Someone who is opposed to the studies of God and religion. The killing or death of a god or of gods. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

ecclesi-; © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins 1.

idol-;-olatry; Match. Many names beginning with the root "Theo-" derive from the Ancient Greek word theos (θεός), which means god,[1] for example: Many other names beginning with "Theo-" do not necessarily derive from Greek, but rather the old Germanic "theud", meaning "people" or "folk".

See more. Theology literally means “God study,” or the “Study of God.” Since we believe that the God of the Bible is the one true God, and that Jesus is the one way to God, real theology is actually the study of Christianity. Greek origin. power or ability to act or to influence people, events, decisions, etc. To elevate person to the status of a god.


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2. The best or most glorious example of something.

Etymology: from Late Latin apotheosis, from Greek apotheosis, from apotheoun, "deify, make a god of"; apo-, "from" + theos, "god". Test.

Seizure or possession by a deity, inspiration.

Translations. one who believes that at least one deity exists; also the interpretation of the Bible proposing that God used evolution as His means of creation. Thearchy : THE archy (thee’ ar ki) n.

Someone who ascribes human attributes or characteristics to God or to a god. Etymonline.comTHEO- Meaning: "god, gods, God," from Greek theos "god," from PIE root *dhes-, forming words for religious concepts,… See definitions of theo-.

The belief that the gods originated from human beings and are essentially human in nature or are only deified humans. Additionally, some words are written similarly but do not share the same root word. Terms in this set (9) theology.

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. The a is really ab which means away; away from 1.

The words guda and guþ were used for God in the Gothic Bible. STUDY. Search. There has not been room on the list for names like Theodore and Theodora which have the gracious meaning of “gift from God… 4. zelo-.

One who makes an account of the origin and descent of the gods. § 22; quod omn. antitheoretical, apotheoses, apotheosis, apotheosize, apotheosized... See the full list of words here!

theo- word-forming element meaning "god, gods, God," from Greek theos "god," from PIE root *dhes-, forming words for religious concepts, such as Latin feriae "holidays," festus "festive," fanum "temple."

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The only word with a Prefix is No. Theo is the Greek word for God, and logos means study, or logic. Theo Words: “theogamy” to “theomorphic”, Part 3 of 4 Words that include: theo-, the-, -theism, -theist, -theistic (Greek: God, god, deity, divine).

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