provides numerous links to other The drive to the trailhead is 4x4. Of course, you can still use the full version of Go-Colorado on your mobile device just as you can on your desktop.

The lake was beautiful with … Keep it Clean.

Please consider financially contributing to help us continue to build and maintain great trails. We spent some time sitting by the lake so add that to the hiking time as well. There is a very short side trail about half way up that leads to a beautiful lookout, our 5 year old really loved it. We also have visitor guides available in states highlighted in blue below.

Lake). Our 5 year old needed many many breaks, which made the hike last quite a long time. We offer a compact version of Go-Colorado for mobile users, allowing you to access just the information you need on the road. No personal Older kids on the trail seemed to do just fine. This is a great summer hike for all ages, and the aspen leaves during the fall can be excellent spectacular. hike was easy/moderate, a bit small rocky (have no clue how people wear flip flops to hike it) .

Continue North on Hwy 550 for approximately 29 miles north of Durango to Forest Road 591 (Old Lime Creek Highway), which takes off on the right side of the road at the curve past Cascade Village. Select All. The road to the trail head: We drove the road in our Chevy Traverse AWD. Spud Lake (Potato Lake) Trailhead. This 6-mile loop offers a great… absolutely gorgeous views.

Views were excellent! All downhill on way back tho! Small elevation gain and beautiful lake at the end. To reach Spud Lake Trail from Durango, travel north We saw many parents carrying their children on their backs who did not bring child carriers. The trail begins at … The road up to trailhead is pretty rocky, so high clearance and/or 4WD is a must. We did this hike with our 3 and 5 year old boys. Flagstaff weather report, historic temperatures and climate info,….

Met a lot of folks on the trail but it was not too crowded. We hiked around the lake with no problem. exchange form, see our. Holy crap, that was scary! We are from Texas and did this on our very first day in CO. Searchable listings of Flagstaff RV parks and campgrounds. Follow for approximately 3 miles to the trailhead which is on your left in a flat area across from a beaver pond. The first 2/3 of the road is a well maintained gravel/dirt road. parked about 250 ft just before beaver / Lily pond. It was really beautiful, but the drive to the trail was so rocky that we had to turn around. By this time though our kids were getting pretty tired, as expected. Very pretty hike! Follow for approximately 3 miles to the trailhead which is on your left in a flat area across from a beaver pond.

Ice Lakes. Our kids loved playing at the water's edge. This trail is quite popular due to its scenic destination, so don't expect solitude. 550 drive about 28 miles north of Durango and turn east on Old Lime Creek Road (FDR 591).

Awesome and short trail. The lake at the end was a nice spot to sit and have a snack. A trail the entire family can enjoy, Spud Lake Trail is an easy loop that reaches the trout-filled Spud Lake. This was a nice trail, the road leading up to it was quite rocky with plenty of potholes. Create Recommended Route or Road up to the hike is challenging. My husband is a rockstar and drove that minivan up like a pro. If you are not in an off road vehicle, it can be done, just use caution. Our 3 year old could not have done this trail outside the carrier. Took 45 min to do the 1.5 miles, but once I was on the hike it was lovely! Longer review: Those with small children, keep in mind, the trail climbs steadily the entire way to the lake. provide it by filling out one of our advertising forms or link

The trail is quite rocky so you do have to watch your footing. Trail. People writing reviews below are NOT kidding about the road to the trailhead. The trail is also rocky, so make sure to wear shoes with good ankle support. the reader has with these sites. Travel 3.5 miles along FDR 591 to the fairly large Spud (Potato) Lake.

If we were in a higher clearance vehicle with off road tires, this would be no problem. Rough drive to trailhead(we had a Yukon) we parked about .5 from trailhead. the content of these other sites, nor for the experience that I’d imagine the trail around the lake varies depending on time of year and can see it being muddy earlier in the season. The Jeeps and trucks on the road with us had no trouble. Searchable lists of Flagstaff tourism offices and other helpful government agencies. Overall, our oldest needs to be a bit older to really enjoy this trail if he's going to need to walk the entire distance without many breaks.

I didn't believe them, so we took our rented minivan up that road. Spud Lake is a small lake at the end of a one-mile hike from Old Lime Road.


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