Travelling at modern highway speeds it is difficult to imagine the formidable task of constructing a rail route through this rugged section of BC. 209 - 3003 St John's Street Email: Here: Coquihalla Highway is an extreme freeway located in southern British Columbia, Canada. Situated at the confluence of the North and South Thompson Rivers in the Thompson Valley, the sprawling city of Kamloops takes its name from the First Nations word T’kumlups, meaning meeting place. I had to make a non-negotiable emergency visit to see a sick relative last week, right after the highway had reopened. Vancouver Island sees first COVID-19 outbreak after staff test positive at Nanaimo hospital, COVID-19 infection rate among B.C. Here, you’ll find helpful staff to answer questions, along with an array of brochures and materials to help you make the most of your getaway. For the latest on food and travel, connect with her on Twitter via @shelizawrites or visit her at Merritt Audience Relations, CBC P.O. Bottom line is that if you don't have to travel the Coquihalla in the winter, perhaps reconsider. See above. Repost from Steelhead, Summer camping adventures in British Columbia! Coquihalla Summit (el. COVID-19 FAQs and Updated Travel Advisories. Set into the hills beside Logan Lake in the heart of the Highland Valley, the community of Logan Lake was originally established as a company town to support a copper mine, but has since bloomed into a beautiful rural destination and one of the more popular communities in the interior of British Columbia. The Skyline Drive, is not, but is worth doing. Southerly winds of 60 kilometres per hour gusting to 90 will be hitting the region this afternoon. This Steelhead was a TANK! Kamloops is 10 times the size of Merritt and Hope. The southern end is in Cherokee, NC about 475 miles later. Circle Tours in British Columbia. And it’s not just the different types of snow that are a problem, either – it’s how much that falls. The photo below is a mellow look at fog on the Coquihalla. Emergency Health Services Members have tested positive for COVID-19, Island Health says five staff members on one Nanaimo unit have tested positive, Response to COVID-19 public health orders. From Golden, head south through the Columbia Valley to Creston, and west through the Southern Okanagan, starting and ending your sun-drenched voyage in Osoyoos, the place where two lakes come together. Even after the road reopens, Gilowski said drivers can expect lots of accumulated snowfall on the highway and plenty of delays. Canada V3H 2C4. Nestled in deep wilderness at the base of the Cascade Mountains, the pretty little town of Hope sits on a wide sweeping curve of the mighty Fraser River, guarding the entrance to the Fraser River Canyon. Travel the sunny interior of British Columbia, north through the Okanagan to Sicamous, following Highway 1 into the mountains of the BC Rockies. Travelling northbound from Hope, Highway 5 follows the Coquihalla River until near the summit of the Coquihalla Pass, then follows the Coldwater River to Merritt. Seasonal heated pool and large patio, gas barbecues for guests, and shaded picnic area. Weather can change quickly at high elevations and given that this is a high mountain pass and snow is always a possibility you should be prepared to drive in snow and … As you drive along the highway, you may notice some small signs in the shape of an old steam locomotive, with Shakespearean names. Canadian Pacific Railway engineer Andrew McCullough was an avid reader of Shakespearean literature, and he used characters such as Lear, Jessica, Portia, Lago, Romeo and Juliet to name stations of the Coquihalla subdivision. This is going to come in handy when the fog hits. Looking for Whales? Once part of the Kettle Valley Railway, the train tracks have been converted into scenic walking and biking trails. 3. Much of the Coquihalla Highway is built upon the original rail bed of the Kettle Valley Railway. Imagine you were one of those people who got stuck overnight, and you ran out of gas because you were freezing cold and you wanted to keep the heat on. Answer Save. The road was closed on both directions after a minor avalanche hit on Tuesday. The highway was designed and built to modern standards and thousands of vehicles safely travel this route every day. Othello Tunnels, Photo by Lester Lightstone. Keep steady. Travellers are encouraged to exercise extreme caution and consider alternate routes. I know how to prepare for the trip and what to expect during the worst conditions so the trip went smoothly, but it got me to thinking that a list could be helpful for people who've never traveled this route. The next update is scheduled for 10 a.m. Like, in early/mid November? All rights reserved. Avalanche chutes scar the mountainsides and are a visible reminder of the steep terrain that surrounds the highway. Drivers posting on social media warned of ‘gale force winds blowing leaves’ and ‘hurricane winds and blowing debris and hail’ on the highway between Hope and Merritt. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a02ef40a2f758d98ea076747d21ac174" );document.getElementById("cb967af18f").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. At 12:11 p.m., DriveBC announced Highway 5 is now open in both directions after a vehicle incident this morning. Coquihalla Highway is the largest of 4 routes connecting the Vancouver area with interior centres. When does it start to get snowy on the Coquihalla Highway? [[in BC]] Like, to the point you shouldn't drive if you don't have to because of road conditions? BC Highway 5 from Hope to Merritt (also known as the Coquihalla or “the Coq”) is a busy transportation corridor through a high mountain pass, and because of this high elevation, the Coquihalla can experience periods of heavy snowfall. For a map of the side roads, contact the BC Forest Service for a map of the Merritt Forest District: 1-800-665-1511. Proof of this is in the fact that wind farms are sprouting up at certain points (the super windy ones!) The 34.5 mile stretch between these NH towns is officially known as the Kancamagus Scenic Byway. Even the most seasoned veterans of BC's highways were surprised last month when the conditions on the Coquihalla caused it to be closed overnight, stranding some passengers for much longer than they'd ever expect to be out there for. (DriveBC). Stretching across 1.5 kilometres, this trail offers some impressive views of an alpine lake. Bob Gilowski of VSA Highway Maintenance Ltd. — the company that services large portions of the highway — said the depth of the avalanche was between half-a-metre and a metre. The reason for this should be obvious: to play Pokemon Go! Thanks. There were 32 fatal crashes between 2004 and 2013 (according to ICBC). The highway was closed for avalanche control for a four-hour period on Saturday morning. Highway 5 at Coquihalla Summit reopens after avalanche, However, drivers are warned not to travel unless absolutely necessary due to heavy snowfall and poor visibility, and to exercise caution due to narrowed lane widths and slow moving trucks over the, Highway Maintenance Ltd. — the company that services large portions of the highway —. Hope, at the eastern end of the Fraser Valley, is the hub for three major routes leading north: Highway 1, Highway 3, and Highway 5. On average, expect to spend about one hour of hiking time depending on your pace. As I grew up in the Okanagan I consider myself one of those vets; I've been driving the "Coke" regularly, since the idea of taking the toll booth out was but a twinkle in the Transportation Minister's eye.

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