Nice that it comes with eight in the box! Want to see more items I’ve reviewed from Trader Joe’s? Yes, Memorial Day weekend is all but here. Maple Ginger Cookie Swirl Ice Cream. Mini Ice Cream Cones are as delicious as they are fun to eat. If you are more calorie conscious, then this should be the next go to ice cream item. I loved the peppermint ones too! Seeing the other comment, I’ll have to give them a try in the fall.

These feature chocolate ice cream encased in a solid chocolate shell. Even though they're bite-sized, that means you don't have to feel as guilty eating as many cones as you want. If you get a chance to try them before I do, I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Mini Ice Cream Cones.

These might not be individually wrapped, but it’s simple enough to pop open the plastic container and grab however many you’d like to eat. Not very happy . Mini Ice Cream Cones. Trader Joe's Mini Hold the Cone Vanilla Ice Cream Cones is the perfect bite sized dessert. Today we’re going to finally change that, as we’re checking out the Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hold the Cone! The top of this vanilla ice cream is coated at the top to both add texture and prevent the dreaded ice cream drip. We improved the quality of the ice cream and the cones, we moved the production from Germany to the U.S. (which speeds up delivery time and keeps the cone crisper), and we increased the total weight in each package without increasing the cost. – August 6, 2017, What has happened to the chocolate? Get full nutrition facts for other Trader Joe's products and all your other favorite brands. They are a nice small size, and are very tasty. September 17, 2019 in Category: What's New.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts by going to the “user review” at the bottom of the box (click on the number of stars you believe this product deserves) and leave a comment below. The Hold the Cone! In. Yum! After a long and harsh winter in NY, this is particularly welcome. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The thing is, we had never tried the inspiration for those corn-filled snacks. Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hold the Cone! If you’re on the fence about picking up a batch of these, we definitely think you should go for it! Mary and Mark O’Mara This website takes its name from a famous Betty whose character was developed to give a more personalized response to consumer product questions. I love the peppermint ice cream flavored cones they have at Christmastime. The inside of the cone has a super fine coating as well to prevent the cone from getting soggy. They are VERY small, which is nice if you just want a small treat and not a whole big cone / bowl. That’s fewer than you’d probably like to eat, but it’s at least better than eating them one at a time. Read More…. I LOVE all of these. And no, I didn’t get a chance to try the pumpkin ones either. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

A. Cone. These are so delicious, and a nice small-ish treat to have around.

Read reviews of Trader Joe's Mini Hold the Cone Chocolate Ice Cream Cones (sold in boxes of 8 in the frozen dessert section of Trader Joe's). Appetizers, we knew they were a savory take on a very popular dessert called Hold the Cone! Who needs any more?! Each one is maybe three bites. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Copyright © 2020 — • All rights reserved. It’s not the type of vanilla where you can see the flecks of vanilla in the ice cream. Every flavor has been phenomenal but the pumpkin ones were a top 5 TJs item for me.
If you’re on the fence about picking up a batch of these, we definitely think you should go for it! It tastes completely different now.

7 Comments. You get a Trader Joe’s Mini Cheesecake Cone! Hey KingOfBeacon! The Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hold the Cone! The chocolate shell extends down the entire cone, as does the ice cream. Trader Joe’s Mini Hold the Cone Vanilla Ice Cream Cones are a perennial customer favorite. When we reviewed the Trader Joe’s Hold the Corn! One bite in and you'll be hitting up Trader Joe's on a regular basis. Trader Joe’s Mini Hold the Cone Chocolate Ice Cream Cones Reviews, Trader Joe’s Chicken & Turkey Cranberry Salads Recall, Trader Joe’s Harvest Whole Wheat Bread Recall, Trader Joe’s Mediterranean and White Bean & Basil Hummus Recalls. However, with that sublime-ness comes a heft dose of calories. Product Name: Trader Joe's Mini Hold the Cone Vanilla Ice Cream Cones. desserts come in two varieties: chocolate and vanilla, and we’re trying the chocolate ones today.

These really are a bit of a chocolate overload — they’re quite rich, but not rich enough that you’ll be deterred from eating multiple ice cream cones at a time. Now, this is a solid choice, but I would reach for Trader Joe’s Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches every single time over anything else in the dessert aisle. I haven’t tried the pumpkin as I wasn’t sure about that flavor with chocolate. Trader Joe’s Mini Hold the Cone Vanilla Ice Cream Cones are one of two year round varieties of mini ice cream cones. I’ll keep an eye out this fall for the pumpkin ones. The Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hold the Cone! They’re loaded with chocolatey flavor and packed into small-sized cones that are delightful to eat. Those were probably my favorite of the bunch.

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There are 260 calories in 3 cones (84 g) of Trader Joe's Hold the Cone Mini Ice Cream Cones. Your email address will not be published. This is a cone that is bite sized. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'freezermealfrenzy_com-box-3','ezslot_5',103,'0','0']));When you crack open the box, you’ll find a resealable container with eight cones inside it.

Keep them in the freezer until you are ready to consume, because as much as the coating keeps this item together, it’s still ice cream and will still melt pretty quickly. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by! The ice cream is creamy and smooth, and the cone has a great crunch to it that goes perfectly.

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