But, as the prophets demonstrate, walking into that new future means that some things are pruned in order for new life to emerge. Through the picture of desolation runs a hope of expectation that the Lord will forgive and relieve the sufferings of His people. We’re comfortable where we are situated. All of its kings were wicked men. Boldness and courage Loyalty to God will manifest in courage and boldness. The curse on the fig tree is a symbol of the coming judgment upon Jerusalem. Faithfulness sometimes requires that we change our methods and means for communicating the Gospel. That can be a hard tightrope to walk. Jeremiah mourns what is lost, mourns for his people, and mourns for the disconnection between God’s people and God. The prophetic ministry is sometimes viewed as dispassionate truth-telling. This was accepted…. This seems to be the general pattern of prophetic ministries – speaking difficult words of judgment that would eventually emerge as God’s new work. The Prophets are weeping, Sometimes misunderstood (sometimes understood perfectly). Sadly, Jeremiah preached and prophesied for 40 years but the people refused to change their hearts and minds and turn away from idolatry. when Jeroboam I led the ten northern tribes to rebel against King Rehoboam, the son of Solomon. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. While standing outside of Jerusalem, Jesus sees a fig tree bearing no fruit. By way of a Thank You, we will send the President a copy of the printed edition of The Galway Review 3 which will be circulated shortly to readers who availed of our pre-sales invitation. But, it rarely left people on the fence, but called for response. The Prophets are weeping, For the words that have been stolen, From texts that once offered, To reveal in ancient times, A shared space, Of love and care, Above all for the stranger. … Although most of its rulers were wicked, a few were obedient to God. “The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him. Jeremiah is known as the “weeping prophet.” Perhaps he had a mood disorder, but it is just as likely that his mourning is deeply rooted in the destruction he sees that lies ahead. Prophets are bothered when the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer. Usually called to speak a difficult word to a people that might not receive it. Prophetic words are intended to draw us toward God’s new, preferred future. A shared space, Others could be mentioned. Why they must endlessly, No end in sight, Move for shelter, for food, for safety, for hope. Lament the distance between where we are and where God desires us to be. There do remain things that are consistent with our history. Prophets are bothered when things are out of order. Get our latest answers straight to your inbox when you subscribe here. At the abuse Prophets must take on the ministry attitude of the Spirit of Christ, which does not demand the right of self-promotion and self-preservation. Jeremiah is a reluctant prophet. That requirement is painful and that is why people do not want to hear it (Art Katz - What is the Prophetic Church). Why they must endlessly, On the children who are crying, Why was Jeremiah named the weeping prophet? From texts that once offered, Cross. for food, for safety, for hope. ( Log Out /  It’s a wonder his words could be heard through the tears. Creation. Jeremiah has been dubbed “the weeping prophet” because of the often gloomy nature of his message and the grief he expressed for his people. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord” (Lamentations 3:25-26). The prophets sometimes spoke and sometimes demonstrated their message (think Hosea's marriage to Gomer). For further information on the Presidency of Michael D. Higgins please visit www.president.ie. Or, we may desire for things to be different but expect God to do the new thing in the same way that God acted in the past. Usually called to speak a difficult word to a people that might not receive it. It involves weeping and lament as well. Scattered to sow an evil seed. Is this like putting new wine in new wineskins? Isaiah hears a word of serious judgment against Israel. To reveal in ancient times, Although God acts in continuity with God’s previous action, God will sometimes do an entirely new thing. There are numerous examples of prophets standing boldly in the face of the political powers. But, it’s not always the case that the community wants to move in that direction. Prophetic words are spoken from the deepest ache of a heart that longs for God’s new life to break out. Rumour has it that, Change is sometimes necessary as the culture shifts for us to communicate the Gospel anew again and again. Sometimes those words were rejected and at other times they brought about confession and redemption. Above all for the stranger. And, the prophetic ministry is one that laments the gap between where we are at as a community and where God desires us to be. These elements have played a significant role in the life of the Church from its beginning and have been testified to in the experience of the community of faith over time. Jeremiah is often called “the weeping prophet” because he shed tears over the sins of his people (Jeremiah 9:1; 13:17). Jeremiah was born during a troubled time in history. A brief historical review will help shed light on the reasons behind Jeremiah’s intense grief. For the words that have been stolen, He curses the fig tree to shrivel up because it lacks fruit. That will require a radical adjustment, and that is why prophets are not popular. What is the main purpose of the book of Ruth. Of their words, Most of the inhabitants were taken into captivity. We’re familiar with the way things are and don’t see any real need for movement from this spot. Real Questions. No end in sight, It was during this time, that Jeremiah can best be attributed to him being known as the weeping prophet. In fact, most of the prophets suffered, wept, and lamented what they saw coming and what they were called to communicate. 9. If it the early Church had not been willing to change as the Spirit led, then, as Gentiles, we wouldn’t be part of the Church. Mourning can be an appropriate response, but we cannot remain there. The Prophets - Suffering Affliction and Of Patience Don Boyd “Mark Them Which Walk So” ... mourn nor weep, neither shall thy tears run down” (Ezekiel 24:16b). They both had the same father but different mothers (Genesis 20:12). 5. The Galway Review is delighted to present to our worldwide readership, with his kind permission, our President’s new poem “The Prophets are Weeping”. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Unable to explain, The prophets were an interesting group of people. Change ). Move for shelter, These are words spoken out of grief and lament, mourning and woe. Bible Based. Their questions not answered. When must we change and what must we preserve? Imposed in their name. The prophetic words, even difficult words, arise out of the deep love for God’s people. But, there are many things that the early Church did that we no longer do. Most of those that remained were also taken to Babylon. Jeremiah, Isaiah, Jonah, Hosea, John the Baptist all lived out these kinds of ministries. But, I think Jesus embodies the prophetic lament. Holding on to our past by refusing to weep may end up meaning that we miss out on the joy which God has in store for us. To those on the road it is reported that Now, I’m not suggesting that everything about our past, our traditions are wrong or will suddenly be changed. On the long journeys repeated, The sun burns down, : A Sacramental Framework for Confronting Racism, A Pastoral Letter Concerning Racism and the Church’s Life, “Why I Stopped Following the American Jesus”, Follow kingdomcruciformity on WordPress.com. Sometimes an outsider to the community (more often members of the community). And, they knew that they were as much a part of the problem as everyone else. As we do so, in all love, crying out to God readies us for what God is doing now. Too often pastors and prophets do not get along. Home » Bible » Why was Jeremiah named the weeping prophet? We don’t organize our life together in the same ways. A few scenes later, Jesus laments, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! A brief historical review will help shed light on the reasons behind Jeremiah’s intense grief.. Background. The prophets sometimes spoke and sometimes demonstrated their message (think Hosea’s marriage to Gomer). We’ve incorporated things from our culture that have sometimes helped us do things the early Church couldn’t do – like using technology to reach more areas of the world with the Gospel. “Weeping lasts for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Weeping, lamenting, mourning our sense of loss can be helpful for us to move toward what God has in store. The Prophets are weeping, 9. We don’t sing the songs the early Church sang. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The Southern Kingdom, which was called Judah, consisted of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin with Jerusalem as its capital. The prophets were an interesting group of people. 4. God’s plan for Jeremiah called for loneliness and suffering, but the Lord was never far from him (Jeremiah 1:7–8).

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