Performer(s) It took a whole year for the legendary Helm of Nabu to make this journey, but for Darkseid, all of five seconds. In the Marvel Wikia it was confirmed that Thanos is less durable than the Hulk.

Thanos then runs towards Darkseid again, trying to catch him off-guard with another energy blast which he easily dodges before Thanos launches an eye-beam at Darkseid’s face, however a Darkseid tanks the blast and instead decides to punch Thanos in the neck winding him slightly. Wiz: To this day, even after so many cataclysmic events, the Lord of Apokolips continues his mission. I am a God, you cannot hope to match me! I'm full of pride Since his dad was frozen in the Source Wall, Uxas killed his brother Drax and his mother Queen Hegra, what a nice guy! And I’ll make sure your death will be slow.. Thanos fired plasma out of his hands but Darkseid fired omega energy back out of his eyes back. Here, just follow this handy diagram I made. He was able to split the Olympian Gods apart so that he could conquer them more easily, force the Guardians of the Universe to surrender in a war between him and the Green Lantern Corps, developed a device capable of reading every kind on Earth and was able outplay the Source which is essentially Omniscient. Soon you’ll see death herself.

Run from it. The Eternals were super progressive and totally cool with a wrinkly Grimace walking around. Thanos: I’m a lot tougher than I look fool! Face the full power of the Anti-Life equation and bow before Darkseid! Wiz: Although Thanos isn't known for being a speedster character, he's still quick enough to battle the likes of Silver Surfer, a being who can cover 500,000 light-years in just a couple of seconds, putting him over three trillion times faster than light. Darkseid responds by picking Thanos up by the neck and bringing close to his face. Wiz: He can use various psionic powers like telekinesis and telepathy, and can easily manipulate sentient beings thanks to a cosmic awareness of the multiverse powered by eighteen divine senses. (I'm the King) Boomstick: Which is totally a real number that I understand. Now I’m knocking you through the dirt Thanos: I’m not going to be dying today, Darkseid! Wiz: On contact, the beams can either disintegrate their target, transmute matter, erase beings from existence, or trap enemies in the Omega Sanction. Both are also arch-enemies to their respective series' superhero teams (Thanos to the Avengers and Darkseid to the Justice League).

Though your world will suffer slowly, I grant you a quick death. Thanos looked at Darkseid with an angry expression on his face. Thanos suddenly stopped time. (I'm the King) Thanos however bitch slapped Darkseid right back.

Thanos then charges up a strong energy blast and launches it at Darkseid which sends him flying into a nearby mountain with considerable force. Ha!

Thor: What in Odin’s name! The rubble from the explosion begins to float off into space as Thanos gets to his feet, his chestplate battered and singed, his clothes torn and blood leaking from arms and leaks eventhough said wounds were rapidly healing up thanks to his regeneration. Deadpool: I know, right? Thanos leaps upward and uses the gauntlet to redirect the exploding city's damage.

The explosion sends out a huge shockwave across the island, decimating several mountains and reducing them to rubble and causing several nearby volcanoes to erupt spouting lava everywhere across the already badly damaged island. Darkseid has powers like matter manipulation, capable of transverse thorugh time and can resurrect. Destiny arrives all the same.

And kicked him right in the chest, Darkseid unleashed the Agony Matrix at Thanos causing him to fall to the ground in pain.

Check out the Death Battle Wiki's page for it here. Using the reality warping powers of the Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid summoned his MacDonalds employee uniform and became MacDonalds Darkseid! He was able to create a weapon with the capacity to destroy stars in a very short amount of time, create clones of himself, has create shackles that were tied to their opponent’s life-force and has been able to out-smart the likes of Mephisto and the In-Betweener before. Just go head and die

Though Darkseid is immensely faster, Thanos has also proven to have the reactions to keep up, and he has a Space Throne capable of comparable speeds, and can even dimensional travel to prevent BFR. I’m here

Hey, I don't blame him.

I’m the King! Otherwise, he'd have a hard time fitting in, given that the normal size of a New God is about the size of a star.

