[72][73], The establishment of State Shinto in the Meiji period abolished the tradition of hereditary succession among Shinto priests and private ownership of shrines. It’s long-life bestows the symbolic meaning of immortality and longevity to the wisteria. 'Chancellor Moriya'), who got into a dispute with a god (明神 Myōjin) who came down from heaven and was seeking to gain possession of his land. A Maiko is a label for a lady who is studying to be an entertainer in Kyoto, fully trained in Japanese time-honoured arts. 681-683. Japanese mythology, a mixture of animistic beliefs and sacred religion that mixes divinities with spirits and animals, has a macabre side that is reflected in a pantheon of demons, dragons, and monsters. The cherry blossoms are already spectacular in the daytime; they are even more alluring after the sun goes down, especially in the moonlight. In one instance the cherry blossoms are spectacular in full bloom, blink twice and they could all be gone with the first rainfall or errant breeze. It is said that when a turtle reaches 1,000 years old it will grow a long, magical tail and fly to the heavens to become a god. [42][h], A folk version of the story states that after Moreya's defeat in the hands of the Suwa deity (identified here with Takeminakata of Izumo), Ganigawara, a powerful and wealthy god/chieftain in the region, held Moreya in contempt for surrendering to the foreign god and even had messengers publicly revile him as a coward. They bring portable writing boxes known as suzuri-babo to the party, which contain the suzuri, a sloping ink-stone which was mixed with water to produce ink. Species of Wisteria. Traditionally, Hanami parties include sake drinking. [77][78], A single shrine to Moreya, Moriya Shrine (洩矢神社 Moriya-jinja), stands in Okaya City, Nagano, near the Tenryū River. to toast the occasion. Kobuzoku Kenkyūkai, ed. This flower is native to Asia, so naturally many of its meanings come from Chinese and Japanese culture. Required fields are marked *. In Japan, the beginning of the new school year starts in April instead of September. –Wisteria (藤): Although a vine, wisteria can be trained into trees. When Minakatatomi-no-Mikoto (御名方刀美命) fled from Izumo to the sea of Suwa, the god Moreya (洩矢神) who was dwelling by its shores - a shrine [to whom] is found in the village of Hashihara - resisted him. The best time to visit is during May, for the Wisteria Festival. The Wisteria Maiden is depicted in a painting holding a wisteria branch, until one day she becomes smitten with a young man and steps out of the painting in an effort to capture his attention.

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