She Paul Wall 'cause she wanna chop and screw me had to k!ll ’em in a minute His collaborative mixtape, Wrld on Drugs, with Future was released on October 19, 2018. Matter fact make you break your back like breakdance, old school What's a God without a goddess, so I need me a goddess That's a preference, I heard you like talkin' about heaven W-W-W, I can't lose sometimes i feel like i’m the worst boy yo plug ain’t the plug of he tell you that the plug walk i’m the type to pull up on the scene full of sh-t like a -sshole my arm in the rim, really, i feel like vince carter So cool

spirituals choppa on my hip, i load it and put it through you

Pull up on the scene choppa on me, the Beretta twin i take yo b-tches then f-ck ’em all ball like julius erving, f-ck with me you hit the curb i feel like birdman stunner (uh) to my fallen ones, I just lost my brother, for real, uh even if i’m high as f-ck, i’m in the studio working you don’t want no problems Make you shuffle when I shoot, but no, it's not Cupid

i ex them (huh) yeah Do I ever gotta wipe, yuh

like i said my momma really think that i’m demonic You ain't on shit, WW-dot-com Ball like Julius Erving, fuck with me you hit the curb ol’ big bad wolf huff-puffin’ -ss n-gg-s Me and Bibby gettin' busy in like every beat tourin’ the world, sh-ttin’ on everybody, the world is my potty haha, i talk a lotta sh-t But, I know it's still prime time i was just talkin’ about how i like tyler in that coat i’m spittin’ miracles, i’m in that white whip I wrap the rap in plastics, that's just some plaster rap Bitches prolly gon' get wet, damn near pissin' to me yo b-tches so sprung, yeah i put the team on shoot em in his head of course You can't fuck with me, uh, you can't fuck with me, huh I may kill him fuck your homie, yuh, ayy, that's by my lonely I'm spittin' miracles, I'm in that white whip load it up, i let it breath, i let it go (uh)

Hopin' that these niggas would just feel me, the real me Uh

For real, I need to know Choppa leave you cryin' like a chick flick, I'm a sick kid h-ll yeah ya b-tch i meant use you Live a lie, look at all the shit you've done, uh he was the greatest what can I say choppa on my hip i gotta beam in that b-tch ay, ay, they don’t understand i steph curry about these n-gg-s That's what we aim at i run this sh-t like bolt n-gg-, no usain stevie wonder with it, still got 20/20 vision listen to my lyrics, man i vibe on this b-tch try me if you think i’m lyin’, now listen how i do it i’m happy so its time to take some sad pills i got a little tongue twisted, but i’m still gifted i may shoot him in broad day i never care how come all of my enemies was friends to me then i may just f-ck you on this track let’s go to j-pan my choppa sick or something I been marchin' on niggas like I am army enlisted And that's real Comin' up the full court, pressed like Kobe or somethin' Pull up on the scene rockin' misfits i’m talkin’ to you let’s skate i’m takin off these n-gg-s on a drag race in 2016 i was poppin’ them xannies Did I that shit on purpose? Tote cold with the ice it's a eskimo, uh, uh, uh uhuh uhuh uh Don't fuck with the boneys I feel like I got superpowers, I'm so superb In the new car, boy, I'm quick with it thats what we bang at Tourist with the Glizzy, I call her the Glock twin

Juice he got that old sound flow, yeah Hell yeah, yeah, bitch, I may use you f-ck a pen and a pencil i won’t write in this b-tch hit the gang up and let them run through that They said them plays for the kid Nigga, I'm that dude I'm hotter than white bitches chillin' in a jacuzzi I got my hand on on my hand on my trigger Yeah, and that's some wordplay and this what I say Shit, bat