Who can win?
Time to drive a Titan mad, break his will with blinding hate Who would murder half a universe? Darkseid however pulled out the Anti-Life Equation and used it. How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Villain vs. Who are you!? And then it's all done and the battle is calm

(I'm the King). I'll kick your purple ass black and blue with hands behind my back And wreck you with an omega beam that'll track your atoms - hide from that No one's holding breath for your success with death as you court her You're obsessed so let Desaad get you two close with torture There are no variables in the anti-life equation's formula I'll subtract you from existence - no one will be mourning ya Boom tube you into my dimension then I'll end you I have galaxies to harvest, don't you have crops to tend to? (I'm the King)

Given the circumstances, I have to say Darkseid wins easily. Let’s swing with it

Thanos: As if, I’m seeing her when the earth including you has been destroyed. I personify the darkest side of all the awful people

Deadpool: Whatever. Lastly, he has incredible willpower and will not concede to anyone unless he manages to accomplish his goal or is killed in the process. Wiz: The Reed Richards of the inter-dimensional Council of Reeds figured this out. To me, it comes down to endurance. (Feel it all inside) I'm ready for your soul's demise The two heroes catch their breath and assume that they have managed to put an end to this threat, but out of the dust appears Thanos who is completely unscathed thanks to his force fields. Thanos: COWARD!

Song Name Boomstick: Like that one website with all the porn! He tosses the New God back to get pelted by the tossed planets before Darkseid manages to hit him back.

Thanos: Nice try, but I’m winning over Lady Death my way. Swiping away your tactics Time Gem stops time like Dio Brando. Darkseid also has MFTL reaction speeds which gives him a huge advantige over Thanos.

Dione, AKA Thanos, is a supervillain from Marvel Comics. Wiz: Thanos’s telepathic ablites are also particularly impressive as he’s been able to mind-control the Hulk, drive Drax insane, win a mental battle against the likes of Moondragon and can retrieve information from Galactus’ mind who is also a powerful telepath.

While the two dictators were both staggered by the shockwave, Thanos recovers first and catches Darkseid off-guard by launching an eye beam at his face and damaging him slightly. Thanos went flying through the first mountain causing it to collapse as he burst out of the other side of it. Suddenly, the whole Universe began to shake as Thanos sensed that a powerful being was soon to appear. Motivated by his ambition and obsession for death, Thanos becomes cosmic warlord who rules over a distant region of space called Acheron.

Soon the chains to bind the great Galactus will be yours to lock into place... (, The city continues to get destroyed as boom tubes surround. It's me, Deadpool! Some spend entire lives in search of it, while for others, it is their birthright. Deadpool: H-hey Thanos! After being launched back by the attack considerably, Thanos comes to a stop and then smirks at Darkseid. Drax: (to Mantis) You are horrifying to look at, yes. Darkseid notices Thanos' helicopter on a roof and sends it over to its owner, resulting in a massive explosion that tears the building apart. Boomstick: Darkseid has defeated the Justice League numerous times, conquered the likes of Earth-2 and Earth-3, captured the Olympian Panthoen, defeated the Guardians of the Universe in a war against them, has captured and taken over the Black Racer, an aspect of death itself, has betean the Source and is an integral part of the Universe that is untouchable by the Spectre who is Nigh-Omnipotent. Stream Thanos VS Darkseid Rap Battle by JT Music from desktop or your mobile device

It states in his video that they collaborated with each other. Popup: The black hole Thanos survived had an event horizon of two light-years before collapsing on him. Thanos landed on his feet on the moon’s rocky surface, he saw that his chair was still intact but knew that he had to keep it that way if he wanted to keep Darkseid on his toes with his force-fields and teleportation.

Around Kalibak dozens of Parademons emerge from a massive Boom Tube and Thanos stops his assault to take in this sudden turn of events. Wiz: But, with his great intelligence, willpower and vast array of ablites, Thanos will stop at nothing to eradicate the universe and win Lady Death’s affections! Even if I destroy myself by wielding the full power of this gaunlet, I’ll be taking you with me!!
And that was just his first life in the sanction. Thanos: Now..that I have the Infinity Gauntlet...I will end you. [Darkseid] This is the 16th Marvel VS DC themed episode, after, Coincidentally, Thanos VS Darkseid is the Season 5 Finale whilst, This is the eighth time where a Marvel character loses to a DC character, after. (chuckling) What did you think would happen?

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