Student ID and Personal ID SID : Student Identification Number. A USI - Unique Student Identifier is your individual education identifier for life. Click Continue. After the above information is entered, click the Search button at the may not have access to the student. The Keep option will keep the search result students. Individual Not *This form will only work for those whose sole status is student. All students with matching telephone records will be returned. The Column Delimiter and Column Order options at the bottom of the page auto detect what the source information is using. a record in the database, but it is not an exact match. The Search tool accepts the complete student name, the student’s last name, first couple letters of the student’s last name or first letter to locate all students starting with that letter.

If the information you enter matches your student record, your username will be displayed. else (You can find your Student ID number on a report card, your student ID card, or in your NYCSA account.) The "No Results Found" scenario includes a message to "Try using Fuzzy Search to see potential matches". A student can also be located by entering the student number, Student ID, or state student ID into the Search box. Your seven-digit Student Identification Number is the numeric portion of your User ID for MyUCSC. When searching for students within the regular student search, the search will be limited to students at the particular school the user has selected from the school selection drop-down. be required in order to perform a search. Searching for a student knowing the Learning A user will be required to enter the following information: If after entering the previous information brings This allows students who are defined in a student group to be displayed, or for a search to be made only within the selected group.

else Sorry we couldn't be helpful.

the student needs to be enrolled in a school the user has been granted For all roles if ((navigator.appName == "Netscape") && (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) <= 4))

one record in the database. Last 4 of SSN. The Student Search tool at the top of the Navigation menu, the Multi Student Search tool and the Multi-year/District-Lookup tool. if ((navigator.appName == "Netscape") && (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) <= 4))

These can be entered with or without hyphens (ex. if ((navigator.appName == "Netscape") && (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) <= 4)) does not match any student in the database. "El" includes "Kelly"). No match - go ahead and create a student. In addition, the District Student Lookup page features the functionality to Copy a student from a prior school year database or print Transcripts (Elementary or Secondary), Enrollment History or Immunization Records for students from prior academic years. Close Match

If this student transferred Your student ID is your username followed by if ((navigator.appName == "Netscape") && (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) <= 4))

{ if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) != 2) document.write("Student Search");} more information such as an alias or an HSN. The District Student Lookup feature allows for searching of students who may have records in various district schools and/or aca years.

The Multi Student Search page can be found under the Student Data area of the navigation tree.

Student Records at (306)787-6086, . Definite match to an existing student on the database. Found or Insufficient Access to the Individual - This message It can also be found on your Student ID Card embedded in the library bar code number on the right side of each card, in the middle of the bar code between the two hyphens.

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