And with a tank like that, even a “noob,” or new player, can contribute to the battle in a big way. 343 has also spiced up the gameplay with better Spartan abilities. You still have to switch things up moment to moment, shooting out your opponent’s armor and then closing in for a melee strike in order to save precious ammo. 105. You can make a lot of noise shooting from afar or sneak around in stealth.

After this mission Locke would be tasked with hunting down Master Chief. — Spartan Locke and the Chief arguing. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around why he's being "hunted." That’s a shame, as Halo 5 is the biggest game that Microsoft has coming this fall and it’s part of a series that has sold more than 65 million copies and generated $4.6 billion in revenue. Why is Agent Locke hunting the Master Chief in Halo 5 apparently?

Upon their return to Infinity, Fireteam Osiris learned that Spartan-IIs John-117, Kelly-087, Linda-058, and Frederic-104 of Blue Team traveled to the Outer Colony of Meridian—absent without leave—to investigate smart AI Cortana's location.

Overall, the Spartan abilities accomplish two things. Arena mode is all about highly skilled, precision combat. The story alternates between the different points of view of Locke and Master Chief, until the inevitable clash comes about. In two of the final pre-launch TV commercials, 343 revealed that humanity’s leaders would rather allow the masses to believe that Master Chief has died rather than reveal his treachery. It portrayed this rogue Master Chief that was against the UNSC and an lifeless Spartan Locke hunting him because Chief was a traitor or Locke was just envious.

Other then that I don't think much has been revealed about that. Those players aren’t going to be disappointed, since the multiplayer combat has some new features that make it a first-rate experience. Skilled players can use new Spartan abilities in a way that gives them an advantage over weaker players. He's a huge liability. The first team to kill off the other four enemies wins. The new Spartan Abilities include “Spartan Charge,” which you can initiate why running at full speed. That means that the combat with the enemies is a lot harder than it used to be, so that the game will still be challenging for up to four human players. This is pretty severe, as the chief always goes his own way, but he never strays this far off the reservation. and other human players in a 12-versus-12 Warzone matches. You can do a Spartan Charge that allows you to crash through barriers or kill enemies. If you press the melee button (right stick click), you’ll use your thrusters to move at a high speed in a certain direction, ramming any enemies in front of you. I'm pretty he's on a journey to get Cortana back with the use of Forerunner tech. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale.

And you have to jump, dash, and flank as your enemy returns fire from multiple directions. Designed for the esports pro gamers, you can fight four-on-four tournament-style matches where the object is to capture a flag or take out the enemy team. In its own trailers, Microsoft set up an exaggerated confrontation between Locke and the chief. "Jameson Locke. You can use those points to acquire better weapons and vehicles, such as a Scorpion Tank. Best practices for designing and managing your subscription strategy. He is hunting the Master Chief because he went AWOL. Locke: "Cortana's our concern now, sir. Imagine if he defected to an alien faction or the Insurrectionists. During that mission, Locke has to come to terms with the fact that he is hunting down humanity’s greatest hero.

But looking at your record, you enjoyed your work." Each team can consist of four human players in co-op mode, or with one human player and three artificial intelligence (A.I.) I hear playing the actual game will be a big part of finding this out. It usually has a compelling story about the Master Chief and Cortana (the A.I. characters who help you out in each mission. If you mistime it, you are vulnerable to enemy attacks. I am pretty confused and will just assume if my questions aren't answered in already pre-existing Halo fiction, it will be answered at least in the beginning of Halo 5.

There seems to be a lot revealed about Agent Locke's motives in at least a Halo 2 Anniversary cut-scene and even the actor himself has said he's supposedly "hunting" the Master Chief in Halo 5. You will, for instance, routinely run into Hunters, the most difficult enemies to defeat. In an arena match, you can be catapulted toward the middle, and then you can stalk your enemies. In multiplayer, the abilities give skilled players another way to differentiate themselves from those of us who can barely get any kills in a multiplayer match. With this system, you earn points as you progress in the combat. Even if you are not extremely skillful, you can contribute to the fight. I'm a little confused about all this. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. — Cortana attempts to taunt Locke Spartan Jameson Locke (service number 73808-3153-JL) is a Spartan-IV supersoldier and a former Office of Naval Intelligence agent. In terms of strength, Chief has a pretty big advantage here. I’ve always liked how everything comes together in a Halo experience. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

We already have seen him save Buck a number of times as well in Halo 5 so there's that matter too. This is where you see the experts shine. So, yes, he can keep up with these folks. Master Chief is back, but he’s sharing the stage with Jameson Locke, the hero of the online video series Halo: Nightfall.

343 Industries has tried very hard to deliver something different.

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