and maintain! The straight line on top distinguishes the curly and the shaved sections and enhances the contrast between them. How to get it: The Ivy League is usually cut with scissors. Can we say anything about this? This fade haircut falls into the temple fade category because the fade curves above the ears. While a low fade tends to look more like a classic cut, a high fade is a younger, more modern style. In need of a style fit for a pop star? For example, if you’re using a #2 for the top and back, but you want the sides of your hair to be shorter, ask your stylist to use a #1 on the sides. Haircuts for black men often incorporate some unusual artistic elements. DA'MAN is here to provide haircut inspiration for men from all the walks of life. Another huge trend back from the ‘90s, the flat top is a bold look that requires confidence in your personal style. For more haircut ideas for your kid, check out our gallery of little black boy hairstyles you’ll love! It can be styled in many different ways, and it can blend in with other low-profile cuts. The sharp part also gives it a modern edge. Don’t forget the lovely temple fade. It’s also seen on many male musicians who play heavier music, and that’s typically the inspiration for boys who get this cut. Plus, it’s easy to pull off. Push it toward the middle to get the faux hawk “crest.” It should stick together, and from there, you can modify it as you like. All rights reserved. (If you want, you can ask for a skin fade, where the hair disappears into the skin at the bottom.) It’s short enough that it’s low maintenance, but there’s enough hair to style. Anywhere from 1 to 3 inches will do. The sides and the back are easy. It’s a little more fun than its straight counterparts while still adding definition to your style. At this young age, you don’t need to invest so much time in his haircut and you should certainly pick something that is low maintenance. How to get it: Tell your hairstylist you want your head shaved with a #1, #2, or #3 razor setting. It should resemble a landing strip, and it’s often given this nickname. Choose a cut that tapers smoothly if you’re after a classic style that won’t feel dated in a few years’ time.

Low fades for black men are a great option because natural hair lies flat when cropped close and that gives a super clean look on the sides. It is the classic men’s haircut that can be changed to suit a situation. If the mohawk or faux-hawk is too wild, consider the mohawk fade. Push your bangs to one side for an asymmetrical appearance. Would you get your favorite team cut into your next design? Try this look with your favorite pop of color, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also dye your eyebrows the same color to really turn heads and be the talk. If you don’t have naturally straight hair, you may have to use a flat iron to gain that pin-straight look. This style mixes the precise lines and skill of a tapered fade haircut with longer curly Afro hair on top. A facial hairstyle and a disconnected part are those extra features to add to your cool look that can instantly bring your hairstyle to a whole new level. Another popular teen boy haircut, the spiky hairstyle is a nice alternative to the porcupine spikes of the 90s. If you prefer a choppy look, ask your barber to point cut the hair on top of your head. Make sure to mention that you want the layers cut shortest at the crown of your head. The hair on the sides and the back can be cut to your liking. If you prefer a tidier look, ask your barber to blunt cut the hair on top. 40 Devilishly Handsome Haircuts for Black Men, 40 Stirring Curly Hairstyles for Black Men, 20 Terrific Long Hairstyles for Black Men, 20 Faded Mohawks: Awesome Is What They Are. The rat-tail is the unexpected cross between a mullet and a ponytail. This is great for boys who like shorter hair and who want a softer look to their hair. This classic fade look is super trendy and easy to maintain. Curly hairstyles for black men have some cute ‘dos in case you think of growing your coils out one day. The top of the head generally has half an inch to an inch of hair, so make sure to tell your stylist how much you prefer.

To get the pomp, place your free hand (the one that isn’t holding your comb) on the top of your slicked-back hair. Classic taper is a low maintenance haircut with a high degree of style. The best black boys haircuts depend on your kid’s style and hair type. Although long dreads are still in style, short dreads are making waves. For guys who want to have some styling options, the texture at the top of this style allows you to play with different twists and curl techniques. The ever-popular pompadour is making a comeback, and this variation is a stylish, slick cut with personality. It’s based around a tail-like, naturally hanging section of hair located at the back of the head. It accentuates the hair in the middle of the head and gives an extremely tidy look. If you have flat hair, you can use hair lotion to texture it. This look can be achieved by almost any kind of hair. A high fade is one of the favorite black haircut styles for men who want to look fashionable. Fortunately, there are so many cool hairstyles for little black boys that no matter what your toddler is into, there is a cute haircut for him to try!

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