Like a joke or something, choppa get the zinging, aha ’til the bullets shoot, leave the bullets through his sunroof [Outro] Shake it up like earthquakes lil' Haiti nigga pull up on the scene, you know i’m with it I'm like Future at the end of the day I'm just being honest Sometimes I think it's coming up you run up on me, choppa holy it’ll bless ’em (uh) yeah now i’m the type to beat the beat up ’til it’s bleedin’ Your girl like a Huffy commercial, she ride like bikes, kid I rapped on another beat that's some extra shit i hit that b-tch like the lick Kept my wits about me luckily, you know I'm smart, uh I swear that you don't want no problems with me, it's over with Shut the fuck up and listen, I'm ballin' hard like a Piston, It got a clip, shoot a movie like Clooney, On To The Next One by JAY-Z (Ft. Swizz Beatz). matter of fact, i may just shoot the f-ck up out you been the realest with the sh-t ever since i was an infant still did my d-mn thing never gave a f-ck

And this some wordplay, and this some wordplay b-tch, i been lit, man these n-gg-s ain’t sh-t but some p-ss-es they can have a penny cause i don’t really have a dime for it in the streets they call me rambo, ain’t no peace where i’m from They just left my blood on the pavement you run up on me, get popped, they judge a n-gg- like cochran smoking on the stank sh-t, musty I'm up to bat, boy, it's out the park like Barry Bonds [Verse 10] macaroni on me, it’ll buck-buck ’em all

These niggas walking around like they bulletproof Run up on me, that's okay, 'cause you gon' die in the bitch ali your eye blue black but i shine, like the pair of them church shoes For your brains I may bargain, I caught you lackin' at Target Look at me, what am I on? He don't want smoke but we got plenty Heat you up and your team in that bitch i’m up in tokyo coolin like uber, everywhere make you march like martin luther king, in fact finna’ give ’em uh you run up on me you get smacked, boy All these other rappers ain't shit but feminine, and Full of shit they call me a asshole off the top, kickin’ it, no karate cl-ss I'm the best to ever do it, I'll say that shit forever Total views: 8 times this week. you can’t f-ck with me (uh) you can’t f-ck with me (huh) colder than frozone, colder than ozone he prolly’ went and f-cked with juice the kid i’m khalifa with the reefer but i never been a wiz Is you crazy? In the streets they call me Rambo, ain't no peace where I'm from i swear that you don’t want no problems with me, it’s over with thats what i say, im so high of the percs Hardaway when I'm ballin' these niggas comparin' me to penny i don’t got time for it nuh, i just write time for it yuh everyday i wake up smoke another gram Yeah look at me, what am i on? i feel like drake, nothing was the same [?] the sh-t that you talking, i really lived it (uh)

my wordplay is amazing That's just how we breaking bad method how i sell this meth

i stick it on the lamborghini, drivin’ like a century

switch the flow up Niggas talkin' stupid 'til that nigga end up missin' From the shit I bought her last night i’m k!llin’ n-gg-s like they on my bucket list they forgot to stop it, run up on me here Gotta fess up, I feel like I'm next up Keep two bitches in my circle like I'm Noah's Arc, uh

can you feel h-ll yuh, yeah, yeah, ayy i still get my d-ck sucked Yonkers, Yonkers, in this bitch with Westwood, man Matter fact take a chain on your wrist, slave you up useful, hahaha n-gg-s was actin’ So what happens when the real meets the real Real ass nigga shit I must be, huh, yeah let me get something off your plate”, nah Westwood they was sleepin' Known to flip this shit and kick it like I'm knowing Judo Ain't no discussion, run up on me then I'm drummin' im sure one day you’ll find that person Uh, uh-huh, uh, uh-huh, uh, uh-huh I wasn't born mean, I was pushed to treachery* I wal If she keep jockin', I'll rip your eyes out of your head yes i got a girlfriend these n-gg-s do hoes but i’m still here Uh-huh, I was just talkin' about how I like Tyler and then Cole i mean, y’all be sayin’ that y’all freestylin’ Spazz on they ass run it like track I sent you my address a couple weeks ago, you ain't come through She say, "Fuck that shit, I need church" Yuh, yeah, yeah, ayy westwood they was sleepin’ Cross the street, the bitch go both ways i’m thinkin that i need percs I be on my fuck it shit That I bought when I was up in L.A., huh Pull up on the scene, you know I'm with it Matter fact I pull up on you wit' a chopper to yo brain and change your mind, yuh Freestyle flows, they some wannabes You run up on me, it's over, that chopper's on me, it's dumpin' and she look at my whole team then suck ’em all I tell her sorry I cannot fuck, I wanna play her like an Atari Run up on me then I run up on him with that chopper he hittin' the lab uh, yeah, ayy Man, I could never mess up, I gotta fess up, this is a confession Yeah, she put her hands in the air when my song come on I'm off of a ecstasy pill, that's a flat for a flat the truck got pick up, your b-tch get picked up caught a fat n-gg- lacking he was up at denny’s Tell his momma that I did it, she confused huh ahuh this n-gg- crazy i see this sh-t before i say it, telepathy My flow so brazy, my flow so cool they was sleepin’ but most these n-gg-s don’t even know lucid mean I be trufflin' ain’t no such thing as half way

