Are you sure you want to replace it? As an agent, you have all these tasks to do and NO additional pay. I have sent numerous emails out to people, I don’t know what else to do. No pay raises. Survey Junkie is a good place to start and you can also sign up with Swagbucks who will pay you for doing things online you probably do anyway, like visiting websites, watching videos and even searching online. There may be some truth in those statements… it’s not uncommon for companies with a big payroll to be under or over-staffed by 10 or 20 percent at any given time. I then refused the job and turned my bank acct off. If however, TeleTech was a real scam… the reviewer would not have worked there for six months, and they wouldn't have received a free landline. There’s a reason I started this review talking about TeleTech’s challenge in communicating who they are. No way are they NOT paying me for a basic need. You may lose your current shift to something inconvenient, along with switching your team lead. I hope this TeleTech review was helpful and If you’d like to apply, you can get started here. ". Another thing about schedules: they will change it at a moment’s notice and give you NO advanced warning. Well, leave it to cheap Teletech to do that. ?☹, ENTREPRENEURSHIPLIFESTYLEONLINE SURVEYSPROGRAMS AND REVIEWSWORK AT HOME, LEGAL DISCLAIMERAFFILIATE DISCLOSUREPRIVACY POLICY. Now, I’m going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online which you can get by clicking HERE. We always welcome suggestions that can help us become better as a company. TeleTech apparently covers the cost of these tests, but they don’t pay for your time associated with them (which is not uncommon). TeleTech Review – A Work-At-Home Job That’s Not a Scam! Customer support, which included delaying accts, processing orders, processing refunds, researching orders, researching what a consultant made to determine if she gets another 1099 sent to her, basic troubleshooting, checking on statuses of orders, reviewing orders in Pulse or trying to walk consultants through RF Payday and RF Rewards. They are horrible! My team lead was switched 4 times. But that’s not the only thing that gets lost…. I’m only trying to explain the negative reviews. But am I getting any more pay for it? Sites like and are free to join and you can do them in your spare time. But companies change policies and break promises all the time (which is why we recommend people start their own business instead)... but bad decisions and mistakes made by management does not make them a scam.

Please make sure any and all communication you receive from Teletech is from their official email address with their domain extension Employees become numbers… they turn into commodities who get bought and sold at a price that’s determined by supply and demand.

At the end of the “hiring process” they asked for money to start using software. If you have health issues or kids at home to take care for example, an online business might be what you want. And Teletech does not believe in raises or bonuses. First was a WAH sales and service basically inbound phone calls for over 50 companies andbthose included most of the tv infomercials items and services and i had to use my own equipment. Supervisors Working from home is the only good thing about the job.

If you can't take rude and nasty customers yelling at you because of someone else's sloppy work then don't even apply. I kept asking for paperwork and he wouldn’t send anything. At the time. I would assume this is to satisfy TeleTech’s clients (and who knows…maybe they’ve had issues with some employees in the past)… but I’ll let you decide how you feel about these requirements for a minimum wage job. Speaking of schedules, have you ever heard of having to punch out to use the bathroom? GMR Transcription Job Review – Scam or Legit Work-at-Home Gig? As was emphasized by MANY customers delaying/cancelling their orders for at least 2 months. If something with a much higher earning potential is what you want, an online business you can automate that pays you passive income commissions is what you need to get what you want.

Have you worked for TeleTech before? Teletech is a publicly traded company with annual revenues over a billion dollars. Today I have applied to 2 diff jobs located in a ttec center in my town. This, technically, is another job. ", "BofA Support Prepaid Unemployment Debit Cards", "Most unorganized company I’ve ever worked for. I recently found a ttech LLC job, hey want to give me 15 an hour but, they want me to get 3 phones and than send them to a vendor to be programmed? [Full Review]. Because they are greedy and only care about themselves. And they were told that they needed to start taking calls. But many of these complaints are typical of most online "jobs". I truly see more WAH jobs coming out of the coronavirus situation. They are so inferior.

The whole process was strange, then came the picture of the mac book they promise that will be delivered to you. growth opportunities and friendly staff (some). Long story short, I guess I was terminated without being informed or on accident and left stuck with their equipment they sent me to work on (a whole desktop computer) because NO ONE will reach back out to me or help me. It is a pleasure to know that your experience with TTEC is remarkable. As a FT employee, you can have access to healthcare. They did the same to me. If you can’t wait until your break, you must sign out of the phones, clock out, do your business, and clock back in. Another way you can add to your income if you choose an "at home" lifestyle is to do online surveys. They are afraid to tell them if they have a problem or an issue. So I searched "Teletech work at home fraud"  and this is one of the first pages that came up…. If you get like 5 people logged into the system, it starts slowing down and freezing. The scammer posts an ad online pretending to be from a legitimate company, You reply to the ad, but the correspondence that follows is not with the actual company. Medical issues might make a regular job difficult for example, or maybe you have children at home to look after. As a freelancer for TeleTech, your job is similar to online gigs like Arise...  to be on the frontline of that service… communicating with customers via phone, chat, or social media. No discounts for customers during this tough time. It doesn’t matter where you go, or what you do, it won’t be perfect. Working remotely can allow you to live closer to family (or further away from family if that’s what you need). I worked at TTEC part-time for less than a year, No schedule flexibility, inadequate training. I’m just a little iffy on continuing with it. Some issues may always appear however overall i keep going back to ttec as well a means of a almost gaurantee of work despite starting to dislike the field in general….hence the reason ive worked elsewhere between ttec jobs and taken times away from the customer service type industry.

Utterly meaningless. I’m currently awaiting the returned check to shut the account down. Project i was on was more a test mode and constant issues with ttec software was always blamed on our personal internet provider and fell apart almost weekly. And sometimes they don’t. Glassdoor has 4,270 TTEC reviews submitted anonymously by TTEC employees.

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