The music industry is saturated with artists who are trying to find a path to success. Planetary Group can help bands and musicians reach their intended audiences through an array of services. Although online promotion is becoming more prevalent every day, radio is still a relevant and dependable method of sharing music with audiences all over the country. Nobody is going to know what kind of artist you want to be perceived as better than you, so make your voice heard, and give your publicist something to go off of, rather than just throwing them into the deep end and acting surprised when nothing much comes of it. They work hard to build those relationships! Oct 28, 2019. The Indie Bible has been a staple for musicians and performing artists for over 20 years. Music industry publicists are skilled at promoting the tours and events that the bands and musicians they represent are involved in. It’s crucial to come prepared! The most successful musical acts understand not only the importance of finding media outlets to cover their work but how to choose publicists who can create and implement a public relations strategy that is tailored to their individual goals. Launch your music business career and navigate the music industry with confidence.Do you want the skills and experience to make it in the music industry? Be flexible if need be, as it could be the difference between going with a reputable firm that will increase the chances of positive results, and picking what’s next best and experiencing less than fantastic results. The Independent artist is growing and becoming the driver in overall expansion and focus. Mentorships with industry professionals let you access real-world insights and help you personalize your music education. Figure out your story before working with a publicist. All this exposure is based on the merits and personality of the artist, but it is shone through the lens of the publicist. Maybe you’re just not quite ready, or in a great financial situation. If you’re unsure about this endeavor, always consider the option of the DIY approach. on Instagram and Get Industry Advice, 5 Things to Consider Before Hiring Music Publicist Services, The Benefits of Choosing a Great Music Publicist, How to Make an EPK That Will Get You Noticed, build a brand and a public image as an artist, 5 Exciting Careers in Music Business Worth Pursuing, Being an Independent Artist vs. However, great publicists pitch the story behind the genre and label. Copyright © 2020 - The Mora May Agency. learn more about you and your music. Make sure they know what you’re aiming to achieve. Music PR work is speculative, meaning that there isn’t any dollar-to-success exchange rate. Proud as you might be, try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never heard of you. They will attempt to make publications eager to work with you in the future with all subsequent releases. Each single is a different element. For example: It’s easy for an artist to generate local buzz as they become more prominent in their scene. Many online PR agencies can customize a full strategy based on your budget. Amend these shortcomings, and THEN look into getting the help of a music publicist. (though some publicists work within larger marketing companies whom you can hire for these additional services). Music Publicists work with contacts that they have accrued over years of working in the industry to get their clients coverage in all sorts of media outlets. Also, no two clients are identical. Planetary Group wants to help clients make the most of every press opportunity they are offered. Researching a client list is the best way to choose a potential publicist. It may not be worth hiring a publicist if the answer is a string of local shows or an independent release on SoundCloud. Experienced publicists have an inherent sense of what excites journalists. Always be thinking of your next move so you will not find yourself in this regrettable situation. After making contact with all of these channels, they will keep close tabs on your media coverage and make sure your name stays on the radar coming up to your release date. You might need a music publicist. Typically, they will be in charge of organizing a music PR campaign that will coincide with the release of a new batch of material and will ensure that your music will make the proper impact. Los Angeles, CA 90038, Phone: (323) 952-5050 Journalists and readers connect to a story. Also, expect highs and lows during the campaign. By getting media attention for both tours overall and individual stops on the tour, publicists help connect audiences with the events and shows that they are most interested in. Music publicists are skilled at maintaining relationships with radio stations that allow them to ask hosts and producers to play clients’ music, provide feedback on the music they share, or to hold interviews with their clients. They have the money to hire the best. 6161 Santa Monica Blvd. They will do a better job landing suitable coverage if they do. The music industry is saturated with artists who are trying to find a path to success. Online music promotion is one of the most versatile and effective ways to reach audiences and increase public interest. For instance, if an artist wants to embody a “rags to riches” arc, whether real or perceived, they will work with their publicist to push a history of starting from humble, or even impoverished beginnings, and through hard work arriving at the world stage. Influence public perception by using strategic communication, Organize and oversee publicity campaigns for their clients, Become familiar with their client’s individual markets to deliver relevant coverage, Build relationships with media outlets and journalists in the music scene, Develop and leverage their network on behalf of the client, Provide insight into their client’s public communications, Develop an understanding of the media’s role in the music industry, Assist clients with brand marketing and other marketing strategies, Work with clients to develop a social media presence and social media campaigns. You’ve most likely done it in the past and, while you might not have the clout of a professional PR firm backing your music, you can still create an enticing offer on your own terms. Publicity should be one of the first concerns for someone ready to advance their music career. Planetary Group can promote their clients’ tours and events in any place on the globe or help them apply for financial grants that can fund international tours. A music publicist’s job description can include various duties and responsibilities. All publicists can do is state who they are going to talk to for you, and the rest is up to pure luck. Publicists are like taste-makers in their own right. With that chapter, they entice different media outlets to take interest in it as well. As you can see, this is a big job, so do not leave this until the last minute, or your album might go away as quickly as it appears. A strong brand can mean a significant social presence. All rights reserved. Day-to-day duties depend on the client. Also, ensure you have a quality electronic press kit (EPK). Sometimes it is possible to hire a music publicist within a week of your release and experience some luck, but if your release date is getting ever-smaller in the rear view window, you may just want to focus on your next release. A music publicist finds media opportunities and generates media coverage for their client to promote various projects. They’re an excellent option for independent artists with smaller budgets. If so, then it may be time to consider a publicist. They may also record a music video for one or more singles on the album. At heart, publicists are storytellers. For this reason, Planetary Group can offer consultation and media training to bands and musicians who are new to being interviewed and who may suddenly find themselves responsible for promoting their work to the media. Make sure it’s easy to find and accessible. Touring or performing at prominent festivals mean your career is advancing.

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