And she look at my whole team then suck 'em all she say the syrup in these pills finna k!ll me I never took the losin' route, I always took the losers out

'Til I pull up on the scene like, "You think you hard?"

Flippin' the work up, it's Jesse White tumblin' with a b-tch on my lap like my first name santa Ayy, I flew from London to Chicago Fuck it, I'm just tryna catch a vibe

d-mn right like i’ve been famous Try me if you wanna tell them n-gg-s to calm down shoot him in his face, tell that n-gg- bye-bye, man down, mayday

you come h-ll, hahaha This choppa give you shell toes you n-gg-s gon’ have to deal with the mess of it I feel like Jesus in the studio All these niggas be beefin' really they bluffin' Back at the bottom, now it's Givenchy and Gucci you rich than a b-tch, h-ll nah n-gg- convince me i rap to wrappin’ plastics, that’s just some plaster rap I'm enlightened and shit I shoot a nigga like crabs Its main and closest producers are Nick Mira and Sidepce. i got my hand on on my hand on my trigger

westwood sh-t I feel like I'm up in my prime Shove it in they ears, they hearin' every word my flow is off the chain, pull up in the rover, yeah i got the range I turn my bucket list into a fuckin' fuck it list i may k!ll your friend, i may k!ll your man [Verse 5] Half of 'em probably look stupid I'm like a bad STD, bitch, you stuck with me, huh Juice WRLD Tim Westwood Freestyle.

i’m in the scene with a nina, you run up, i’m shootin’ I feel like a king, and these other niggas peasants, uh Well I send yo ass to hell, right next to Jezebel, uh, huh like it was drunk i up it it’d start to vomit (ooh) I put a bullet hole through your muffin ass, nigga .40 on me like velcro it’s stuck to me wits about me luckily it’s on me luckily

how i break her back when i hit it from the back, boy uh, aye, huh, this sh-t cold, this sh-t scolding

i’m sad, i know, yeah You can catch this trauma, uh these n-gg-s h-lla soft, man i worry about these n-gg-s

i’ll smoke you like a back whip full of marijuana In 2016 I was poppin' them Xannies b-tch i’m remaining the same my stomach movin’ slow like mol-sses, i got it

you get smacked like a b-tch and a pimp running laps boy Run up on me you get murked so cold i could go to siberia and trap the weather Westwood shit

tyson, i may knock his lights out i just made [? look alive, look alive Look alive, please look alive To improve the translation you can follow this link or press the blue button at the bottom. VVS on my ring like the Green Lantern you gon' kiss it like a Mafia king man i’m feeling like a monster I'm sad, I know, yeah Desert Eagle on my hip, I'm not a Eagles fan

Hand on a Smith and, I'ma go and get 'em or maybe i’ll just use ’em in a skit i’m the best to ever do it, yeah i said it and i meant it I'm off the dome kickin' it, that's just how it is I'm wettin' it up like this shit Aquafina she up in my crib, i’m tellin’ you how it is No matter where I'm at you don’t want no problems

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