Friends castigate you for complaining, for not getting on with your life, for blaming others when you should look inward for responsibility. . Take those away, the Accuser says, and Job will openly curse God (v. 11).2 A curse does not, of course, refer to obscene speech in the OT but is the act of abominating someone or something, regarding it as utterly ugly, worthless, and execrable. In this book I want to zoom in on the here and now. David is in pain, but it is no mystery why—and clearly the best response in such pain is repentance.

With regard to the former, David writes that his wounds “stink and fester” because of his own foolishness (Ps 38:5). The description of the sea in 38:8–11 is especially striking in that it activates one of the most powerful biblical symbols for chaos and evil (cf. After all, anyone who has (for instance) suffered the loss of a child and then been blamed for it, or been told God is trying to teach them something, knows how bitter that kind of “help” is (cf. Eventually God answered him. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. To familiarize students in the basic themes and narrative of the first of the Old Testament Writings, Job 2. Salvation: Finding Treatments to Restore Injured Neurons, Learnings from Brain Injury: Anger and Perception. The order of creation resists evil—a very different perspective from Job’s in his protest. [17] Christopher Ash, Job: The Wisdom of the Cross, Preaching the Word (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2014), 424. �?�l ٻ�3�j�$���jkM�07�*Q�r-� Job shows all the virtues that Proverbs describes. As Ash writes, “It is not until the New Testament that we learn what it cost God to win this victory over the Leviathan.”20 In sum, the book of Job shows us, in outline form, a greater Job, who suffered even more deeply than that OT saint, in whom God’s purposes were furthered even more deeply, who holds our hand as his leads us, in some measure, through his own pain. In so doing, this difficult and challenging book speaks in clear and strengthening ways to Christians suffering and trying to remain faithful in their agony.19. But God allows just such a tragedy to happen to Job, and he does not apologize or explain himself.

And so this lesson, too, is not the significant one.

Wouldn’t one cut off their relationship with that kind of deity just on principle? The book of Job is not relevant in every circumstance, but Job-like experiences are all too common. The person who most clearly sees everything which is wrong with creation is the person most enthusiastic about it. That to “move forward,” to have God answer you, you must greet everything with a smile. life with faith, maintain an unbroken relationship with a loving God, and still come to a satisfactory resolution for personal and collective injustice and undeserved suffering. I understand Job’s use of נחם to be meaningfully ambiguous: Job both repents of his criticisms of God and is comforted about his frailty and weakness (“dust and ashes,” as in Gen 18:27). Job (pronounced "jobe"), was a rich farmer living in the land of Uz, somewhere northeast of Palestine. August 2005, ed.

Tone is difficult to detect in a written work, but a feeling of joy seems to pervade these chapters. Now that it matters, I find it didn’t. He put effort into helping me understand, in sharing his knowledge, in responding to my ideas. . %��������� William Goold, reprint ed. 1–2 to give Job some virtue or moral quality that he is lacking. That God won’t hear you when you complain. By analogy, if a human friend allowed the death of one of my children or the destruction of my property, and did not apologize or explain himself to me, I would “curse” that former friend in that I would not continue in my relationship with him—and I would be justified in so doing. His complaints began to lead him into areas of understanding. If Job was blameless and upright in his relationship with God (1:1), Jesus was even more so. x��Ks�6���XR3�"J�$w燦M�ȵ-'ө�H\�R�Gc��������H��c6.����g?�y>L��d��� wf��h>���Q�4=���]\���O����}��յ�Z��F�o>�u��}��Lu���ꓫ�3 xI,����j �52?��Z��'��o�l���8z�{j��D���n�{9� �n���� At the end of the Book of Job, we see a stronger and more mature Job who grew in his understanding of God. He wished his friends would shut up. So when Job worships this God, it proves how different his relationship with God is from every other relationship he has.

What is obvious from these accounts is that Satan is busy working his evil on earth, as recorded in Job 1:6–7. I would wager that everyone reading this piece either has experienced the peculiar kind of extreme, inexplicable suffering portrayed in the book of Job or knows someone who has.

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