Whats people lookup in this blog: Symphony Air Cooler Spare Parts Online Cooler Parts Air Spares Latest Manufacturers 2 2kw 25000m3 h capacity symphony celsius air cooler spare parts air cooler spare parts motor manufacturer from hyderabad 2 2kw 25000m3 h capacity symphony celsius air cooler spare parts air cooler parts online at best s in. In fact, there are multiple filters like PM 2.5 wash filter, smell filter. The dial knobs are placed at the top for easy access. It is ideal for a room size up to 85 cubic meters. When it comes to cooling a large area, you will have to go for a larger capacity air cooler. #2 Symphony Ice Cube 6.5/8.5 kg 105 Watts Air Cooler Review. With two air coolers units - operate both or any one. And, you can either ice or water for cooling purposes. And, another great thing about them is that not all of their air coolers are pricey. Here is the list of top 5 best symphony air cooler, you can go with the review also we have mentioned here Best Symphony Air cooler Price List so you can select the best one for you #1 Symphony Diet 12T 12-litre Air Cooler We appreciate your love and support. This air cooler has everything from a futuristic design to a large capacity.

So, you will get all the filtration systems like smell filter, PM 2.5 filter, bacteria filter, dust filter, etc. This air cooler from Symphony comes with a capacity of 12 liters.

Symphony is well-known for offering top quality air coolers in India. So, it could be a great addition to your office space. Robust weather resistant body for long life. Besides, this air cooler has 4 castor wheels that make it a portable air cooler. This is a public company. For most rooms, a 70 liter air cooler could be enough. Have you decided on your next Symphony air cooler? We are passionate about finding the right gadget for you ! Additionally, it has 4 castor wheels for easy transportation between rooms. Moreover, it uses very little electricity. And that’s when this Movicool XL air cooler from Symphony comes into the play. If you are looking for a wall-mounted air cooler, it could be a great option. And, if you are on a budget, it can be a great choice in terms of the price. You will also get a multi-layered filtration system built-in to the air cooler. Crazy for gadgets and electronics , you won't find anything better then our lists.Why you should trust us?We are affiliated with no brand and do our own research. So, if you are in the look for saving space in your room, you can opt for this option. This one is built with high-quality materials so it will be durable. Symphony's air cooling experts are here to help. Powerful 26m air throw for faster cooling. And, it comes in white color with 4 castor wheels that make it attractive and portable at the same time. It needs about 170 watts of power to operate. The air cooler comes with honeycomb cooling pads that make the airflow quality very high. Bacteria filter, allergy filter, and more. So, without wasting more words, let’s set started….

If you need a bit larger air cooler for more coverage than the previous ones, you can try this one out. And if that is your case, this Symphony Siesta can be a top option for you. residential and commercial air cooling solutions, 10 Best Front Loading Washing Machines in India (2020), 10 Best Air Purifiers in India (November 2020), 10 Best Mixer Grinders in India (November 2020), 10 Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners in India 2020. So, whichever air cooler you are choosing from this list, you will be making a great decision, for sure. It is available in white color. Symphony Storm 100E The world's first tower air cooler that cools every nook and corner. Our commercial range of air coolers is designed for high performance. Powerful 25m air throw for faster cooling. And, you will also get features like 10 hours auto timer On/Off, 4-speed cooling, and oscillation or swing options. This is an exceptional air cooler, to be honest. And, it has the ‘i-Pure’ air purification technology as well. Established in 1997, the Centre for Research and Industrial Staff Performance (CRISP) is a training institute developed under the Indo–German Technical Cooperation agreement. We have spent days in research and writing this awesome post for you. This 70 liter air cooler is suitable for a room size up to 110 cubic meters. And it has aspen cooling pads for dispersing the air through the room evenly. For the price, this is not a bad choice. you can buy this air cooler online at best price. Also, it needs about 255 watts to operate. Also, as you know Symphony has a wide range of air coolers, chances are we might not have included your favorite one. Interestingly, it is a wall-mounted unit. And, it is able to cover an area of up to 28 cubic meters. This air cooler from Symphony comes with a small form factor as well as a smaller capacity. It also comes in white color but with an attractive design.

The air cooler can cover up to 119 cubic meters. This one comes with a slim design so that it will not take much space from your room. more>. However, the coverage capacity of this air cooler is a bit low and that stands at just 57 cubic meters.

This air cooler features 3-side honeycomb cooling pads, a multistage filtration system, and a specially designed ‘Air’ fan.

It needs only 170 watts of power and it has a remote control system as well. Symphony Limited is known for producing high-end cooling devices and solutions in India. 4-side High efficiency honeycomb cooling pads for superior cooling. Shubz.in list out best gears and gadgets to save your time and help you to choose which gadget or appliance to buy. If you are looking for the largest capacity air cooler in our list from Symphony, then this is it. If your looking to purchase any gadgets like Laptop , Home Appliance , Speaker , Headphone , Gaming , Travel etc then please consider visiting other sections of our Blog. Products & Solutions know more Coolers designed to meet the requirements of every cooling need - a quite home, busy office or busting factory.

And, it is valuable in black color. The addition of the 3-side honeycomb pads is also a great feature. We bring the best for you! Because we are going to share reviews of the top 13 best Symphony air coolers in India in this very post. 10 Best Air Coolers in India (Room & Desert).

And, in this post, we will be talking about some of the best air coolers from Symphony in India. These are undoubtedly some of the best air coolers from Symphony available in India. The automatic louver movement feature helps to dispense airflow to every corner of your room.

You can let us know in the comments below! Our process start by checking the bestselling models on Amazon and Flipkart , then narrowing it down to a few options based on the brand , price and built quality.After doing all the hard work and hours of research , reading customer reviews from all the sources available. Its sleek looks enhance the beauty of any decor, be that of a hall, restaurant or lounge. As a result, it can cover a room size of up to 46 cubic meters. This is a remote-controlled air cooler. And, the castor wheels make it suitable for moving it from place to place. It comes with dial knobs for controlling the settings, fan speed, and oscillation motion easily. They are feasible because of their ability to run even on inverters.

Symphony offers the largest range of cooling solutions with unique features & state of the art design combined which are economic, reliable and efficient. Symphony is the world's #1 air cooling company and has been cooling the world since 1939. Features like Dust Filter, Smell Filter, Bacterial Filter , Allergy Filter makes it best air cooler in India. This symphony winter i air cooler is sufficient too cool a room measuring about 57 m3. And, it comes in black color with a 30 inches fan. Similar to other high-end Symphony air coolers, it also has a multi-stage air filtration system. Robust weather resistant body for long life, 3-side High efficiency honeycomb cooling pads for superior cooling, Powerful 25m air throw for faster cooling. Note : Hi , thanks for visiting our list. And, it has a built-in air filtration system. Symphony White Silver-E 9L Evaporative Portable Air Cooler | Multi Stage Air Purification | Remote Co… 3-side High efficiency honeycomb cooling pads for superior cooling. It can cover up to 370 square feet. And, it is perfect for a room size of up to 127 cubic meters. It is suitable for a room of up to 42 cubic meters. Symphony Jumbo 70 Desert Air Cooler: Check Cheapest Price : Amazon.

This type of air cooler is great for saving space. There you have it. And, it can cover up to 130 cubic meters. Best Commercial Air Cooler in India - Symphony … However, it doesn’t have castor wheels to move it around easily. Powerful 30m air throw for faster cooling. Next up, we have a tower air cooler from Symphony. We are an affiliate of Amazon.in , when you buy though our links we may earn an affiliate commission. All rights reserved. The air cooler capacity is 17 liters.However, it … They offer both residential and commercial air cooling solutions. From the look of it, you can see that it has a robust build quality.

This one comes with an 80 liters capacity. And, you will get i-Pure filtration technology with this cooler. With a rugged body and easy portability, these coolers are suitable for commercial use such as workshops, restaurants, gyms and indoor stadiums.

Tell us more about your brand and product here – contact@shubz.in. Measure that can increase the over all life of an air cooler. If so, which one is it? < name, city, pincode, serial number> to 09510070111, 07930130111 Give pincode, mobile and serial number. This one has a 16 inch fan. And, it also has a remote control system and 7-hours on/off timer. If you are looking for a large-capacity air cooler from Symphony, then this must be it.

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